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The miracle for the canonization

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In November 1992, when I went to the Ministry of Agriculture, the fingers of both hands were very badly affected. On the left hand it was the index, middle and ring fingers, and on the right hand mainly the index and middle fingers. In particular I had hyperkeratotic plaques and ulcers of different sizes on those three fingers of my left hand. Some of them measured up to 2 centimeters in diameter at the widest point. There were more on the back of my left hand and on the proximal phalanxes and the back of my right hand.

The condition of my hands made them quite painful and I had to stop operating. Not many people noticed them because I did my best to keep them covered. No doctor suggested I should get treatment, as it is well known that nothing can be done for radiodermatitis. Some told me to use Vaseline or lanolin to soothe the skin, which I was already doing.

From the day I was given the prayer-card, from the moment I placed myself under the intercession of Blessed Josemaria, my hands began to improve and, after approximately a fortnight, all the damage caused by the disease disappeared and my hands were perfectly healed, as they are now.

It is evident that this cure cannot be due to natural causes. I have already said that there is no cure for radiodermatitis, and that I did not use any medication. It had crossed my mind to ask a dermatologist to do a skin transplant to try closing the ulcers, but I never actually got round to it. Although I tried to hide my hands, there are many people who can testify as to the state they were in. Among others, there is obviously my wife, one of my sons who is a doctor specializing in anatomic pathology, and two other doctors who are dermatologists who I had sometimes asked to have a look at my hands. These were Isidro Parra and Ginés Sánchez.

I have put down here exactly how my radiodermatitis was cured. I was very much afraid that a metastasis might develop, which would have left me with no possible hope of recovery. But that did not happen. Quite simply, the radiodermatitis has been cured, and I can only attribute it to the intercession of Blessed Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer.

Since my recovery I have gone back to work normally and I am again doing general surgery.