Josemaria Escriva. Founder of Opus Dei - On this day Life and teachings of Saint Josemaria day by day <![CDATA[Feast of St Pius X]]> Feast of St Pius X. St Josemaría referred to this holy Pope in Christ is Passing By, where he wrote: “Forgive me if I go back to another childhood memory — a picture that became very common in my own country when St Pius X was encouraging the practice of frequent Communion. It represented Mary adoring the Sacred Host. Today, as in those days and as always, our Lady teaches us to come to Jesus, to recognize him and to find him in all the different situations of our day. And nowhere is she more a teacher than at the supreme moment of the holy sacrifice of the Mass, where time blends with eternity. Jesus, with the gesture of a high priest, attracts all things to himself and places them, with the breath of the Holy Spirit, in the presence of God the Father.”]]> <![CDATA[1938.8.20]]> St Josemaría wrote in his “Personal Notes”: “I see myself as so wretched that often I stick my head in the oratory to say to Jesus, ‘Don’t trust me. I, yes, do trust you, Jesus. I abandon myself in your arms, and leave there what is mine – my wretchedness!’ Were I not to do this, I think I would go crazy with so many things churning inside me. I abandon myself to Jesus Christ, with all my wretchedness. And whatever he wants, at each moment, fiat! Monstra te esse matrem!” [Be it done! Show that you are a Mother!]]]> <![CDATA[1931.8.19]]> “There is no excuse for those who could be scholars and are not.” This is the 332nd point in The Way, originating in a phrase St Josemaría wrote down on this date.]]> <![CDATA[1938.8.18]]> Over the years St Josemaría directed many spiritual retreats for priests, religious, men and women and young people. On this date he began giving a retreat to the nuns of the Vitoria Episcopal Residence in Spain. St Josemaría’s palpable faith in the Real Presence made a deep impression on them, and they remembered it years later. In the course of the retreat they heard him say aloud, “Jesus, I am crazy with love. Make these nuns also go crazy with love for You.”]]> <![CDATA[17.8.1974]]> St Josemaría had been in Venezuela since August 15 but was still unwell from the altitude sickness which had affected him in Ecuador. He stayed in Altoclaro Conference Centre, a few kilometers outside Caracas. He said, “In Ecuador, all my catechesis consisted of not speaking, because our Lord prevented me. I suffered a lot for your brothers and sisters there, who’d been waiting for me with so much affection. Here in Venezuela we will also do whatever God wants. Forgive me for not being quite well, and let’s hope that our Lord will enable us to have the gatherings you mention.”]]> <![CDATA[1959.8.16]]> St Josemaría with Fr Dick Mulcahy’s parents at the entrance to Nullamore students’ residence, Dublin, Ireland. That day he had celebrated Mass in Ely residence, afterwards making his thanksgiving aloud with those present. He said, “Our Lord has chosen you to begin our apostolate in Ireland, and to become the instruments of his marvels, in spite of being so worthless, in spite of everything; I’m a worthless person too.”]]> <![CDATA[1931.8.15]]> Solemnity of the Assumption of our Lady. Saint Josemaría wrote in his “Personal Notes”: “I’m going to make, starting this evening, a novena to our Mother, celebrating her Assumption in body and soul to heaven. I really rejoice, feeling like I’m there… with the Blessed Trinity, with the Angels receiving their Queen, with all the Saints acclaiming their Mother and Lady.”]]> <![CDATA[1931.8.14]]> “I ask you for very special prayer and some small act of expiation, a voluntary one,” wrote Saint Josemaría to Isidoro Zorzano, asking him to pray for a conversation he was going to have with a friend about his Christian vocation.]]> <![CDATA[1931.8.13]]> St Josemaría wrote in his “Personal Notes”: “My Lady of the Kisses: I will end up eating her up!” Years later he explained: “I had an image of our Lady which the Communists stole from me during the Spanish Civil War. I called it the Virgin of the Kisses. I never went out or out of that first Residence of ours without first going to the Director’s room where that statue was, and kissing it. I don’t think I ever did it mechanically. It was a human kiss, the kiss of a son who is afraid… But I have said so often that I am not afraid of anyone or of anything, that we’d better not say afraid. It was the kiss of a son who was worried that he was too young and who went to seek in our Lady all the tenderness of her affection. I went to seek all the fortitude I needed in God, through the Blessed Virgin.”]]> <![CDATA[1933.8.12]]> “Don’t argue. Arguing seldom brings light, for the light is quenched by passion,” wrote Saint Josemaría. This would later become point 25 of The Way.]]>