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To be tranquil and serene

Tags: Jesus Christ, Peace, Priesthood, Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, diocesan priests
  How can we be really tranquil and serene? What we can do is be Christ.
I remember a secular diocesan priest – a secular priest like us.
He lived in Valencia.
He was a beneficiary of the Cathedral, that’s all.
He lived a holy life and died with a reputation for holiness.
His process of beatification has been opened.
He’s not very well known, he was called the Venerable Ridaura.
And when people asked him how many years he’d lived,
he always answered, ‘Very few! Only the years I’ve spent serving God.’
But you have spent almost no time, right? You’re new-born babes!
But there are people here who have spent many years, and I’ve spent fifty.
What an account I’ll have to render to God! How much gratitude I owe him!
What can we do to be really and truly, truthfully,
without false humility, tranquil and serene?
Well, we can do as follows: be Christ.