Saint Josemaria
Quotations from Saint Josemaria


Tags: Apostolate, rest, Peace, Interior life
I think I should remind you of how important it is to rest. If sickness comes, we will receive it happily, as coming from God’s hand; but we shouldn’t cause it by our own imprudent behavior. We are human beings and we need to restore our bodily strength.
St Josemaria Escriva, Letter dated October 15, 1948, no. 14.

Rest, my children, in your divine filiation – the fact of being children of God. God is a Father, full of tenderness and infinite love. Often call him “Father”, and tell him, when you are alone with him, that you love him, that you love him greatly; that you feel the pride and strength of being his children.
Alone with God, no. 221.

In the Work, everything is a means of holiness: work and relaxation; our life of devotion and the joys of living together; happiness and pain. In a word, every moment in our life contains a possibility for sanctification; in all things we ought to love and fulfil God’s Will.
Alone with God, no. 29.

It is urgent that we strive to rechristianise popular celebrations and customs. It is urgent that public amusements should no longer be left to face the dilemma of being either over-pious or pagan.
Ask God to provide labourers for this much-needed work which could be called the “entertainment apostolate”.
The Way, no. 975.

A Friend who’s never boring
Someone we know well told us sincerely, in confidence, that he had never been bored, for he had never been on his own, without our Friend.
It was late in the evening, and there was a great silence... You felt very intently the presence of God... And, in the knowledge of that reality, what peace!
Furrow, no. 857.

Jesus (...) comes out to meet us and says: “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” He offers us his heart, so that we can find there both rest and strength. If we accept his invitation, we will see that his words are true. And our hunger and thirst will increase to the point that we desire God really to inhabit our soul and never to take his light and warmth away from us.
Christ is Passing By, no. 170

Christ, who is our peace, is also the way. If we seek peace we have to follow his footsteps. Peace is a consequence of war, of struggle, of the intimate ascetical struggle which each Christian must keep up against everything in our lives which does not belong to God. We are called to overcome pride, sensuality, selfishness, superficiality and meanness of heart. It is useless to call for exterior calm if there is no calm in people’s consciences, in the centre of their souls, for “from the heart come evil intentions: murder, adultery, fornication, theft, perjury, slander.”
Christ is Passing By, no. 73.

Our Lord sent out his disciples to preach, and when they came back he gathered them together and invited them to go with him to a desert place where they could rest... What marvellous things Jesus would ask them and tell them! Well, the Gospel is always relevant to the present day.
Furrow, no. 470.

You wrote: A young fellow, who was going North, joined our group. He was a miner. He sang well and joined in with us. I prayed for him until he arrived at his station. When he got off, he said: “I’d have loved to continue the journey with you!”
I was immediately reminded of that exclamation mane nobiscum — stay with us, Lord! And I asked him again with faith that others might “see Him” in each one of us, as companions along “His way”.
Furrow, no. 227.

One day when you were travelling, a hearty greeting from a brother reminded you that the honest ways of the world are open to Christ. It is just a matter of launching out on them with the spirit of conquerors.
If God has created the world for his children, for them to live in and sanctify, what are you waiting for?
Furrow, no. 858.

The grace of God will not fail us. God will be at our side and will send his angels to be our travelling companions, our prudent advisers along the way, our co-operators in all that we take on. The angels “will hold you up with their hands lest you should chance to trip on a stone,” as the psalm says.
Christ is Passing By, no. 63.

Without interruption
Whoever really wants to achieve sanctity, takes no breaks or holidays.
Furrow, no. 129.

All the sins of your life seem to rise up against you. Don’t lose confidence. Rather, call on your holy Mother Mary, with the faith and abandonment of a child. She will bring peace to your soul.
The Way, no. 498.