Josemaria Escriva. Founder of Opus Dei - On this day Life and teachings of Saint Josemaria day by day <![CDATA[1975.2.18]]> “Wear on your breast the holy scapular of Carmel. There are many excellent Marian devotions, but few are so deep-rooted among the faithful, and have received so many blessings from the Popes. Besides, how maternal this sabbatine privilege is!” The photograph shows a shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Altavista Conference Centre in Guatemala.]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.17]]> “I know that this country is very much God’s; you have a great love for the Blessed Eucharist and devotion to the Rosary, right?” said Saint Josemaría in Guatemala, where he stayed from 15 to 23 February.]]> <![CDATA[1932.2.16]]> “Today, after giving the nuns Holy Communion […] I told Jesus what I tell him so many, many times both day and night: ‘I love you more than these!’ And immediately I understood, without hearing any words: ‘Love is deeds, not sweet words’.” This was Saint Josemaría’s account of something that happened in the Saint Elizabeth Foundation, where he was chaplain.]]> <![CDATA[1932.2.15]]> “If Love, even human love, gives so much consolation here, what will Love not be in Heaven?” wrote Saint Josemaría in his personal notes; later this would be no. 428 in The Way.]]> <![CDATA[1930.2.14]]> While celebrating Mass in Madrid in 1930 Saint Josemaría understood that he had to start Opus Dei’s apostolate with women. On the same date in 1943, he received light from God to solve the question of the incardination into Opus Dei of priests coming from among the laymen who were already incorporated into the Work: and so the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross was born.]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.13]]> “The best thing is whatever is done with most love, in God’s sight, and results in direct benefits for everyone else,” said Saint Josemaría in Caracas, Venezuela, during his catechetical trip to Central and South America.]]> <![CDATA[1939.2.12]]> Saint Josemaría was in Vitoria, Spain, where he spoke to Bishop Xavier Lauzurica about the forthcoming publication of The Way. The bishop offered to supply the prologue to the book, and wrote: “These penetrating lines, these concise thoughts are addressed to you, dear reader. Ponder each word and steep yourself in its meaning. The spirit of God hovers over these pages. Behind each maxim is a saint who sees your intention and waits for your decisions.”]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.11]]> Our Lady of Lourdes. “You and I, who call ourselves Christians, who are brothers and sisters of Christ and children of our Lady, have to live lives that are as clean as possible, so that we may resemble that elder Brother and that Mother. I hope for that for you, and I’m asking our Lord, and our Lady of Lourdes for it, for myself,” said Saint Josemaría on this feast-day in 1975, when he was in Caracas, Venezuela. ]]> <![CDATA[1907.2.10]]> Saint Josemaría’s sister Lolita was born today. She died just five years later. In 1975, Saint Josemaría was awarded a gold medal by Barbastro Town Council. In his speech of thanks, he said: “During the years I have lived in Rome, the eternal city, the See of Peter, and also when the apostolate led me to travel far and wide, the memory of Barbastro and its people has always stayed with me. I remember so many names of people connected with the family which God’s loving Providence deigned to bestow on me. My most fervent prayers go with those who have departed this life; I pray that the Lord may already have granted them the gift of everlasting happiness.”]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.9]]> “My children, those words ‘I have come to set fire to the earth!’ should enkindle our very souls. And we have to be firmly resolved to tell our Lord, ‘Here I am, because you have called me to be a Christian’,” said Saint Josemaría to thousands of people in Caracas, Venezuela.]]>