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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

A much-needed award

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With the consent of the people who wrote them, we reproduce accounts of favours obtained through Saint Josemaría's intercession, and messages of gratitude for having learned about his holy life and teachings. If you wish to write your own account of help received etc., click on Send testimony.

A much-needed award
I want to thank St Josemaria for a favor received. Two months ago my husband died. This was a harsh blow to me because I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to him. At that point I was coming to the end of the semester at university, and obviously, because of what had happened, I wasn’t able to concentrate properly on the end-of-year exams. I prayed to St Josemaria to intercede for me because now that my husband is dead, I am going to have to fend for myself. Before, I depended on him and was only studying for pleasure. Now I have to finish my degree to be able to earn my living and support my son. Specifically, to be able to pay for my course, I needed to win an “Excellence” award, which requires average marks of 9.5. This was very difficult because of the problem with the end-of-year exams. So I asked St Josemaria to intercede for me to get the award, because it would be a pure miracle if I got the average marks I needed. The surprise came some days later when I received the missing results, and for each of the three subjects left I got a 10, which meant I got the award automatically. That was all due to the intercession of the founder of Opus Dei.
Dalila S., Mexico
December 29, 2009

St Josemaria heard my mother’s prayers
I would like to tell you that more than 20 years ago, I had two operations for scoliosis. Two years ago I was diagnosed with lumbar arthritis. I had physiotherapy sessions and took medication to alleviate the pain but with no results. I consulted several specialists but the pain stayed with me. Day after day, pain was my faithful companion – but not my only one, since I found strength in the Holy Spirit, who taught me to make an offering of the pain. Ten days ago, my mother, anguished at this situation and at her inability to help me, searched for and found a picture of St Josemaria with a beautiful prayer. She prayed it for me with great inner strength. From that day on, I have not had any pain. I know that St Josemaria heard her prayer because I feel deeply happy. I give thanks with my whole heart to this great saint, the founder of Opus Dei, who interceded for me.
Olaya S., Chile
December 30, 2009

I prayed intensely
This morning as I left work I had a call from a friend saying that her brother had a stroke and was in hospital. On the way home I prayed intensely to St Josemaria, using his prayer-card, which I always have with me and pray every day. A few minutes ago my friend called again. She says her brother is out of danger, is talking and moving his arm… it’s a miracle. Thank you, St Josemaria! Keep on interceding for us… I can’t do without you now. Thank you again.
Antonella C., Italy
December 29, 2009

Persevere in prayer
I recommended the Novena for Work to my friend who was looking for a job after graduation. After less than a month she texted me giving thanks for the favor she received: she got a job in a very big multinational company. At the same time I was also praying the novena several times and patiently waited for him to grant my favor. It was not a season for hiring anymore because I took a vacation for two months. I asked for a job that will not require me to work on weekends so that I can attend the formation in the center. I also asked for a job that will give me opportunity to do a lot of apostolate. After three months of waiting I decided to go back to the province and work there because I have an offer there. I was a bit sad because there are no formative activities available there. Nevertheless I abandoned myself to God, thinking that maybe He wants me to serve in the province. The day before my flight my friend in the center texted me that her Dad is looking for a fresh graduate to work in his new business. She referred me to him and after a while he called. An hour later I found myself in a lunch interview with my friend’s Dad. The next day I went home and after a week I came back and started my job. God really gave me what I asked through the intercession of St. Josemaria, Mama Mary, and St. Joseph. My job is to provide financial services to small store owners, teach them business skills and values formation. I learned that God will really give us what we ask if our intention is good and if we persevere in prayer.
Anne, Philippines
December 28, 2009

Three favors from St. Josemaría only within a week
I’d like to relate some favors I received from St. Josemaría which happened only within a week.
1. When my friends and I went mountain-climbing we missed a turn downhill and found ourselves on unfamiliar territory. We took the left before a forking on the path and found a house with a friendly couple who confirmed that we were lost but couldn’t help us as they had just settled there and didn’t know their way around yet. But they took us to their nephew who could guide us. There was no cellphone signal and we needed to inform the driver of our rented vehicle to wait for us. When we reached their nephew’s place we prayed to St. Josemaría and the signal suddenly shot up to full for a few minutes enough to send messages to the driver and to people who might be worried about us. Even their nephew couldn’t believe it. As it was already dark we needed to at least light up the path with our cellphones. My cellphone’s battery was almost dead but it lasted just up to the time we got out of the mountain.
2. I dropped my cellphone and it stopped working. I prayed to St. Josemaría and it worked again. This happened twice. I’m more careful now with my cellphone.
3. I lost my flashdrive with important files. I looked several times in the drawer where I thought I kept it. Then I prayed to St. Josemaría and looked again in the same drawer. It appeared.
December 2009

The first favor granted
I made a trip to Pamplona, and with a friend of mine went to a cake-shop called “El Horno Artesano”. It’s a very good shop with a cafeteria, and when we went there, half-way through the afternoon on a Friday, it was full of people. While she was paying, I dropped my glasses. I picked them up quickly and we left the shop. When I got home and took out the glasses to put them away, I realized one lens was missing. I thought immediately that it must have come out when I dropped them in the cake-shop, and gave it up for lost, remembering what a crowd of people there was and thinking the lens would have been smashed or scratched. Just in case, I called the shop to ask if they’d seen it or anyone had handed it in. They said no, but they would look out for it the next day when they cleaned the shop. I prayed to St Josemaria Escriva, asking him to grant me the favor of finding the lens, but to be honest I realized that I was asking for a big favor. The next day they called me to say they’d found the lens. I took it to the opticians to get it replaced in my glasses. It was in perfect condition, without a single scratch. I am writing this because although I pray to the founder of Opus Dei for everything, this is the first actual favor he has obtained for me, and I made a commitment to publish it for the record.
Ana E., Spain
December 23, 2009

I couldn't get any sleep
I was desperately worried about finding a job. I was so stressed that I couldn't get any sleep and I didn't know what to do. In the church of Our Lady of Peace in Rome, thanks to a friend, I found out about who St Josemaria was. I told him all about my sleepless nights and my worries. I found the solution to it all. His intercession in the presence of God our creator was so powerful that it went far beyond my highest hopes. From then on I have entrusted every working day and every event in my life to him, because I know from experience that he is beside me.
Sandrine, France
December 8, 2009

Everything depends upon God
Multi-billion-dollar projects in the oil and gas sectors were cancelled in 2008 resulting in a great numbers of engineers and technologists losing their jobs. On March of 2009 I was one of those looking for a job. I thought I will get a job easily because of my experience. Months go by and after sending hundreds of job applications worldwide without any reply the thought of “having outlived my usefulness in this life” came to my mind. Then on June 9 I found the Novena for Work to Saint Josemaria and started praying. It gives me courage to ask for the intercession of Bishop Alvaro, Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary. I prayed the Novena every day confident that God will provide me a job before the end of 2009. As the year’s end approached many people said it is impossible to get a job because companies postpone their hiring until January 2010. I even received advice to give up the hope of being employed in 2009 but I am confident with help of God’s grace: “God will provide. He will take care of us. I have done everything humanly possible and I abandon everything to you my God.” When everything seems to be impossible the miracle happened. On December 3 2009 I received a contract from a leading worldwide Engineering Company to work on one of their multi-billion projects, effective immediately. I want to give thanks to Saint Josemaria, Bishop Alvaro, Saint Joseph, the Blessed Virgin Mary and to my Guardian Angel for helping me in finding a job.
R. E., Canada
December 5 2009

A powerful novena
I know very little of Opus Dei. One time inside the church an old lady handed me a prayer card of Saint Josemaria Escriva telling me of how powerful the novena. I have been praying for a favor for my son. I started praying the Novena for Work for my son’s intention who is at present working in Dubai and has no employment visa yet. After just a week of praying the novena, his employment visa was granted. Thank you very much.
December 5, 2009

A good sale
A friend I’ve known since we were kids ran a food business in the city of Queretaro, Mexico. Because of the economic crisis and the shrinking market, he had to close down. He emailed all his friends inviting us to the final sale of the whole contents of the premises. I emailed him straight back, attaching a digital copy of the prayer-card of St Josemaria. I told him I’d be praying for the closing-down sale and encouraged him to pray for a good sale too. He sent me a reply after the sale weekend, thanking me and saying it was successful: St Josemaria had sent some fellow-countrymen of his with euros (which are extremely useful in Mexico) and he’d sold everything he wanted to sell.
Roberto Esquivel Alvarez, Mexico
November 27, 2009

On the ninth day of the novena
My sister's husband's business failed and left the family in dire financial straits. They didn't even have money for their daily needs. As he is already seen as old in the jobs market, the worry was doubled: whether he could find a job, and whether the job would cover his family upkeep. One day as I was tidying out a cupboard I found the prayer-card of St Josemaria and the Novena for Work. I began it straight away, praying through St Josemaria's intercession that he would get a job. Today, the ninth day of the novena, I received the news that he'd got a job in a big building firm. I am overjoyed, and so grateful to the founder of Opus Dei for the great grace received.
Lucia H. S. B., Brazil
November 27, 2009

I learnt from St Josemaria's teachings
I wanted to make a very important move at work. I applied for many jobs for which I was more than qualified and a perfect candidate, but with no “luck”. I was determined to leave no matter what. I thought I was in control. Then I realized it is not me. It is in God’s hands. I gave up and accepted the will of God. Then the perfect opportunity came: more rewarding better company great people a perfect fit words cannot describe. I got it. There is no logical reason why I was not even contacted for most of the other roles. I know now it is because God through Jose Maria’s intercession literally saved me from accepting other jobs. I will be starting my dream job in my dream city in my dream company. Most important I went through a series of tough interviews by very smart people. What got me the job was not my technical skills or professional experience. It was the work ethic team philosophy and spirit of collaboration that I learned from Jose Maria’s teachings. I am so thankful. I thank God, Mary ever Virgin, Saint Jose Maria, and Saint Rita.
November 26, 2009

My work contract was ending
On September 24, 2009 I explained to a good friend that I was worried about my work contract, which was for a gardening course I was running for the local government offices. It was about to end, and I couldn’t see any chance of getting a new job. He gave me a prayer-card of St Josemaria and we agreed to pray to him for this intention. The next day I gave my resumé to a firm and two days later they called me for an interview. At the interview I explained that if I got the job I wouldn’t be able to join the firm until I’d finished the gardening course, a month later. Seeing the large number of resumés they had, I reckoned there was not much chance they’d hire me, especially if it meant waiting a month before I could start work. But a few hours after the interview they called to ask me to take them my documents, and said that they are expecting me on October 21 – the day after the gardening course ends. I have no doubt that this is a miracle and I attribute it to St Josemaria’s intercession. I am writing this testimony by way of thanking St Josemaria for his help.
A. J. H., Spain
November, 2009

The day after I finished my novena
We came to live in Atlanta three years ago, and I still hadn’t found a job. First because we have small children, and finding a half-day job with no work at weekends is not simple, at least here in the States. So we decided to wait, since both the children were very small. However, my husband then lost his job, and it was very necessary for me to get one. I found the Novena for Work to Saint Josemaria and began to pray it. I was a bit embarrassed because I felt I wasn’t doing as much as I should to find a job, but I did the novena anyway. But in the end the novena stretched over a fortnight because I missed some of the days for various reasons. I was sorry about that, but I kept it up, and on the last day I received the marvelous news of an interview the very day after I finished my novena. I went to the interview, they gave me the job and I began work the next day! It was a half-day job, with the weekends free. Saint Josemaria’s intervention and gift have been wonderful beyond belief, and I cannot thank him enough for his help. My faith and devotion to him grow greater every day. Thank you, Saint Josemaria!
M.I.G.M., Atlanta, USA
November 12, 2009

I prayed to St Josemaria that the sickness was not serious
When I woke up on November 2, 2009, I knew I was sick. For some days I had been suffering nausea and palpitations. I asked my husband to take me for a medical check. We went to a health center and the doctor checked my blood-pressure, which was normal. Then he checked my heart rate, which was 120 per minute, and did an ECG and other tests. The next day I had more tests, and I prayed to St Josemaria with all my faith and devotion that the sickness was not serious. When the results came, the doctor told me my liver was not functioning at all well and I would have to have an ultrasound scan to see what was wrong. I prayed again to St Josemaria with all my faith that everything would be all right. When the results came, the doctor told me that there were no cysts, tumours or lesions but it was something simpler. My heart rate was also greatly improved. I am sending this testimony as it is the only way I can thank St Josemaria for his intercession.
Martha Maria Rojas Martinez, Mexico
November 2, 2009

Testimony about The Way
I came across The Way at school and it made me feel the joy of living and seeking holiness. I was so struck by it that I talked to the head-teacher and asked permission to put a point from the book on the news-board every week. Surprised, he gave his permission. After graduating, I taught professional ethics at the State University of Tamaulipas, and I used The Way to speak to my students about the importance of work well done. I told them about “doing what you ought, and putting your heart into what you are doing”. I tried to give them the idea that the best reference for getting a good job is having high professional standing, and you get that little by little, by taking care of the details. And I encouraged them to be strong – “Will-power. Energy. Example. What has to be done is done, without wavering, or worrying about what others think.” Now in my family and social life I continue to rely on St Josemaria’s excellent counsels, which I hope I will never forget, and will pass on to many more people.
Maria Dolores Monsur de Higuera, Mexico
November 2009

To pay my mortgage
I urgently needed to rent out an apartment, because if I didn’t I couldn’t pay my mortgage. I prayed to St Josemaria and the matter was sorted on September 10 – less than two weeks. I promised him I would write about this favor. Maybe it could seem insignificant to some people, but for me it was enormous. Thank you!
M.C.T.G.D., Madrid
November 2009

To bring him to the faith
Last June 27th my family gathered together to celebrate my parents' 45th wedding anniversary. My parents were especially looking forward to the day as Saint Josemaria's feastday mass was to be celebrated on the very day of their anniversary in Ottawa's cathedral. We were really hoping and praying that my eldest brother who is not Catholic and is very far from God would attend along with the rest of the family. This seemed quite unlikely though since my brother's wife said she'd only come to the anniversary if she didn't have to go to the mass. This and an argument with her husband made the atmosphere quite tense. That night I prayed very hard to Saint Josemaria. My parents and I were overjoyed to see both my brother and his wife at the mass next day holding hands and even helping their nephew follow along. What's more they came on their own initiative without anyone even mentioning the mass to them. Since then this brother has been drawing closer to the family; he even attended mass during another family visit of his own accord and afterwards commented on what the priest had said. I'm asking Saint Josemaria to bring him to the faith and happiness he is looking for.
E. C. Canada
November, 2009

Two offers of work
I want to write down two favors that were granted to two good friends whom I advised to do the Novena for Work to St Josemaria Escriva. They took it seriously and prayed the novena for nine days. The result was that the day after they finished the novena, they each received a phone call offering them a job in a school and a job in a press agency, respectively.
St Josemaria, pray for us.
Mateo, Italy
November 2009

That she wouldn’t lose her job
I want to thank Saint Josemaria for the favor he granted, after I prayed the Novena for Work that my wife wouldn’t lose her job.
F. J. R. V., Spain
October 2009

Finding the serenity to wait for the right moment
My name is Izaura, I’m 40 years old and I live in Boa Esperança in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. After waiting for a work contract for four months, I received it on July 6, 2009. This happened after I had prayed the Novena for Work to Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer several times. I have to say that when I did the novena I found the serenity to be able to wait for the right moment. This was what led me to write, and I authorize the publication of what for me was a miracle, which God granted me through the intercession of Saint Josemaria Escriva. I’m continuing to pray that God, through our Lady’s mediation, may help me to grow professionally with purity of heart.
Izaura Malaquias, Brazil
October 18, 2009

I was sinking under the pile of debts
I am writing to your website to tell about a real miracle St Josemaria worked in my life. I am from Rio de Janeiro. For over 10 years I had been sinking under a pile of debts that almost destroyed me. Some of my family attend the Christian formational activities given by Opus Dei. I carry with me the prayer-card of St Josemaria. When I read on your website a little text where the saint said that he would send more help from heaven I decided to pray to him. I did the Novena for Work with great devotion, and on the anniversary of his canonization (though I didn’t know it then) I obtained more favors than I was praying for. A client called me to finalize a really good contract that I hadn’t been expecting at all! St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, pray for all those who have recourse to you!
M.P.B.L., Brazil
October 10, 2009

He granted me the favor in just one hour
I want to testify to the favor I received yesterday from St Josemaria in just one hour. Several weeks ago I applied for a place on an IT course at the university. I already had an appointment for enrolment when I got a call saying it wasn’t going to be possible on that day (Tuesday) nor at that time (2.30). I explained that as I work I couldn’t come at any other time. Then they said that they’d let me know later, but there was not much chance. I prayed hard to St Josemaria in my own words, and just an hour later they called me again from the university saying that my enrolment appointment was confirmed for the original day and time.
I am grateful to St Josemaria for this favor, which is very important for me. Now I am praying to him to grant me other favors for October 6, the anniversary of his canonization.
Adele, Italy
October 10, 2009

She found another job at 40
The firm where I worked closed down in April and about 45 of us lost our jobs, including a friend of mine who is over 40. Although it’s difficult to get a new job at that age anywhere, in this country it is especially hard because your age matters a lot. My colleague only knew of St Josemaria as “the founder of Opus Dei”, and nothing else. Anyway, I gave her St Josemaria’s Novena for Work and asked her to keep praying it. That happened two weeks ago. I spoke to her today and she gave me the great news that she’s got another job. I give thanks to St Josemaria for this and many other favors I received from him.
Luzmila, Italy
October 10, 2009

I asked him for a job compatible with my family responsibilities
I have always received countless favors from St Josemaria, but especially in the field of work. During this academic year I again entrusted myself to his intercession when I lost my teaching post because of budget cuts. I prayed to him that I would find a post at the start of the teaching year, and I got a supply teaching job beginning right on the first day of term. I was able to accept it by pure chance (the telegram offering me the job went to the wrong address).
When I arrived at the institute where I would be doing the supply teaching I realized it was in a square named after St Josemaria Escriva. From that point I had no doubt that it was all his doing. The supply job lasted only just over two weeks, so then I was jobless again. As I have a small child, I prayed to St Josemaria to find me another post with two conditions attached: it had to be a long-term job, and the school had to be near enough to be able to combine my work in the home with my profession. That was not easy, since all the year-long posts had already been filled and the obvious solution seemed to be to do a series of supply jobs during this year, which would mean different schools and a constantly changing timetable. In my situation, I wouldn’t have been able to take my little boy to playschool if I had to keep changing my timetable or travel long distances to work.
But on September 29 I talked to St Josemaria and told him with full confidence, “I am sure that I will find a job on October 2, the anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei, and that way I’ll be sure it was really your doing.” In past years, I’d several times got a job right on that date. Well, on October 2, I got a supply post until the end of this school year – and in a school near my house. From the professional point of view it’s not ideal because I’m not teaching my subject, just the basics, but I am absolutely not complaining since the way this job is organized means I can combine it with my work in the home and looking after my son.
Silvia, Italy
October 7, 2009

Thank you for getting me a job
I want to thank St Josemaria for getting me a job. I received the Novena for Work a month ago and then I got my job. I still pray to him daily to continue to work successfully and have the strength to overcome the obstacles. Thank you, St Josemaria!
F. J. Q. F., Miami, Florida, US
September 29, 2009

I got a new job through St. Josemaria’s intercession
Two years ago I had a good job but it used to stress me and I was unhappy at almost everything. This made me feel like quitting, but since I had no alternative to keep supporting my family, I carried on with difficulty. I therefore decided to pray for St. Josemaria’s intercession for a job that will make me happy. Three months ago I got a better job and I’m happy at this time of my career development. I believe this job is due to my prayers and was particularly meant for me.
I would like thank St. Josemaria for all the changes and encourage more people to pray through him.
Thanks very much.
Richard, Uganda
September 29, 2009

They both got full-time jobs
I wanted to share that I prayed the Novena for Work and both persons got full time jobs within 3 and 5 weeks time. Both in an extremely competitive IT market in Colorado.
September 25, 2009

From Vietnam
I’d like to describe how much I’ve been helped by the websites in different languages, including now I’m in Vietnam. For June 26, which was a Friday, I had a meeting planned with an International Parish prayer-group, and I offered to talk to them about the Saint of the Day. I showed the video-clips from the website and then told them about how I met Opus Dei, thanks to the great esteem in which my mother held it. And I said I’d been lucky enough to be at a get-together when St Josemaria visited Argentina. To explain what Opus Dei is, I used an article from the website. When we had the imposition of the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a prayer-group meeting, I prepared a short talk before the ceremony and quoted the point in The Way about the Scapular of Carmel. As a matter of fact, I made up my mind to come here after reading Testimony of Hope, the book of talks given by Cardinal Van Thuan on the retreat that he preached to the Holy Father and the Roman Curia. We found out about the book because one of our sons goes to an Opus Dei Center in Argentina told us the amazing story he’d heard in a meditation there, about the Vietnamese bishop Van Thuan who’d been imprisoned for thirteen years – nine of them in solitary confinement.

I have also used the video-clips with testimonies in my English classes. My first teacher was an American teacher, a young man, and then an Australian lady. We’ve had some really deep conversations after watching the video-clips.
Maria Amelia
Vietnam, September 9, 2009

I quit smoking
I’m 54 and often tried to quit smoking. Two years ago I asked St Josemaria to intercede for me in this fight, and now I have won the battle. Thank you, St Josemaria!
Bruno Combe Laboissière, France
September 4, 2009

I had to turn down job offers
I graduated from college and was worried about having a job. I said a prayer to Saint Josemaria right before graduation and it seems that within the first two weeks I had to turn down job offers! It is interesting because I started reading "The Way" and asking for his intercession. Having work has brought stability to my financial situation as I prepare to move on to Theological studies.
C. A., USA
August 6, 2009

Saint Josemaria answered my prayer for work
Saint Josemaria answered my prayer to find work. I have been out of work for a year sent over 500 applications for work out have a professional degree and still no work. Yesterday I went to an interview with a heavy heart (as I have been to so many others to no avail). I was offered the job on the spot. They didn't even interview anyone else. I had completed a novena to St. Josemaria and I am grateful for his intercession.
S. G., USA
August 5, 2009

I promised I would publish it
Dear friends, I want to share with you the latest favor I received from Saint Josemaria Escriva because I promised him I would publish it. First of all I want to say that I heard about him through the prayer card before he was beatified or canonized. Surprisingly, everything I asked for he gave me with the greatest rapidity, so I nicknamed him very affectionately to myself, “Speedy”. I had no idea what Opus Dei was, I’d only heard the usual criticisms. Even the name Opus Dei sounded really weird to me.
1. First, I owe to him my coming back to God at the hardest point in my life. Amidst total discouragement the only thing I could manage was praying the prayer-card every day. And now I cannot let a day go by without the Holy Mass, the Rosary, the Chaplet of Mercy, Bible reading – at least the gospel of the day – meditation on it, and a long etc.
2. Reading this page, I was emboldened to pray for something no-one would normally pray for because it seems so trivial, but I took courage on seeing how Saint Josemaria intercedes for the simplest things. My car had been broken for over a year, and for the past six months the engine wouldn’t even start. After reading several testimonies on this website I felt encouraged to pray for it, having first made it clear to myself that if he didn’t grant what I was asking, it wouldn’t make any difference to my faith. I asked him to sort out the car whenever he could. I said the prayer, the car started first time and has not broken down since.
3. My sister was out of work, had no money, and had only two weeks left to pay for her car registration. We did the Novena for Work together and just in time she got, not one but two jobs, which, though they are quite humble and modest ones, are more than enough to cover her costs. My sister was so moved that she went back to Confession and Holy Communion after not practising her faith for more than ten years. She had even come to hate the Church, but now she has changed completely.
4. Here comes the last one. I was bold enough to do a novena to Saint Josemaria asking for something worldly. I asked to meet the person who has been my favorite singer since I was 11 and I’m now almost 36: Bruce Springsteen. On 28 July 2009 I went to my fourth concert of his in Seville. Inexplicably, I was able to get to the hotel where he was staying, although the security people were holding back many fans at the hotel gates. I only wanted to shake his hand and get his autograph and a photo, but things turned out in the style Saint Josemaria prefers. When he saw me trying to take his hand, Bruce gave me a hug, wrote his autograph, and signed a photo for me. We had several photos taken with him, as a group and individually, and he talked to the six of us in the group for more than half an hour, without any hurry. When we said goodbye I was going to shake his hand, but he again gave me a big hug and kissed me on both cheeks. It’s practically impossible to get to an international singer like Bruce Springsteen, and spend such a long time with him, for obvious security reasons, but without knowing anyone, without any tricks or pretences – inexplicably, as I said – I was allowed into the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville where he stayed until 29 July 2009.
I gave him a beautiful golden Benedictine cross which he really liked and thanked me for very much, as he is a Christian. In June 2009 I had placed that cross over the relics of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque at the re-consecration of Spain to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Cerro de los Angeles, Madrid. There I said, ‘This cross is for Bruce’, and thanks to another miracle by Saint Josemaria Escriva, it did indeed end up in the hands of my favorite singer as a gift.
Thank you, Saint Josemaria, for even granting me something that seems unimportant spiritually. And so I am fulfilling my promise of publishing it, as you fulfilled yours of granting it to me. Once again – and not for the last time, I’m sure – THANK YOU.
A. B., Spain
August 4, 2009

He helped my husband, my children, and me as wife and mother
I want to bear witness to all that Saint Josemaria has granted me. He helped my husband get a job when he’d been looking for work for a long time. He helped my children in their studies. And he helped me as wife and mother, and in my efforts to obtain a family vacation after not having one for many years. I first heard about Saint Josemaria in May 2009 and in such a short time he already obtained so many favors. A thousand thanks for all the favors granted.
M. Castellanos, Venezuela
July 2009

The package arrived
I want to thank St. Josemaria for this small favour that was granted through his intercession. I had to send a package from one country back to my own country. I was not familiar with the postal system in this foreign land. I was used to having the person in the counter help seal the package once the contents had been checked. However it was not the custom in this other country; hence my package was not well sealed. The package only contained books and some videos that could be replaced if lost. Nevertheless I was considering the money I had spent for the items plus the postage. I was sending it by boat and not by air - so I was even more concerned about the handling of the package. Upon leaving the post office I entrusted the matter to St. Josemaria. To my surprise the package arrived in a week's time complete and well-sealed. I was expecting it to take 2 months. I am sure it was St. Josemaria helping me out in this matter which in reality is a small issue but was one that
was of some concern to me.
Jo-Ann de Leon, Hong Kong
July 29, 2009

He woke up after being unconscious for four days
I just want to continue giving endless thanks to JOSEMARIA for hearing my prayers: it is now 9 months since my husband’s operation and he is very well. He went for a check-up July 15 and the doctor told us there is no trace of the disease. I know that this will continue to be the case, because St Josemaria is with us. And I forgot to mention that he saved my baby after a serious accident. That was when I first heard about him: my mother left a prayer-card under my baby’s pillow and after being unconscious for 4 days he woke up as if nothing had happened. Today my husband has that prayer-card in his wallet and I feel secure knowing that Josemaria is with him all the time. Thank you very much for everything!
Marcela D., Chile
July 23, 2009

Together again
A married couple who were friends of ours had separated and were arranging for a divorce. We prayed to St Josemaria that they would not go ahead with the divorce. He heard our prayer: they have got back together again.
Luis M., Italy
July 10, 2009

In his hands
I learned about this great Saint almost by chance on this website about him. My situation is not a good one, but when I read the testimonies I felt encouraged to begin praying to Saint Josemaria myself. I also went to a Mass in his honor on June 22. A few days later I felt great serenity and inner peace – just what I needed. I have placed a very important intention in his hands and I hope with all my heart that he will intercede for me and give me a hand, because I need it very badly. Thank you, Saint Josemaria!
Antonella, Italy
July 10, 2009

I never lost my faith
I thought that I didn’t believe in God, but now I realize I had never lost my faith, and it’s all thanks to St. Josemaria. I was on my way home, feeling desperate because I couldn’t find a job. On the way an elderly lady stopped me and started telling me about St. Josemaria. I told her I had no time for such nonsense, but she insisted that I ought to read a prayer she had. She gave me the prayer-card and went off wishing me all the best. When I got home I read the prayer and got a call on my mobile with an offer of my old job back – they’d made me redundant when I became pregnant. I accepted with delight, and thanked St. Josemaria and God.
M.A.R.S., Spain
July 7, 2009

A special meeting
I asked Saint Josemaria that everything would work out well at a special meeting with my fiancee, and it couldn’t have gone better.
J.S., Guatemala
July 6, 2009

I didn't cheat but passed with a distinction
Hi, I write feeling greatly ashamed for not having done it earlier. I wanted to register that I obtained my favor through the intercession of of Saint JOSEMARIA ESCRIVA. I have been meaning to notify the prelature. In 2005 September I picked the brochure of the prayer of Saint JoseMaria just before sitting for my Advanced Certificate In Business Studies, and went on to seek His intercession. Through this prayers, even when other candidates were cheating, all what I did was place a rosary on my desk during the exams, believe you me, I was the best in our class with straight Distinction.
I do believe that in future I will still seek His intercession and more so will introduce Him to my family. SAINT JOSEMARIA, PRAY FOR ME.
D.M., Kenya
July 4, 2009

My son changed
After being a very poor student for several years my son went on a residential course in Barbastro, and thanks to St Josemaria obtained his secondary education qualification. Thank you very much for hearing my prayer, St Josemaria!
Cristina, Spain
July 3, 2009

I am writing to thank Saint Josemaria for a favor he obtained for me yesterday.
Barbara, Spain
June 30, 2009

I did an internet search for ‘Seeking God’
Today I was crying and begging God that I could find him in my heart once again. I felt I couldn’t see him because my life, and my family’s, have been so hard recently. I did an internet search for ‘Seeking God’, as if it was possible to find him there. And that was when on my first search, I got to this page. I started watching the video-clips of St Josemaria Escriva… and I can tell you from my heart that it was a miracle, because only a few hours ago I was in total darkness. Thanks be to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to St Josemaria! Thank you, thank you!
Aurora B., Portugal
June 19, 2009

Our work contracts would be extended
Grateful yet again to our Saint Josemaria because today we got the news that our work contracts would be extended to December. Just when my family and I were sorting out about going to the Mass of Saint Josemaria on June 26, and I was starting to read the Novena for Work again – which always produces results, for myself and for the friends I’ve given it to. My wife said, “I remember how every June, which is Saint Josemaria’s month, we always got good news, just like now.” Thank you Saint Josemaria for all your miracles.
J. C. C. H., Peru
June 19, 2009

Perfect timing
I just want to give thanks to St. Josemaria for a favour he has granted me. I had been asking his help with my papers: my application for permanent residency and my application for a student visa. Normally, both are quite straightforward; however, to gain permanent residency one should be residing in the country for a continuous period of 7 years. I had been out for 1 year - and with my planned studies that would mean another year out of the country. The timing of the granting of both had to be exact - I should get my permanent residency before I get my student visa. I had plans to leave for my studies on July 1. By the 1st week of June, there was still no reply on the status of my permanent residency. I made inquiries to follow up the case; however, it was considered a special case because of my year out of the country. I intensified my prayers to St. Josemaria. On June 17 I called and they said I can expect a reply in 2 weeks. On June 18, I received a letter informing me that I needed to present some papers to the Immigration Department on August 27. That would be too late - I was planning to leave on July 1. There was a note to say I can arrange to change the appointment to another date, usually within 30 days after the stated date. This was even worse. It would be too late for me. Praying to St. Josemaria, that same afternoon, I called to change the appointment. It was a computer generated arrangement. To my surprise, the next available slot was June 19 - the very next day. It was perfect for me... the sooner the better. I went to the Immigration Office to present my papers on June 19 - and to my surprise, they granted me the permanent residency right there and then. Then the Consulate called to say my visa will be ready by June 22. The timing of both was just PERFECT. I thank St. Josemaria with all my heart. It was a tricky task - but he did it.
June 19, 2009

He cares for me and guides every step
One day I was coming home from a visit to my daughter. I was lonely, confused, fearful, remorseful, and broke. I saw on the ground a prayer-card of St Josemaría. I picked it up and read it on the way home, and asked him for thousands of things, commending myself, my life and my actions to his protection. From that day on I have always had enough to eat. Something always comes up, and I am grateful to him for all that is good. St Josemaria cares for me and guides every step I take. I used to suffer from deep depression; now I don’t even need the tablets. My mother was very sick and I prayed for her; three days went by and she was absolutely fine! For me these are miracles, and I take him with me everywhere I go, he’s become my best friend.
Carolina, Chile
June 14, 2009

It started first time
Our car is already several years old and was making strange noises when it started. At the garage they told us that the start-up mechanism was going wrong, and when it failed completely we would have to get a new car – which would be a heavy item of expenditure for us. One evening I went to take the car out and it wouldn’t start. I kept turning the key but got no sign of life. Fearing the worst, we called a mechanic, and while we waited for him to arrive, my Mom and I both prayed hard to St Josemaria. The mechanic said that the battery was fine. When he tried it, the car started first time and from then on it hasn’t made any more strange noises when it starts. I think this is a favor from St Josemaria and we really are grateful.
Carolina M. S., Spain
June 14, 2009

After praying hard to St Josemaria she got a job
I am sending in this testimony to give thanks for a favor granted through Saint Josemaria. My granddaughter finished her degree course with brilliant marks, and then decided to enter for some competitive examinations which would take four years to prepare for. After working at it for a year and a half she decided to drop it. I was very disappointed, and talked to her about the importance of a permanent job, but she was determined not to go ahead with the competitive examinations. I began to pray for her future job by saying Saint Josemaria’s prayer-card every day. She went for several interviews but all of them were unsuccessful. Then after praying hard to Saint Josemaria she went for one last interview and was accepted. She is very happy there and her terms of employment mean she will be able to look after her future family. I am sure that this happened through the Saint’s intercession, and so I have sent a donation to the Office for Causes of Beatification. Many thanks.
Angela G. R., Spain
June 14, 2009

I was able to see again after several years
On June 12 this year a statue of St. Josemaria was set up in the Basilica of Our Lady of Lujan, Argentina. That date was chosen in commemoration of St. Josemaria’s visit there in 1974. I was enormously moved by it all – to have St. Josemaria so close to us! I had been unable to see out of one eye for several years and recently my eye was operated on. Before going in for the operation I asked my father to say the prayer-card for me. When I came out of the operation I could see, and I went home that same day. I pray my prayer-card every day. I have it in my wallet and have enormous faith in him. On June 12, I could see my beloved Saint clearly and I was so moved to see him now in my own country! St. Josemaria has always heard my prayers. Now I place the card beside the books I am studying, while I wait to start my degree. Thank you St. Josemaria!!
June 13, 2009

My wife was dying
Some months ago my wife was dying, when I remembered that I ought to pray. I looked for the hospital chapel, and in it I found a message about Josemaria Escriva. I prayed to him with faith, because losing my wife would mean losing a part of myself. I don’t know how, but things suddenly changed, and I still have my wife with me. Other things happened at the same time, and my faith in Josemaria Escriva increases every day. I have been transformed, although I am still a sinner.
M. A. P., Brazil
June 11, 2009

We thought it was going to be hard, but we’re managing
Once again we wish to give thanks for the intercession of St. Josemaria and Don Alvaro del Portillo. My husband lost his job last year. We thought that 2009 was going to be a very hard year. But we never lost faith. It’s true it hasn’t been easy, because both of us are working harder than ever, on paid projects, on volunteer projects, and on actual job-seeking. But little by little we are managing to pay our way, and at the same time, to spend time at home and being with our daughters, who are the most important thing of all. Thank you, St. Josemaria and Don Alvaro!
M. R. T. Chile
June 3, 2009

I remembered my promise to write about the favor
22 years ago, when my sister was expecting her third baby, she suffered serious health problems due to high blood-pressure. By chance, at that very time I came by a prayer-card of Josemaria Escriva, and so I began praying to him for the health of my sister and her baby. In the end, thank God, everything was fine. Today, looking at Catholic websites, I found this one and remembered I had promised to write about St Josemaria’s generous intercession. I know that he helped us in that difficult situation, and so I wanted to share it with you all. Fraternal greetings,
loria de Gafaro, Colombia
May 26, 2009

They paid what they owed him
Hi, I want to share my testimony with you. A few days ago I saw a prayer-card of Saint Josemaria in a care-home where I am doing a work-placement for my catering course. It really caught my attention and I went over, read it and began to pray the prayer. I prayed for my Dad’s job, and for my uncle, who’s out of work, to find a job. I also prayed to Saint Josemaria for my Dad to be paid some money he is owed by certain people. To my surprise, last Friday (3 days ago), they paid my Dad the money they owed him. So yesterday I began a web search for information about Saint Josemaria and I came to this site. I read all the favors and the information on the site, printed off the prayer and the novena, made copies of them and told my family and my aunt (the wife of the uncle who’s unemployed), ‘Let’s pray to him with a lot of faith!’ Yesterday my aunt, my Mom, my sister and I began the novena. A few minutes ago I called my aunt to ask how they were, and she said my uncle has a job! So I want to thank God and Saint Josemaria for having heard our prayer and helped us, and I know he is also going to help my Dad’s job to go well, and to help save the marriage of two people I love very much.
Mel, Mexico
May 26, 2009

Promotion at work
I did the Novena for Work to St Josemaria, for my work situation to improve. When I finished the novena I was surprised to get an offer of promotion at work. Thank you, St Josemaria!
Raquel, Uruguay
May 24, 2009

A girlfriend who would change my life
I prayed to the Archangel St Raphael for more than a year to find me a girlfriend who would really change my life… Now at last I’ve met her and I pray to St Josemaria every day to help us, for our relationship to go well, and that it may be pleasing to God! Only yesterday I asked St Josemaria very specifically that I would be able to see her, because I really wanted to see her right then. The problem was that my car had broken down. And in the evening she called me to say she was coming to my place. What’s more, she brought some candy and a meal with her! St Josemaria granted me what I’d asked for, plus a bonus!
J. S., Guatemala
May 23, 2009

A prayer-card at my door
I’ve known about St Josemaria’s prayer-card for many years. My mom got one in the mail and we’ve all read it regularly ever since. I ended up learning it by heart and I’ve never forgotten it. Today, May 22, 2009, I was at home alone with my 5-year-old. My mother passed away two months ago and I was so sad that the tears were rolling down my face all the time I worked. Suddenly there was an earthquake, 5.9 strength. I prayed and ran to grab my son. Nothing happened to us, we were fine, but at that moment the postman left a new picture of St Josemaria Escriva at my door. It was such a coincidence, everything happening at the same time, that I think God put him in my path once again so that I would not lose faith at the time when I most needed him. Thank you, Lord, because you know what you are doing, now all I have to do is keep trusting you and working.
Alma L. A., Mexico
May 22, 2009

I found the prayer-card by chance and it changed my life
Hi, I got an internet connection just recently and I’m writing to say how I met Saint Josemaria Escriva. Ten years ago I found a little prayer-card in the road by a tree, I picked it up and said the prayer on it. At that point I was in a difficult situation, debts, not much money, unpaid bills, no desire to work, and more stuff like that. From that moment on it changed my life: I paid my bills, improved my work, got ahead, and my whole life changed for the better. I remember him every day and pray to him. I think that finding that prayer-card was a miracle. I want to know more about him.
S. C., Argentina
May 18, 2009

Saint Josemaria had a part to play
This morning, on the way to work I realised that the device that I need to get into the building where I park my car was missing. Frantically, I searched the car but could not find it. I decided to retrace my steps to the places where I parked the car last night thinking that it is possible that the device might have dropped out of the car. While driving to these places I prayed for the intercession of St Anthony and also the prayer card to Saint Josemaria (and also asked my girlfriend Rachel to pray) that I would find it, as it would be very expensive for me to get a new device. The first place I stopped by was to me the most likely place where I might have dropped this device, but having searched the place thoroughly, I could not find it. Somewhat disappointed, I went back into the car to move on to the other places I parked my car last night - and there the device was on the drivers seat! I'm not sure if it was through supernatural intervention (I had ample opportunity to spot the device on the seat last night and this morning and did not) but I am sure that Saint Josemaria had a part to play in it. So, thank you Father!
J. P., Malaysia
May 8, 2009

People said it is difficult to treat
I am really grateful to St Josemaria for this favour. A month ago I sprained my foot. I had to have it in plaster for a fortnight. It was painful and gave me a lot of trouble. People told me that this kind of sprain is difficult to treat, and sometimes doesn’t get completely cured. So I prayed fervently to St Josemaria to help me. Two weeks later I had the plaster taken off. I couldn’t walk properly, I was hobbling along and I thought it might stay like that. I prayed with faith, and after several days the pain stopped and I’m now fine. Thank you, St Josemaria.
Miluska, Peru
May 4, 2009

I was suffering from severe depression
I was suffering from severe depression, I cried all the time and this lasted for months. I prayed St Josemaria’s prayer. I went to see a doctor who is a friend of mine, and she found the cause of it all. She put me on the right treatment and everything was solved.
Stella Maria J. A., Colombia
May 2, 2009

Getting to work on time
The metro station I use to go to work every day is fifteen minutes' walk from my house. One day I left home in a hurry, and when I got to the metro I realised I'd forgotten my ticket. I didn't have even one euro on me. If I went back home, I'd lose another half an hour. I stood by the steps of the metro praying to St Josemaria, and before I finished Luis Pablo appeared - he was going by metro that day just by chance, because he was attending a conference. He gave me the money for my ticket and so I got to work on time. I am so grateful to St Josemaria for this favor.
Gonzalo Trelles, Madrid
April 2009

The money to pay my debts
I am writing to thank St Josemaria for favors granted. Just two days into the novena he granted me the money to pay my debts.
Janeth, Colombia
April 30, 2009

She had to quit her job
My daughter worked in a bank for 5 years and because of the stress she fell into deep depression and bipolar disorder. She was so sick she had to quit her job. From that moment I started praying the Novena for Work to Saint Josemaría, begging him that she find a job that would not harm her health, so she could be fulfilled and happy. She got a job in a firm where she is working well and her health is fine. Amen.
Maria Carolina B. A., Brazil
April 29, 2009

God wanted me to know about St Josemaria
Browsing devotional sites on the internet I came across St. Josemaria. My eldest son is about to be 16 years old. He is a typical teenager and I pray for him daily. I asked St. Josemaria to help him make this team where they dedicate themselves to train skillful soccer players. My son attends Catholic School and I truly believe that with this education and in combination with his sports he will be truly successful. He will be focused and motivated with fewer distractions so he can reach his goals. Well we received the call today and he made the team. I’m more excited than he is but I prayed for this because I know he will do well and this is an addition to his accomplishments in High School and hopefully a plus for college. I promised to write about this special favor from St. Josemaria. I will come to him again in prayer to be there for my son and my family. I believe that God wanted me to know about St. Josemaria so that I can have a stronger Faith and help me with all my trials.
Sonia, USA
April 25, 2009

He let it happen for our benefit
I am very blessed to know and be part of Opus Dei with their wonderful members and priests who are wise, loving and always there to help us in need. Recently, our car got broken into, and my husband’s brand new laptop for his work has been stolen along with our marriage certificate, our son’s and daughter’s birth certificates, our apartment’s rental agreement and my husband’s pay stub with his social security numbers, all were original documents. It happened on my son’s birthday, March 3, 2009 while my husband went to get a birthday toy after work. He had those documents only because his company required to resubmit that week. It was a great shock for me to lose the vital records of our life and the possibilities of crimes that may be done to my children, who are only 4 and 3 years old. We believe that Jesus knew this will happen and it would have been so easy for Him to prevent it but He let it happen for our benefit. So we trusted God for His decision. However, from my weakness, two days later, despite my effort, I started to get worried. I called on an Opus Dei priest, Fr. Luke for prayer and advice. He told me not to worry and do all that is humanly possible, for Our Heavenly Father already knows our needs and worries, but we still need to ask for it. He offered to do a 9 day novena using St. Jose Maria prayer card with me. Fr. Luke had no doubt that we will receive a call from police very soon. “You will see.” He gave me such encouragement and hope, I was greatly comforted. After 7 days of novena, my husband got a call from the police saying that they have found our documents. It happened that the same couple also stole a dog later in the week and when a detective went into their home to retrieve the dog, he saw our documents. The detective used to work at the identity theft department and he immediately recognized how important those documents were. A day later, we retrieved our laptop back undamaged too. I heard there are more than 600,000 laptops being stolen or lost every year in U.S. with a retrieval rate of less than 2%. It is truly a miracle for us to retrieve all these in a week. Glory to you Lord for Your kindness. Thank you St. Josemaria, all the angels and saints. Thank you Fr. Luke. Thank you all the Opus Dei friends and family who have been praying for us and for the couple who stole our documents. We believe that Fr. Luke and our friends have a lot of friends in heaven. It was a great reminder for me that Our Lord hears us and watches us in everything, every second of our life.
Sonoko R., USA
April 24, 2009

“St Josemaría, if you really are a Saint and can help me...”
I have always worked with my dad, I drove one of his taxis, and paid my way through university studying to be a Spanish language teacher, as I always wanted. But soon I began to experience health problems that made taxi-driving difficult. I had dizzy spells and forgot things. I went to the doctor who diagnosed intraventricular hydrocephaly. The worst was when I got the neurosurgeon’s evaluation. His initial diagnosis was HIV or cancer. Three days after going to the doctor I was taken into hospital and underwent many tests. I felt my world was coming to an end. My wife and family were there and pleaded with me not to forget God, so I prayed to Him to take pity on me and not send me such a terrible disease as AIDS, as I have a wonderful wife, a good home and a small child, which would mean they could get the disease too.
God heard my prayer, the possibility of HIV was discarded, and the analysis of the tests for cancer still had to come through. I had a change of doctor and was booked in for an operation. I decided to keep on driving the taxi a few days more. The radio-cab operator sent me to pick up a client at a college that is very well known in Colombia. When I got there and saw it all I thought, “What a great college, I guess I’ll never work there.” The person I picked up was a priest, and I drove him to one of the cultural centers run by Opus Dei. He asked me about myself and my wife and son. I told him that we weren’t properly married, that I wanted to go to Confession, because I was going to have an operation and was very frightened. Then the priest advised me that my wife and I needed to put ourselves right with God to receive Confession. Then he took a prayer-card of St Josemaria out of his briefcase and gave it to me, recommending me to pray through the Saint’s intercession that my operation would go well and my life would work out well. After he got out I drew up at the side of the road, looked at the prayer-card and after I read it I said, “St Josemaria, if you really are a saint and can help me with the operation I will be so very grateful.” The operation was December 19, and it was successful. I am now perfectly healthy, we got married, and I am now happily working as a teacher. Guess where? Right, at the college I mentioned, which is called Saucará. And all thanks to God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and a real Saint: St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer.
Jose Ernesto F. P., Colombia
April 13, 2009

I needed to go to Confession
When I was little I was very religious and I lived in God’s presence without question, but as the years went by I started getting further and further from the Church, and ended up completely forgetting my spirituality. By the time I came across St. Josemaria I couldn’t even remember any prayers. OK I got married in church and baptized my three daughters, but I also got divorced, so I reckoned I didn’t qualify for any blessing from God. So when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2007, I was convinced it was a punishment for getting divorced after my first marriage. I am writing all this to make it clear that I’m not a person of faith, and I found it really hard to assimilate St. Josemaria’s presence in my life. When I thought that I’d got clear of the cancer I joined my husband on a business trip. At the end of the trip we stayed in Venice and someone told me not to miss out on Santa Maria della Salute (Our Lady of Health), the Black Madonna. So I went there in spite of my non-belief. I knelt in front of the picture and without knowing why I just burst into tears and couldn’t stop. Shortly after returning home I was diagnosed with another breast cancer and I understood right away what the Blessed Virgin was warning me about.
At this point I remembered being advised to consult a doctor at the Hospital Austral. I made an appointment with a Dr McLean. He operated on me and then had to perform a second operation because he discovered a ganglion and didn’t want to take any chances. I didn’t know it at the time, but St. Josemaria was already getting closer to my life. On the walls of the clinic, everywhere you went, there were newsletters and prayer-cards about this Saint, but I never looked at them. After the second operation, while we were waiting to be called for my first consultation with the doctor, I found myself walking up to this wall where the prayer-cards and booklets were. I took one of each. First I read the booklet, which had accounts of miracles worked by St. Josemaria. Then I took the prayer-card and read the prayer. When I came to “here make your petition”, I asked for something very long, which was very important for me. But at the end I told him that as it would take thirty years for what I asked for to be granted in full, could he please do me an urgent miracle, since as well as my health problems I had a problem about making payments for the Civil Association that I run, for the sum of 45 thousand Argentinian pesos. Our biggest sponsor had pulled out two months previously. So I said to St. Josemaria that if he was really so powerful, could he use his influence to get this important person to respond to an email that I had sent him, asking him for money, which he hadn’t yet replied to.
I didn’t tell anyone about this. I went in for the consultation with the doctor and we came home. The next morning, when I switched on the computer, I saw that this person had replied asking me to come for a meeting. He didn’t mention my request for money. At the agreed time I went to this man’s office with my husband. He kept us waiting for some time, but then was very friendly, asked about my health, etc. At a given moment he stood up and opened the door to the Director’s office, and came back with a simple envelope in his hand which said on it, in pencil, “$45,000”. I thanked him for this profusely, but I thanked Saint Josemaria even more, because I knew very well it was he who did it. I never saw the man again, and he never answered any more of my emails.
Saint Josemaria dealt a blow to my beliefs, my pride and my vanity, and demolished all my convictions at one stroke. I felt that he was asking me, “Now what are you going to say? Are you going to continue not believing in God?” It was a wonderful thing, because I opened myself to his presence, and although I still find it hard I have got back my connection with God. I have become a devotee of Saint Josemaria, and I entrust myself to his wise intercession whenever things get rocky. He turned me inside out, so much so that as soon as I could, I went back to the Hospital Austral to talk about what had happened and how I needed to get in contact with the Work that Saint Josemaria had started. In my ignorance about religious matters I didn’t know how to express what I needed, and then the woman I was speaking to said, “Oh, so what you want is a priest to hear your confession. God is seeking you out.” Hearing that word “Confession” was like a revelation. Of course I had to go to Confession! I went the next morning. Poor priest! I was so worked up that I was there for an hour, in floods of tears. I certainly did need to go to Confession – to kneel down and say sorry to God for everything I thought I had done wrong. I knew that I had been living in sin ever since my divorce. I asked God to forgive me, because I have three daughters whom I love and who love me, and I begged Him to let me raise them because they are not to blame for any of it. I support the Work and I know that if I am a good Christian, God will stay with me and will grant me the really important favour I asked for through St Josemaria. Thank you for publishing this testimony and I give express permission for it to be published on paper and on the web with my full name. I asked for the smaller favour on the second floor of the Austral University Hospital, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 10 August 2008, and it was granted the following day in Buenos Aires.
Yours truly,
Fabiana Rubeo, Argentina
April 3, 2009

I thank Saint Josemaria every day of my life
I am not writing to give thanks for one particular favor but to say that I thank Saint Josemaria every day of my life. I have always lived and breathed the spirit of Opus Dei. My parents taught me to love the Work. I went to an Opus Dei school and met my husband in a University of the Work. Now I work in a “Corporate apostolate” and during the summer holidays I am very close to a Our Lady of Torreciudad. In spite of major surgery, through Saint Josemaria’s intercession I have six wonderful children. How could I fail to bear witness to Saint Josemaria? Sometimes I feel like shouting it to the four winds, that thanks to Saint Josemaria and Opus Dei I am the person I am, with all my defects, but happy and eternally grateful to God for having given me all that I have.
Ana, Spain
April 2, 2009

Thank you for all of it
I would like to give thanks to St Josemaria for favors received. Getting together with my family here in Peru, being able to go to Rome to thank him at his tomb. He has played a part in my faith and my spiritual life. My family and friends are witnesses to what I experienced, going through Spain, Rome and Fatima in Portugal. Thank you for all of it. I will follow the message of Opus Dei to show my faith in St Josemaria Escriva. All blessings,
Javier Chunga, Peru
April 3, 2009

He’s now working!
I first heard about St. Josemaria many years ago. I remember his death, his beatification, and the polemics about his canonization. Four years ago I began to petition him to get my son Hugo admitted on a professional training course, which was very difficult to get onto. His application was successful. When he finished his training he still couldn’t get a job. Through St. Josemaria’s intercession, reading the prayer-card off the internet, this favor was granted. Then, a few months ago, my son André was unemployed, and could not find a job. I prayed to St. Josemaria and he is now working – it is a short-term contract, but he has got a job. He is hoping to start an in-service training course.
These are some of the many graces obtained through St. Josemaria Escriva, to which I would like to bear witness publicly.
Joaquim, Portugal
April 2, 2009

Two weeks before my wedding
Hi! First of all, I would like to tell you how inspiring I find the writings of Saint Josemaria and reading about all the favors he grants. I can bear witness that thanks to his prayer and Don Alvaro’s, I have seen our worst fears laid to rest. What happened was that last year, two weeks before my wedding, which was to be at the end of November, when we were in the middle of all the preparations, my fiancé was on the point of losing his job. He was summoned to a disciplinary tribunal and was extremely worried. I knew that if the tribunal went against him it would be the end of his career, and so I had recourse to Saint Josemaria and Don Alvaro, invoking them for nine successive days. On the seventh day of the novena, my fiancé was able to present his case at the tribunal, and the proceedings against him were dropped. I asked for a thanksgiving Mass to be celebrated.
Meanwhile I couldn’t find the card with the photo and prayer to St Josemaria because for some time the only thing I’d been receiving was the newsletter about Don Alvaro. The day after I finished the novena, which I made using the prayer from an old newsletter, I said to myself, ‘I’ve got to get a proper prayer-card of St Josemaria so I can keep it in my wallet.’ And today March 31, when I’d given up hope, the messenger brought me an envelope in which I found once again what I wanted so badly: the photo and prayer on the prayer-card. Thank-you, St Josemaria.
Gisèle, Cameroon
March 31, 2009

He came out of the coma
When I was a student a relation gave me a prayer-card of St Josemaria, and I have kept it by me ever since. The one I first had was of “Blessed Josemaria” and later I changed it for the one of “Saint Josemaria”. Now my uncle is gravely ill with a brain tumour. It was operated on, but some days later he took a turn for the worse. This weekend he underwent emergency surgery and afterwards remained deeply unconscious. The doctor told us that the situation was very serious and that if he hadn’t come out of the coma by now, it was unlikely that he would come out of it at all. Then I stuck the prayer-card of St Josemaria on the glass of the Intensive Care unit. That evening my uncle came round. Now he has been moved to another ward, and the prayer-card is still with him. Although his illness is incurable, I will never lose faith that St Josemaria Escriva will help us to keep him with us a few years longer, and prevent him from suffering. Thank you, St Josemaria.
Soledad Perales, Spain
March 30, 2009

He lost his wallet in the market
I feel that Saint Josemaria has already obtained many favors for me, but the one I’m going to write about is one that’s really worth publishing. My husband lost his wallet as he came home from the market one day. I really prayed with a lot of faith to Saint Josemaria Escriva to help me find my husband’s lost wallet. And as something coming from God through Saint Josemaria Escriva’s intercession, the miracle happened. On the third day someone rang the doorbell, and gave us the lost wallet. For me that was a MIRACLE, because the way things are in our country at present, there can be no doubt it is one.
Fanny Garcia de Medina, Barquisimeto, Venezuela
March 18, 2009

Months with problems at work
I am writing to testify about the support St Josemaria has given me. I have had difficulties at work for several months (pressure and moral harassment) and this caused me to fall into depression. Josemaria granted all my prayers. The first was that I could get away from that set-up, and the second was not to suffer a drop in income. From that point on I have been asking him to help me find a job in which I can build up my professional life again and at the same time earn my living. I hope that St Josemaria and Don Alvaro grant me this last favor.
Maud, France
March 18, 2009

He helps me endlessly in thousands of everyday matters
Hi, St. Josemaria helps me endlessly in thousands of everyday matters. I had turned on the light over a washbasin and as the switch was old I couldn’t turn it off again. It was a pointless waste of electricity. The more I tried, the less it worked. I asked St. Josemaria to help me, and as soon as I tried again, the switch worked.
Another real nice favor: A friend took a train to come and see me. We spent a long time together and only left ourselves 30 minutes to get to the station, and there was an enormous traffic-jam. I told St. Josemaria about our problem, and my friend caught her train OK. Thank you, St. Josemaria, for so many favors!
Hélène, France
March 18, 2009

My employer has just paid me my wages
As promised, this is my testimony in gratitude to Saint Josemaria. My employer has just paid me my wages. I have been praying to Saint Josemaria for this since yesterday, and, lo and behold, he heard and answered my request. Thank you, Saint Josemaria. I have been asking him for two more things and I know I will be able to write about those favors too. The problems I have had for some time have meant that I discovered this Saint who I had never heard about until a fortnight ago. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Saint Josemaria.
Agnès, Martinique
March 4, 2009

I asked him to help me talk to her
I have a friend who has a serious cancer. Thank God, she has unshakeable faith. She has never stopped receiving the Sacraments and used to go to Mass and Holy Communion every day. But now her illness has made it impossible for her to go to daily Mass like before. Obviously her family and friends are all very concerned for her. There has been metastasis and the prognosis is not very hopeful. A priest brings her Holy Communion at home every day. One day I asked the priest if he would give her the Anointing of the Sick, and he told me that she or her family had to request it. My friend has diminished mental capacity because she is physically so weak. So you’re asking yourselves, what has all this got to do with St Josemaria? I got a prayer-card and asked him to help me talk to her about the importance of receiving the Anointing of the Sick. It was wonderful. St Josemaria prepared everything in a very special way. I went to see her, I talked to her, and I asked her if she’d like to receive the Anointing, and she said yes. You just can’t imagine how happy I felt. I called the priest and told him that my friend wished for the Anointing. I was there when she received this Sacrament, and all three (or maybe four!) of us said the prayers. My friend was totally lucid when she received the Sacrament. I don’t know how long she now has to live, but I know that she is well prepared for her journey into the next life. Thank you, St Josemaria!

I finished my thesis
My name is Adriana, I’m 35, from Brazil, and I’m currently doing a doctorate in Management in France. After working on my thesis for six years I had lost confidence in myself and had no energy to finish it. That was when a friend in Opus Dei gave me the prayer to St. Josemaria. I prayed it several times a day and I could tell he was helping me. Today at last I have finished my thesis and I owe eternal gratitude to St. Josemaria for having interceded for this favor.
Adriana, France
March 9, 2009

I found the prayer-card in a drawer
I haven’t got a testimony. Many months ago I was traveling to my parents’ house and struck up a conversation with a girl on the bus. She told me that her Mom was spreading the news about a new saint, and she gave me the prayer-card. I put it away and didn’t look at it again. However, when I was looking for something else in a drawer I found that prayer-card, and now I’m praying ‘Please, St Josemaria, help me in a petition. I am desperately asking for another post, long-term or even just for a few months, in the school where I always do supply teaching. Please, St Josemaria…’
Lilian, Argentina
March 2, 2009

I looked at the website out of curiosity
I was a globe-trotter for 55 years. I stopped work in 2008. I’m real sorry I didn’t hear about Opus Dei before, while I was working! It certainly would have helped me understand the world of work better. Now I discovered the Prelature on the internet. I had heard about the Work, partly through the publicity around the Dan Brown book The Da Vinci Code. I looked at your website out of curiosity. I was struck by Saint Josemaria’s apostolic commitment and the originality of his Christian mission, to live with Christ and find God through everyday life. Some months ago I subscribed to the e-mail newsletters. They give me hope and revive my faith. I am praying for the Holy Father.
Alain Marblez, France
March 1, 2009

Better work, better pay, and close to home!
I visited this website to send the Novena for Work to my cousin, and I saw that at the bottom it asks for people to write in about favors received thru St. Josemaria’s intercession, so that’s why I’m writing.
Last July I decided to resign from my job because I discovered that the people who owned the business were dishonest. I needed the job but I couldn’t work in a business that was unethical. I couldn’t get a proper job because I am still a student and most firms just offer work-placements with minimum pay. My boyfriend told me about Opus Dei, and among his books I found the Novena for Work, and I began to do the novena. A week before that I’d sent my C.V. to several websites that were offering jobs. One week after I finished the novena I was offered two very good jobs. The firm that offered the best starting salary – four times more than I was getting before – was just 15 minutes away from my house. What’s more it is a well-known firm with sound ethical values, and I already met some great people there. Now I talk about this Novena for Work to everyone I can.
Vanessa Graziella, Brazil
February 25, 2009

Prayer is a direct line to God
There are many interventions by St Josemaria in my life, and my most important testimony is that he is always listening, advising us, loving us and teaching us. We should study, meditate on and apply his wise instructions. What beautiful advice he gives us in his books and on videos. He guides us towards Christ and asks us to love the Virgin Mary more every minute. I have many testimonies, ever since I was given his prayer 30 years ago, when I was very young and had a problem that I thought was insoluble. He was with me, and the Novena I prayed went straight to the ears of my Mother Mary, my beautiful Holy Mary. From then on I always knew he is very close to the Blessed Virgin, caring for us and interceding for us, and so we need to ask him for help with faith. Use prayer, which is a “direct line to God”, as he used to say.
Edgar Monterroso, Guatemala
February 25, 2009

The operation was successful
I wish to bear witness that my sister Maria Isabel Gimenez was successfully operated on, February fourth this year, through the intercession of our great Saint Josemaria Escriva before our beloved Heavenly Father, and so I want to give thanks for the miracle granted.
Cristina J. Chile
February 23, 2009

At last I can enjoy being with my family
It is thanks to our holy Saint, Father Josemaria, that I can write this e-mail today from the US. It seemed impossible for me to make the trip, but thanks to his intercession here I am in Los Angeles enjoying being with my daughter, grand-daughter and son-in-law. St Josemaria is a great saint, that’s why I love him so much.
Ruth Melgar, USA
February 18, 2009

In God's own time
I was off work for 6 months. My children and I prayed the Novena for Work to St Josemaria and I continued my daily holy Mass and rosary to Our Lady. I sent several job applications but was not successful. Despite my lack of work, I continued to trust that God would provide for my family which came through the financial help from my parents and siblings. In God's own time, I got accepted, started working, not just in one job but two. With God's grace, I am able to blend the two jobs offering all my work for love of God and neighbour. Many thanks to St Josemaria's help and powerful intercession.
JA, U.K.
February 19, 2009

I am glad to have St Josemaria as a friend
I am writing to say how grateful I am to Saint Josemaria. I I have lived in the UK for many years. I applied for permanent leave to remain here. After waiting a very long time, my application was refused. I prayed to Saint Josemaria, and so did lots of other people, asking him to help me with the appeal. And my appeal was successful! I have waited till I actually received my passport back, with the correct stamp inside it, before sending this. Many, many thanks to Saint Josemaria, I am glad to have him as a friend.
R. M., UK
February 16, 2009

Thank you again
I want to say thank you to St Josemaria once again because for the second time he enabled me to come to the University of Navarra, this time to do a doctorate in communication. Thank you, St Josemaria, for all the blessings you have showered on my life. I pray to you especially for my family, my parents’ health and my brother Giancarlo’s future. I also ask you to send down your blessings so that I can finish my thesis, get a job and live in full love in marriage.
J.R.L., Peru
February 15, 2009

To be more optimistic…
I am writing to thank St Josemaria Escriva again because yesterday, Sunday February 8, 2009 the water was cut off in the morning. Luckily we had some water in a tank but when we finished we had no water for cooking. Then I prayed the prayer to St Josemaria and asked him, “Make the water come as soon as possible.” And it came back straight away. On another subject, I would like St Josemaria to help me to love Jesus and the Virgin Mary more every day, so that my faith grows, so that I have more faith in them and in St Josemaria in certain matters that are not yet sorted out the way I want. I would like them to help me be more optimistic about finding a good job.
February 9, 2009

I write as I promised
Thank you, Saint Josemaria, for helping my wife to get a new job. After having a hard time in her last job we decided to do a novena to our Father. Before we finished it, she was given an interview at a business with a promising future. She was impressed with them and they were impressed with her. God willing, she will start work there in the next few days. I write as I promised so that everyone knows that Saint Josemaria is a good intercessor, and so I am published the grace received just as I promised I would.
Carlos, Spain
February 7, 2009

The water came back
I want to thank St Josemaria for the favour of having the water restored to my house quickly, because it was cut off early on Saturday 31/01/09 and we needed water for the cooking. After praying the prayer the water came back very soon. Bless my family.
February 2, 2009

I recovered my faith
Thanks to my driving instructor, whom I call “my prayer-card friend”, I have recovered my faith, because she has given me some of hers. And thanks to St Josemaria my faith is increasing by the day. One day, my friend gave me the St Josemaria prayer-card, and from then on I have always had it by me. I pray it and that makes me feel like a better person. I don’t mind if he grants my petitions, it’s enough that just reading the prayer-card makes me feel so much better. My faith is much stronger now and all I can do is thank my friend Dolors.
C., Spain
January 31, 2009

Many great gifts
Many great gifts have been given to me through the intercession of St Josemaria Escriva and his Mother, our Mother, Mary. Among them, each of our seven children, two of whom were taken back to Heaven already. He has never failed us. Recently, we were praying a novena for an intention related to my husband's job. Again, perfectly and always amazingly (to this child of little faith who always ends up being awestruck!), the prayer was answered. I write to say thank you to St Josemaria and our Lady of Lourdes in particular. And to beg, yet again, if it is God's will, for my husband's job, the financial needs of the family and another baby brother (as the kids say now, "who will stay with us until he is an old man!") In all of this though, I know that God will send us what is best. And so I also pray to be a better mother and a more resourceful wife so that if God sends a bit of suffering, I use it well, united to His Son on the Holy Cross, for the greater glory of God and the Salvation of many souls all over the world.
N. J. G., Canada
January 21, 2009

A great help in finding a job
While I was doing a novena to St Josemaria I was lucky enough to be included in a selection process. It was long and very demanding. At one point the process came to a halt, but when I took up the novena to St Josemaria again I was called for an interview, and I was selected for a very important post managing a ski center in Chile. This all happened after I had been unemployed for about a year. Throughout the process I felt that St Josemaria and our Blessed Lady were close to me, and that helped me to perform well in the various interviews at the different stages of the selection process. I can certify that St Josemaria, with his Novena for Work, is a great help in finding a job.
Enrique S., Chile
January 20, 2009

A great help to Benin
I always pray to Saint Josemaria. I want to thank him now because my boss just told me that my work contract, which was going to end on March 31, 2009, has been extended to July 31, 2009. I am very grateful to Saint Josemaria and I’ll keep praying to him very hard. If our project succeeds I’ll be able to continue working full time on something that is a great help to Benin.
Benedicta, Benin
January 16, 2009

His intercession is very powerful
On St. Josemaria's feast day celebrations in Gaborone in 2008 I commended a delicate work related matter to him. His intercession has always been very powerful in relation to work. A few days ago, I received a positive response with respect to this matter. I had thought it impossible to resolve. I want to thank St. Josemaria for his continued care for me and my family.
E. M., Botswana
January 13, 2009

My grandmother’s leg was saved
I am just writing to give testimony of a grace obtained through St Josemaria Escriva. Not long ago my grandmother Enriqueta had some large, very painful ulcers on her right leg caused by her diabetes. She suffered with these for a long time and the doctors said the only solution was to amputate her leg. Then someone gave my elder brother a prayer-card of St Josemaria in the street. All of us, my grandmother, my mom, my brothers and sisters and I, began to pray and ask the saint to heal the ulcers. About two months ago, the ulcers healed over and her leg was saved. Heartfelt thanks to St Josemaria Escriva for the favor obtained. I hope that my testimony is accepted. Greetings and many thanks.
Jose Luis de Luna Almanza, Mexico
January 13, 2009

A very dark night with heavy rain and hail
I was driving down the motorway from Lima to Huanuco, about a seven-hour trip. The night was very dark and as I came through Cerro de Pasco it was raining and hailing very hard, and extremely cold. I had to get to my destination for a work-related matter. Coming down towards Huanuco, the rain got still heavier, but there was nowhere I could stop. As I came round a sharp bend in the road I hit a landslide. The road was covered in earth, water and tree-branches. I braked, but could not reverse. I tried to drive forward, over what looked like the firmest part, but the car stopped and I couldn’t move it. The water and mud, the rain and darkness had me really worried. There was nobody I could ask to tow me off with a rope. I prayed harder than I’ve ever prayed before, and asked for the intercession of Monsignor Escriva. In the middle of the night, where there was hardly a glimmer of light, an ordinary-looking guy appeared, waving and beckoning to me. I made my way over to him, and he held out a long chain, which between the two of us we managed to attach to the bottom of the car, with mud coming up to our waists and threatening to pull us over the cliff. I didn’t stop praying for an instant. This guy pulled the chain to a truck which had appeared out of nowhere. The truck hauled my car out of the landslide, freeing me from my anguish. I thanked the guy for his kind help, and drove on with great difficulty as the car was going very badly. When the sun came up in the morning I saw that my car was badly knocked about and took it to be repaired. I went back by the same route two days later, when the rain had stopped. I stopped near the landslide, and saw a wrecked car. There were some people looking at it, and they said “no-one could get through that night.” I told them that I’d gotten through with the help of a truck-driver. They replied, “That’s impossible, Mister. Nobody got through, and the road is still impassable. They’re digging out a path right now.” But I had gotten through, and some good guy helped me. Where did he appear from? Who was he? It was a miracle, I have no doubt of it, and it has strengthened my faith.
Ricardo Escudero, Peru
January 12, 2009

I found my ID card
Dear St. Josemaria, I am writing to thank you for helping me to find my National ID Card. I know that you and St. Helen helped me to find it. I’m so happy. I’d like to get a good job (honest work and good conditions).
Mercedes, Peru
January 12, 2009

I want the world to know
I want the world to know that through Saint Josemaria’s mediation, Jesus and our Most Sweet Mother Mary cured my fiancé of a really bad cancer. From the moment we learnt that he had this cruel disease, we appealed to Saint Josemaria’s protection and mediation. The answers to our prayers were not long in coming, and everything turned out well, thank God. I’m a teacher at a school run by people in Opus Dei. There they helped me enormously to face up to the situation and always accompanied me with their prayers. I prayed for my fiancé, my future husband, to Saint Josemaria right from the start. He has a lot of faith and always carries Saint Josemaria’s prayer-card with him. Now we are continuing to pray for his complete recovery; he still has to go for regular checks. I am sure it was a miracle from God. I’m deeply grateful to our Lady, Jesus and our Saint.
Silvana Gabriela Guevara, Argentina
January 6, 2009

A project reactivated
I’m very grateful for the blessing of St Josemaria, our holy protector. After praying the Novena for Work, I obtained the miracle I was praying for in my work. We had been told that a project had been halted. This was going to bring a lot of disruption. However, after praying to St Josemaria, our managers decided to reactivate it again. I pray for a thousand blessings on those who worked and managed to bring the project off. Thank you for all the miracles granted.
John H. Catacora, Peru
January 4, 2009

God has forgiven you
I am writing to tell you about the latest great help granted by St. Josemaria in my life. After overcoming a period of continual errors, I had one problem: I was tormented by remorse. However, one night I prayed to St. Josemaria for help. The next morning, when I turned on the TV, there was a priest of Opus Dei speaking. He said: “If God has forgiven you, why can you still not forgive yourself? You are wasting time tormenting yourself, when you could be seeking redemption in the things of everyday life. There’s so much to do!” For me, that was a message directly from St. Josemaria, and I feel very, very much better.
Pilar Lozano Salas, Peru
January 2, 2009

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