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The future of Opus Dei

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  In a gathering with thousands of people in Barcelona, Spain, November 26, 1972, St Josemaria was asked:

Father, does Opus Dei contain the necessary dynamism to continue fulfilling people's needs in the future?

My son, Opus Dei has just one thing, the desire to fulfill God's will through our ordinary work.
And people will always work. It's a command from God... Before the fall, Genesis tells us that man was created 'ut operaretur', to work;
and Opus Dei has come to turn work into prayer, teaching us to sanctify work, to sanctify ourselves by our work, and sanctify others by our work.
If we're humble and don't stray from our goal, and if we're contemplatives in the street and the market-place and the workshop and the University and the fields, and in our homes, everything will go well, don't worry.