Saint Josemaria
Quotations from Saint Josemaria

Hidden God

Tags: Love of God, Eucharist, Humility
How well we understand the song that Christians of all times have unceasingly sung to the sacred host: "Sing, my tongue, the mystery of the glorious body and of the precious blood, that the king of all nations, born of the generous womb of the Virgin, has offered for the redemption of the world." We must adore devoutly this God of ours, hidden in the Eucharist — it is Jesus himself, born of the Virgin Mary, who suffered and gave his life in the sacrifice of the cross; Jesus, from whose side, pierced by a lance, flowed water and blood.
Christ is Passing By, 84.

When you receive him, tell him: Lord, I hope in you: I adore you, I love you, increase my faith. Be the support of my weakness: You, who have remained defenceless in the Eucharist so as to be the remedy for the weakness of your creatures.
The Forge, 832.

Jesus has remained in the Sacred Host for us so as to stay by our side, to sustain us, to guide us. And love can only be repaid with love. How could we not turn to the Blessed Sacrament each day, even if it is only for a few minutes, to bring him our greetings and our love as children and as brothers?
Furrow, 686.

It's true that I always call our Tabernacle Bethany... Become a friend of the Master's friends: Lazarus, Martha, Mary. And then you won't ask me any more why I call our Tabernacle Bethany.
The Way, 322.

I like to call the Tabernacle a prison — a prison of Love. For twenty centuries He has been waiting there, willingly locked up, for me and for everyone.
The Forge, 827

As you make your way through the familiar streets of the city, have you never had the joy of discovering... another Tabernacle?
The Way, 270

Don't omit the visit to the Blessed Sacrament. After your usual vocal prayer, tell Jesus, really present in the Tabernacle, of the cares and worries of your day. And you will receive light and strength for your life as a Christian.
The Way, 554

You have started to visit the Blessed Sacrament every day, and I am not surprised to hear you say, "I have come to love the sanctuary light madly.”
Furrow, 688

Go perseveringly to the Tabernacle, either bodily or in your heart, so as to feel safe and calm: but also in order to feel loved... and to love.
The Forge, 837

Jesus has remained within the Eucharist for love... of you. He has remained, knowing how men would treat him... and how you would treat him. He has remained so that you could eat him, so that you could visit him and tell him what's happening to you; and so that you could talk to him as you pray beside the Tabernacle, and as you receive him sacramentally; and so that you could fall in love more and more each day, and make other souls, many souls, follow the same path..
The Forge, 887