Saint Josemaria
Quotations from Saint Josemaria

Making others happy

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Our Lord is on the Cross saying, “I am suffering so that men, who are my brothers, may be happy, not only in Heaven, but also – as far as possible – on earth, if they really embrace the most Holy Will of my heavenly Father.”
The Forge, 275

Side by side
The apostolic concern which burns in the heart of ordinary Christians is not something separate from everyday work. It is part and parcel of our work, which becomes a source of opportunities for meeting Christ. As we work at our job, side by side with our colleagues, friends and relatives and sharing their interests, we can help them come closer to Christ who awaits us on the shore. Before becoming apostles, we are fishermen. After becoming apostles, we are fishermen still. The same profession, before and after.
Friends of God, 264

Study is apostolate
If you know that study is apostolate, but limit yourself to studying just enough to get by, it is clear that your interior life is going badly.
Such carelessness makes you lose the right spirit. Just like the worker in the parable who cunningly hid the talent he had received, you may, if you do not put things right, exclude yourself from God’s friendship, and be stuck in the mire of your comfort-seeking calculations.
Furrow, 525

His heart expands
The closer an apostle is to God, the more universal his desires. His heart expands and takes in everybody and everything in its longing to lay the universe at the feet of Jesus
The Way, 764

To reach all souls
Those who have met Christ cannot shut themselves in their own little world: how sad such a limitation would be! They must open out like a fan in order to reach all souls. Each one has to create – and widen – a circle of friends, whom they can influence with their professional standing, with their behaviour, with their friendship, so that Christ may exercise his influence by means of that professional standing, that behaviour, that friendship.
Furrow, 193

Live and work for God, with a spirit of love and service, with a priestly soul, even though you may not be a priest. Then all your actions will take on a genuine supernatural meaning which will keep your whole life united to the source of all graces.
The Forge, 369

Live the Holy Mass!
You may be helped by a consideration which that priest, in love, used to repeat to himself: “Is it possible, my God, to take part in the Holy Mass and not be a saint?”
And he would continue, “Each day, in fulfilment of an old promise, I will remain hidden in the Wound of Our Lord’s Side!”
Shouldn’t you do the same?
The Forge, 934

A marvellous weapon wich is the answer to everything
You asked me what you could do to prevent the loneliness of that friend of yours.
I will tell you what I always say, because we have at our disposal a marvellous weapon which is the answer to everything: prayer. In the first place, you must pray. And then you must do for him what you would like others to do for you if you were in similar circumstances.
Without humiliating him, you must help him in such a way that what he finds difficult is made easy.
The Forge, 957

Do you lack Love?
Sincerely examine the way you are following the Master. Consider whether you might have given yourself in a dry, official way, with a faith that has no sparkle to it; if there is no humility or sacrifice, nor daily work; if you are all façade and pay no attention to the details of each moment... In a word, if you lack Love.
If this is the case, your ineffectiveness should come as no surprise to you. React right away, and be led by the hand of Our Lady.
The Forge, 930