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Mass of St. Josemaria in Saint Lucia, June 2010

June 26, 2010

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Mass of St. Josemaria in Saint Lucia, June 2010

Archbishop Rivas and Fr. Mark Georges
Archbishop Rivas and Fr. Mark Georges
Monday June 21, the Very Rev. Msgr. Robert Rivas, Archbishop of Castries, celebrated the Mass of St. Josemaria in St. Benedict’s Church, Castries, Saint Lucia, West Indies. In his homily, he focused on the readings for the Mass, and challenged the congregation to follow St. Josemaria’s example and teachings.

St. Josemaria, said the Archbishop, alerted the world to the sanctity of work – through ordinary work, we can be sanctified. This radical teaching was an insight granted him by the Holy Spirit. Central to St. Josemaria’s message is the fact that it is with the dignity of being children of God that we work to transform the earth.

Archbishop Rivas noted that the passage from the Gospel was that used by Pope John Paul II at the start of the new millennium. “Peter put his faith in Jesus, and his work was transformed. Jesus was saying to them, ‘There is a still greater work to be done – fishing for men’.”

Using the aspiration which St. Josemaria took from the gospel, “Duc in altum! Put out into deep water!”, the Archbishop urged his hearers not to keep the message of Opus Dei to themselves, but to spread it to every corner of society – “Let the Prime Minister hear it, and the street-sweeper hear it, and let them see your lives transformed by it, and the joy with which you live it. And let your children be taught the dignity of work...”

He also said, “St. Josemaria was a light in the darkness. Let your light shine out in the darkness. There are many dark places... transform them, be a light.”

After Mass he said that one of the congregation said, “You mean: I can really become holy through my work?!”