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GaŽlle, France

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GaŽlle is French, currently studying on a Year Abroad in Rome. She was converted two years ago and is getting married next year. ďYes, Iíll go to Mass on June 26 for the feast of St Josemaria. That day is also my birthday, and Iím really happy to celebrate it with him.Ē
GaŽlle, who heard about St Josemaria just a few months ago
GaŽlle, who heard about St Josemaria just a few months ago

What is the meaning of life for you?
Life is the greatest gift you could ever receive. Just for that reason it is precious. But you can never capture its meaning unless you see it within Godís plan.

Why do you think life is worth living?
I think life is worth living for two main reasons. Firstly for yourself personally, because you have to prepare your heaven here on earth. Secondly, for the salvation of the world, because it depends on us, it depends on the way we freely live out our faith to the full, whether our Lord is going to come again in glory. Hence the need to aim for holiness in our daily lives.

What helps you when youíre going through a bad time or meet some unexpected difficulty or suffering?
I only heard about St Josemaria a few months ago. Recently I bought his book The Way, and Iím loving it. Sometimes I just open it at random and on that page I find answers, things that seem to be written directly to me. That makes me feel better straight away because I can make sense of what Iím going through and find a helpful pointer that puts me on a new track.

What does being a Christian mean to you?
Being a Christian means following Jesus in my life, following his example and what he taught us, in everyday life. Itís not always easy, but it really is worth it. Being a Christian also means being aware of possessing a huge treasure Ė truth Ė and therefore a huge responsibility Ė being faithful to the truth and sharing it with others.

What about being a Christian in the middle of the world?
In my country, France, itís not easy to show your faith. When youíre a student, or working, you can feel a bit alone. But as Catholics we have a big responsibility. Because in surroundings that are hostile to religion like the surroundings Iím in, the only thing that can change people and open their minds is the example you set. Being a Christian in the middle of the world means doing what St Josemaria kept telling us: practising holiness in our ordinary lives, at work, unifying our lives. Thatís how we can pass on Christís words.

Are you doing anything to make the world a better place?
I do my best to do that every day, by praying, by trying to be a worthwhile person, by caring for the people around me. I try to find God in my daily life. Itís not easy to do that, but it helps so much, for me and other people, especially in oneís work. It gives meaning and motivates you, because Jesus Christ also worked, far from the limelight, during the whole first part of his life.

How would you explain who God is to a friend?
I was converted two and a half years ago. Before that I didnít really believe in God. So I can tell people what affected me and woke my faith. The fact of learning that God is a God of Love, and that he loves me infinitely. And that he is merciful and forgiving. And itís God who gives my whole life its meaning, why Iím here on earth, why I get up in the morning, everything. God is my Father because he created me. That was important to St Josemaria, the fact that we have a filial relationship with God, the relationship of children with their Father, a Father who will never abandon me.

Will you go to a Mass in honor of St. Josemaria around June 26? Where will you go?
Yes, Iíll go to Mass on June 26 for the feast of St Josemaria. That day is also my birthday, and Iím really happy to celebrate it with him. Iím studying in Rome right now, so Iíll probably go to SantíEugenioís if thereís a Mass there.

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