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Jumala S˘brad

December 3, 2014

Tags: books, Friends of God, Homily, Josemaria Escriva
Jumala S˘brad is the title of the book Friends of God in Estonian. The first edition of the Estonian translation, published by BHK, is now on sale.

Friends of God, a collection of homilies, was the first posthumously published book by St Josemaria, and appeared in 1977. It contains eighteen homilies, given between 1941 and 1968, which discuss, with deep supernatural meaning, various aspects of life in Christ: the greatness of ordinary life, freedom as a gift from God, the importance of the human virtues, humility, detachment, chastity, prayer, faith, hope, charity, apostolate, and more.

Over 4000,000 copies of the book have been sold to date. In his introduction, Blessed Alvaro del Portillo explained that these homilies ôcontain living doctrine and combine a theologian's depth with the evangelical clarity of a good shepherd of souls.ö

To read Friends of God in English click here.