Saint Josemaria
Quotations from Saint Josemaria

Love with Works

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Pope Francis in Cuba said that tenderness and affection are revolutionary and that faith is a stimulus that helps to lift people up and build bridges.
We offer some quotations from St. Josemaria about charity.

On that 16th of February, 1932, while giving Holy Communion to the nuns at Santa Isabel, St Josemaria addressed Jesus in his heart and, without external words, told Jesus what he so often said to him, both day and night: “‘I love you more than these.’ And immediately I understood, without the need for words: ‘Love is deeds, not sweet words and excuses.’ I saw clearly at that moment how little generosity I have, and suddenly recalled many unnoticed details I hadn’t been paying attention to, which brought home to me with crystal clarity my lack of generosity. O Jesus, help me, so that your donkey will be fully generous. Deeds, deeds!” .

Charity, loyalty, understanding
Our charity has to be affectionate, full of human warmth. That is what Jesus Christ teaches us. If a Christian does not love with deeds, he has failed as a Christian, besides failing as a person. You cannot think of others as if they were digits, or rungs on a ladder on which you can rise, or a multitude to be harangued or humiliated, praised or despised, according to circumstances. Be mindful of what others are — and first of all those who are at your side: children of God, with all the dignity that marvellous title entails.

We have to behave as God's children toward all God's sons and daughters. Our love has to be a dedicated love, practised every day and made up of a thousand little details of understanding, hidden sacrifice and unnoticed self-giving. This is the "aroma of Christ" that made those who lived among our first brothers in the faith exclaim: See how they love one another!

I always speak about real daily life, about the sanctification of work, of family bonds, of friendships. If we aren't christian in these things, where will we be christian? The pleasant smell of incense comes from some small, hidden grains of incense placed upon the burning charcoal. Likewise is the "aroma of Christ" noticed among men — not in a sudden burst of flame, but in the constant red-hot embers of virtues such as justice, loyalty, faithfulness, understanding, generosity and cheerfulness.
Christ is passing by, 36.

Help others
From the cradle at Bethlehem, Christ tells you and me that he needs us. He urges us to live a christian life to the full — a life of self-sacrifice, work and joy. The redemptive power of our lives can only work through humility. We must stop thinking about ourselves and feel the responsibility to help others.
Christ is passing by, 18.

If we have this filial contact with Mary, we won't be able to think just about ourselves and our problems. Selfish personal problems will find no place in our mind. Mary brings us to Jesus, and Jesus is the firstborn among many brothers. And so, if we know Jesus, we realize that we can live only by giving ourselves to the service of others.
Christ is passing by, 145.

When you have finished your work, do your brother's, helping him, for Christ's sake, so tactfully and so naturally that no one — not even he — will realise that you are doing more than what in justice you ought.
This, indeed, is virtue befitting a son of God!
The Way, 440.

Nobody is indifferent to us
Our neighbours' problems must be our problems. Christian fraternity should be something very deep in the soul, so that we are indifferent to no one. Mary, who brought up Jesus and accompanied him through his life and is now beside him in heaven, will help us recognize Jesus as he crosses our path and makes himself present to us in the needs of our fellow men.
Christ is passing by, 145.

Real and active
If I don't see you practise that fraternal spirit that I preach to you constantly, I shall remind you of those affectionate words of Saint John: 'My children, our love is not to be just words or mere talk, but something real and active'.
The Wayo, 461.

A sincere resolution: to make the way lovable for others and easy, since life brings enough bitterness with it already.
Furrow, 63.

When you find it difficult to do a favour or a service for someone, remember that he or she is a child of God, and that the Lord has asked us to love one another.
—And I’d say more: go deeper into that evangelical precept every day; do not remain on the surface. Draw the right conclusions from it — it is quite easy to do so. Then adapt your behaviour, on every occasion, to those requirements.
Furrow, 727.