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The film about “Forgiveness and Love” goes on....

September 3, 2014

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Hong Kong. Between October and November 2012, there were several showings of the movie “There Be Dragons”, a fiction film based on real events in the life of St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei. In Chinese, the title of the film is approximately “Forgiveness and Love”. During one of these sessions, a parish officer from St Peter’s Church in Hong Kong Island watched it. She approached a parishioner who is a working professional and a faithful of Opus Dei, and expressed her keen desire to show the movie in their parish.

After discussions with the parish priest, it was finally agreed to have the movie shown on Good Friday, this year 2014, as the movie’s theme of forgiveness and love-charity were appropriate messages. Posters and announcements were prepared for the showing on Good Friday. That morning, around 45 people came to watch the movie after praying the Way of the Cross.

An introduction about the movie, including a brief biography of St. Josemaría, was given; movie guides were distributed and some testimonies by people who have watched the movie were shared. One is the story of a couple who, after watching the movie, decided to reconcile and keep their marriage instead of filing for a divorce; and that now, they are expecting another child. Another story was about a girl who returned to the faith after being angry with God for years when she lost her 15-year old sister to cancer.
In Chinese, the title of the film is approximately “Forgiveness and Love”.

During the intermission, a number of people bought books by St Josemaría, commemorative stamps of the 10th anniversary of St Josemaría’s canonization on October 6, 2002 and the DVDs of the movie. The movie must have appealed to them for no one left after the intermission. A friend who earlier said she would only stay for a few minutes ended up watching the entire film!

After the movie, there was a session for questions and giving feedback. A man commented on the scene when St Josemaría’s mother said she was not angry with God even after she had lost her three young daughters due to illness. According to him, he would not know how to react if God willed the same to his sons. People shared their thoughts: If God allowed such things to happen, He must have a better plan and that one has to rely on and trust God during difficulties and sickness. As St. Paul said, “For whenever the sufferings of Christ overflow to us, so, through Christ, a great comfort also overflows.”

Another person said he learned about the life of St. Josemaría and was surprised to find out how much persecution the saint had gone through. For him, Catholics in Hong Kong are very fortunate to have freedom in practising their faith and belief. The movie aroused his interest to study the history of the Catholic Church in Spain and other European countries. He bought a DVD copy of the movie to watch it again at leisure. He took copies of “Events”, a news dossier compiled periodically by the Information Office of Opus Dei for East Asia, and other pamphlets for reference.

One lady commented “I liked the movie and I learned many things from it. I bought a DVD of the film to share with my bible group friends so they can watch it in their homes.” The movie provided people with an opportunity to reflect on their faith and their relationship with God. In effect, they are reflecting on how to improve their relationships with other people too. They are spreading the good messages through simple ways.

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