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Benedict XVI, source of light and strength

On April 19 Benedict XVI celebrates five years as Pope. In gratitude for his work, Bishop Javier Echevarria, prelate of Opus Dei, underlines the joyful nature of his teachings, "explained with intelligent reasons, in crystal-clear language, and backed up by the evidence of his personal relationship with Jesus Christ". Tags: Javier Echevarria, Pope, Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI

Koichi Yamamoto and the beginnings of Opus Dei in Japan

Antonio Melich

A brief account of the beginnings of Opus Dei’s apostolate in Japan and the life of one of the first Japanese members. It shows the keen affection St Josemaría always felt for Japan, as well as the way the spirit of Opus Dei is lived out in a very different culture. Tags: History, Opus Dei, numerary

Echoes in the Press: June 26, 1975: Reactions to the death of the founder of Opus Dei

The following is a selection of press comments from around the world, after the news of the death of St Josemaría in the morning of June 26, 1975. Tags: Citizenship, culture, Church

Saint Josemaria speaks to doctors and nurses

Gonzalo Herranz

When Saint Josemaria talked with healthcare professionals, he always expressed appreciation for their work, and encouraged them to improve their professional training so as to be able to serve their patients more effectively. The following is a selection of quotations from Saint Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei, when talking to doctors and nurses. Tags: Joy, Charity, Spiritual guidance, Sickness, Priesthood

Building the Future

Silvia Mas

Looking at things from saint Josemaria’s point of view, if he were asked what youth is, or better still, what it should be, he would certainly answer that youth is the time for discovering and freely affirming the meaning of one’s existence; a time for discovering the deepest human and supernatural values, and a time for bringing to life the great loves which every human heart seeks instinctively. Tags: Joy, culture, Youth, Vocation

‘This donkey will remind you of me,’ he said. I like to think I met a saint

Bishop William Gordon Wheeler

He gave me a little laughing donkey one day in Rome and said: “Put that on the mantelpiece in your study, and every time you look at it, it will remind you to pray for me.” I still have it. It stands permanently on my mantelpiece and sometimes inspires me when I’m taking things too seriously. Tags: The Way, Opus Dei, Vatican II

Jolly Good Saint

Atty Sison

This spiritual crisis and what the world needs now was foreseen by a Saint whose footsteps trod this earth for seventy three years. He is St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer. St Josemaría had a clear vision of the current intensifying conflict between the worldly and the unworldly, of man's role of "being in this world but not of this world". Tags: Understanding, Suffering, Faith, Plan of life, The Way of the Cross, The Will of God

Priestly Holiness and Ministry: Priests that Love the Mass

Father John McCloskey

I understood that St. Josemaria was striving to live this in his own life and that his teaching, so clearly based on the teachings of the Church and the example of many saintly priests, was reinforced by his own example. Tags: Eucharist, Priesthood, Sacraments

Letter to the faithful of the Prelature and cooperators of Opus Dei

Bishop Echevarría

The prayer for the Successor of Saint Peter, as well as being a source of strength for the Pope in these past days, has united us more solidly to Christ and his beloved Spouse, the Church; it has made us Catholics discover once more that we are part of the great family of God’s children, who have a common Father on earth too. Tags: Love of God, Beauty, Eucharist, Faith, Pope, Sacraments, Interior life

The Universality of the Church

Msgr. Fernando Ocariz

A summary of the article by Msgr. Ocariz, vicar general of Opus Dei, in which he unpacks St Josemaria’s many references to the universality of the Church. When St Josemaria spoke and wrote about the Church he explained how she is one, holy, catholic and apostolic, and why his love for the Church was part and parcel of his love for Jesus Christ. Tags: Passionately Loving the World, Church, Opus Dei, Pope, Vatican II