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How can I contribute to this website?

Your contribution is very valuable. You can help in different ways. For example:

- Write to us about the favors and help you receive through St Josemaria’s intercession or from his teachings. Write with your suggestions for this website.

- Pass on to friends the articles and items from www.josemariaescriva.info that you like best, and suggest that they put their names down for our e-bulletin.

- Send a donation toward the cost of running the website, or for one of the social or educational projects that started up under the inspiration of St Josemaria’s teachings and example. Details are provided for these on the website.

- Add a link to www.josemariaescriva.info from your site, mentioning St Josemaria or Opus Dei, so that those who wish may obtain further information.

- For more details on the publication and circulation of books by St Josemaria, go to info@estudium-foundation.org.