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The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven

J. Gil

We know very few details our Lady’s last years on earth. Between the Ascension and Pentecost, Sacred Scripture tells us that she was in the Upper Room or Cenacle (cf. Acts 1: 13-14). Afterwards, she would probably have stayed with St John, to whose filial care she had been entrusted. Scripture does not tell us when or where her Assumption took place. Some very ancient sources say it was in Jerusalem; others, more recent, in Ephesus. Tags: Angels, Our Lady, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Mount Carmel and the Stella Maris Church

J. Gil

On the Mediterranean coast stands Mount Carmel, which evokes Elijah and Elisha, two great Old Testament prophets; and also the Carmelite Order, with its widespread tradition of the Carmelite scapular. Tags: Faith, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

St Josemaria and the Archangels

On Thursday, October 6, 1932, while St Josemaria Escriva was praying in the chapel of Saint John of the Cross during his retreat at the Discalced Carmelite monastery in Segovia, he was for the first time inwardly moved to invoke the three archangels and the three apostles Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and Saints Peter, Paul, and John. From that moment on he considered them the patrons of the different fields of apostolate that would make up Opus Dei. Tags: Angels, Apostolate, Opus Dei

“A Home from Home” in the UK

James Pereiro

St Josemaría Escrivá personally encouraged the setting up of Netherhall House in the 1950s as a residence for students from all over the world. He spent several summers in Britain between 1958 and 1962, and considered London a "crossroads of the world" where different cultures could enrich one another and work together for building a better society. Read here the article "Netherhall House, London (1960-1984): The Commonwealth dimension". Tags: Youth, Opus Dei, UK

Christian Parents

Esther Toranzo

St Josemaría learned the first lessons of Christian life, of joyful service to others, in his life with his parents: José Escriva and Dolores Albas. Tags: Barbastro, Cross, History

What do Saints Work at from Heaven?

Joaquín Alonso

In preparation for the feast-day of St. Josemaria Escriva (June 26th), Msgr. Joaquin Alonso explains how, as he promised, he is interceding for us from heaven. Tags: Holiness, June 26, favours of the founder of Opus Dei

The place of the Ascension

J. Gil

Jesus Christ our Lord accomplished the work of redeeming mankind principally by the Paschal mystery of his blessed Passion, Resurrection from the dead, and glorious Ascension (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1067). Here we will look at the last of these three events, marking the end of his life on earth. “Many things have happened since our Lord was born in Bethlehem. We have thought of him in the manger, worshipped by the shepherds and the Magi; we have contemplated those long years of unpretentious work in Nazareth; we have gone with him all through the land of Palestine, as he preached the kingdom of God to men and went about doing good to all. And later on, during the days of his passion, we have suffered on seeing him accused and ill-treated and crucified. Tags: Apostolate, Faith, Christ Is Passing By, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

The Founding of Nagasaki Seido School

Kazuko Nakajima

A study of the foundation in 1978 of Nagasaki Seido School, a primary and secondary girl’s school representing the first school in Japan inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaría, has just been published in the Volume 9 of the journal Studia et Documenta. Tags: Education, school, Evangelization, Japan

Saint Josemaria and the Role of Saint Joseph in Christian Life

Lucas F. Mateo-Seco

An article that will appear in the forthcoming issue of "Romana" (no. 59), written by Fr. Lucas Mateo-Seco shortly before his death in February 2014. The feast of Saint Joseph is celebrated in the Church on March 19. Tags: Faith, Holy Family, St Joseph, Unity of life, Interior life, Devotion, Josemaria Escriva

Archbishop Oscar Romero: Letter to the Pope on Escriva's death

Archbishop Oscar Romero

A letter written to the Pope by El Salvadorean Bishop Oscar Romero on July 12, 1975, requesting the opening of a cause for St Josemaria’s canonization. Bishop Romero was killed while celebrating Holy Mass in 1980. Tags: Canonization, Pope John Paul II, Holiness