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Falling in love with God

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“The beginning of the way, at the end of which you will find yourself completely carried away with love for Jesus, is a trusting love for Mary,” wrote St Josemaria as a very young man. For these days of the Immaculate Conception novena, leading up to the feast-day, his writings offer points for meditation on the fact that it is worth falling in love with God as our Lady, our Mother Mary, did.

It is worth while

It is certainly worthwhile to love Our Lord. You and I know from experience that people in love surrender themselves unhesitatingly. Their hearts beat in a wonderful unison, with a single love. What then will the Love of God be like? Do you not realise that Christ has died for each and every one of us? Yes, for this poor little heart of ours, Jesus consummated his redeeming sacrifice.
Friends of God, 220
To know that you love me so much, my God, and yet... I haven’t lost my mind! The Way, 425

Words are not needed, because the tongue cannot express itself. The intellect grows calm. One does not reason; one looks! And the soul breaks out once more into song, a new song, because it feels and knows it is under the loving gaze of God, all day long. I am not talking about extraordinary situations. These are, they may very well be, ordinary happenings within our soul: a loving craziness which, without any fuss or extravagance, teaches us how to suffer and how to live, because God grants us his wisdom. What calm, what peace is ours once we have embarked upon ‘the narrow road that leads on to life’!
Friends of God, 307

In Christ we have every ideal: for he is King, he is Love, he is God.
The Way, 426

The only real love is God’s Love!
The Way, 417

We Christians are in love with Love.
Friends of God, 183

Lord: may I have due measure in everything... except in Love.
The Way, 427

If Love, even human love, gives so much consolation here, what will Love not be in heaven?
The Way, 428

Love of God marks out the way of truth, justice and goodness. When we make up our minds to tell Our Lord, ‘I put my freedom in your hands,’ we find ourselves loosed from the many chains that were binding us to insignificant things, ridiculous cares or petty ambitions. Then our freedom, which is a treasure beyond price, a wonderful pearl that it would be a tragedy to cast before swine, will be used by us entirely to learn how to do good.
Friends of God, 38

Love is sacrifice; and sacrifice for Love’s sake is a joy.
The Forge, 504

Madly in love

Ask Jesus to grant you a Love like a purifying furnace, where your poor flesh – your poor heart – may be consumed and cleansed of all earthly miseries. Pray that it may be emptied of self and filled with him. Ask him to grant you a deep-seated aversion to all that is worldly so that you may be sustained only by Love.
Furrow, 814

Consider what is most beautiful and most noble on earth, what pleases the mind and the other faculties, and what delights the flesh and the senses. And the world, and the other worlds that shine in the night: the whole universe. Well this, along with all the follies of the heart satisfied, is worth nothing, is nothing and less than nothing compared... with this God of mine! – of yours! Infinite treasure, pearl of great price, humbled, become a slave, reduced to the form of a servant in the stable where he chose to be born, in Joseph’s workshop, in his passion and in his ignominious death... and in the madness of Love which is the blessed Eucharist.
The Way, 432

You still do not love the Lord as a miser loves his riches, as a mother loves her child... You are still too concerned about yourself and about your petty affairs! And yet you have noticed that Jesus has already become indispensable in your life...
Well, as soon as you correspond completely to his call, he will also be indispensable to you in each one of your actions.
Furrow, 798

Look: we have to love God not only with our heart, but with His, and with the hearts of all humanity throughout time... Otherwise, we should fall short of corresponding to his Love. Furrow, 809
Crazy! Yes, I saw you in the bishop’s chapel – alone, so you thought – as you left a kiss on each newly-consecrated chalice and paten: so that he might find them there, when he came for the first time to those Eucharistic vessels.
The Way, 438

Faithful to the end

Love and sorrow. Because he is good. Because he is your friend, who gave his life for you. Because every good thing you have is his. Because you have offended him so much... Because he has forgiven you... He!... you!
Weep, my son, with Love-sorrow.
The Way, 436

Be in a hurry to fall in love. Love itself will prevent us from complaining and protesting. For we put up with setbacks often enough, but then we feel sorry for ourselves, so that not only do we waste God’s grace, but we also tie his hands and make it harder for him to ask us for things in the future: God loves the cheerful giver, the person who gives with the spontaneity of a loving heart, without all the fuss and bother of one who gives himself as if he were doing God a favour.
Friends of God, 140

At the foot of the Cross, stand Mary... and Mary, the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen. And John, the disciple whom He loved.
Holy Rosary, 5th sorrowful mystery

Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, who are hidden disciples of Christ, intercede for Him making use of the high positions they hold. In the hour of loneliness, of total abandonment and of scorn..., it is then that they stand up for him boldly (Mark 15:43)...: heroic courage!
With them I too will go up to the foot of the Cross; I will press my arms tightly round the cold Body, the corpse of Christ, with the fire of my love...; I will unnail it, with my reparation and mortifications. . . I will wrap it in the new winding-sheet of my clean life, and I will bury it in the living rock of my breast, where no one can tear it away from me, and there, Lord, take your rest!
Were the whole world to abandon you and to scorn you... I will serve you, Lord.
The Way of the Cross, fourteenth station