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Historical Notes Introduction

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With the assistance of the Center for Documentation and Studies on Josemaria Escriva (CEDEJ), José M. Cejas provides the historical viewpoint on questions about the life of Opus Dei founder St Josemaria Escriva, his family, the origins of Opus Dei and the political and social background of the time, St Josemaria’s attitude to the Spanish Civil War and Franco, and many other questions.


The Escriva family
- Was the Escriva family well off or short of money?
- What sort of childhood did Josemaria Escriva have?
- Why did Josemaria’s father’s business fail?

Founding Opus Dei
- If Opus Dei had no members till the 1930s, why did Father Josemaria say it was founded in 1928?
- What difficulties did Opus Dei meet with at the start?
- What kind of people did Father Josemaria Escriva work with in Opus Dei’s early years?
- Where did the first Opus Dei members stand politically?

Beginnings of the Spanish Civil War
- What was Father Josemaria Escriva’s attitude towards the Second Spanish Republic?
- What was Father Josemaria Escriva’s reaction to the attempted military coup of July 18, 1936?
- Which side were Opus Dei members on in the Spanish Civil War?

During the Spanish Civil War
- Why did Father Josemaria go into hiding?
- Is it true that another priest was killed by mistake for Father Josemaria Escriva?
- How did Father Josemaria exercise his priesthood during the Spanish Civil War?
How and why did Father Josemaria decide to escape across the Pyrenees Mountains?

Father Josemaria in Burgos
- Why Burgos?

Franco and his followers
- What did Father Josemaria think of Franco and his activities during the Spanish Civil War?
- What contact did Father Josemaria have with the Franco regime?
- What did Father Josemaria say about the reprisals carried out by Franco’s followers during the Spanish Civil War?

Hitler and totalitarianism
- What did Father Josemaria think of Hitler and the Nazis?