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Patrimony for the entire Church

Paulina Lo Celso

The following is an interview of Msgr. Echevarría, the Prelate of Opus Dei, carried out by Paulina Lo Celso (Argentina) on January 6 of this year, three months after the canonization. Tags: Canonization, Church

Rome trip described as ‘the experience of a lifetime’

The Kerryman

The Kerryman, a local newspaper in Ireland, published an article after the canonization with the different impressions and experiences of a few local businessmen from the area. Liam O'Connor and other friends recall the canonization and conclude that it was 'an experience of a lifetime'. Tags: Canonization, Citizenship, Church, Holiness

Malaysians to witness canonisation of Escriva

Sunday Star Malaysia

A group of some 20 Malaysian Catholics attended the canonization of Josemaria Escriva. A Malaysian newspaper, “The Sunday Star”, published a brief article on the day of the canonization ceremony to commemorate the event. Tags: Canonization, Places in Rome, The Will of God

Priestly Fraternity in the Life of Josemaría Escrivá

Javier Echevarría

Bishop Javier Echevarria, who worked with St Josemaria for many years and is now the prelate of Opus Dei, explains how St Josemaria saw the priesthood and taught others to see it – a life of unity and fraternity in close identification with Christ. Above all, he would say, every priest needs to be “a man of prayer”. Tags: Priesthood, Sacraments, Following Christ

A Study of International Press Coverage of the Canonization of Josemaría Escrivá

Juan Manuel Mora

The following pages offer some reflections on the echo awakened in public opinion by the canonization of the founder of Opus Dei, as reflected in the media. The present study does not aim to summarize the information published, nor to repeat what many people already know from what they read, saw, heard or experienced when present at the canonization. It is rather to attempt to give an overall view ranging over different countries and the preceding ten years, and to trace the tendencies and basic themes reflected in media comments on the canonization. Tags: Canonization, culture

Work, Path to Holiness

Janne Haaland Matlary

When I was asked to deliver a key note speech with the title “Work, path to Holiness, I was both honoured and awed, but most of all, surprised. I am no expert on Escriva, no theologian, and certainly no expert on holiness. I lead an ordinary life as a mother and professor of international politics at Oslo University. But I have discovered his message about work to be true, in my own ordinary condition. And this must the very core of the issue: that the Work works, so to speak. Tags: Ordinary life

Faith, Work, Culture. The possibility of a Christian Modernity in the message of Saint Josemaría Escrivá

Ana Marta González

When I was asked some months ago to write something about the contribution of Saint Josemaría Escrivá to the ideas of the 20th Century, the proposal left me somewhat perplexed. After all, Saint Josemaría was no professional thinker, nor did he ever try to be one. He prided himself only on being a priest, with a spiritual message to deliver, which he regarded as “old as the Gospel and as the Gospel ever new”. Tags: culture, Faith, Work, Unity of life

The Founder of Opus Dei - BOOK SYNOPSIS

Benjamin G. Defensor

St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, first became aware of a special mission from God while a teenager. It all started when he saw the footprints of a barefoot Carmelite monk on the snow after a snowfall. Tags: Founding of Opus Dei, books

From 17 May 1992 to 6 October 2002

Dario Chimeno

Canonizations have always been a real feast for the Church. The people who attend canonization ceremonies are filled with joy, and it shows in their happy faces, exchanges of hugs and greetings, and their songs. As theologian José Luis Illanes says, “Every canonization begins from [...] Tags: Canonization, Church, Pope John Paul II, Places in Rome

A Continuum of Love

Barbara Spencer

An Indian philanthropic association, Sampradaan, published an article about Saint Josemaría in its annual journal in which the author, Barbara Spencer, a management consultant and volunteer fundraiser based in Delhi, explained how true philanthropy is based on pristine motives, and lies in the love of the Other rather than the self. Tags: Love of God