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Faith and Life in St Josemaria Escriva

Giulio Maspero

“The faith of a son, which is faith in the Son, was manifested in the faith of a father, the faith that characterized St Josemaria’s life. He felt very much a son of God, and also very much a father.” For the Year of Faith we publish an article by Giulio Maspero which will shortly appear in the journal Romana Tags: Passionately Loving the World, Faith, Unity of life, Josemaria Escriva, Year of Faith

I Will Not Leave You Orphans

Bishop Javier Echevarria

“I will not leave you orphans” – these words come to my mind at the end of this pontificate. Benedict XVI is not leaving us orphaned, because his magisterium, his teachings, still live; he is with us in his prayer and fatherly love. Tags: Church, Pope, Opus Dei prelate, Pope Benedict XVI

The Church of the Beatitudes at Tabgha

J. Gil

Our Lord had left Nazareth and was living in Capernaum, on the northwest shore of Lake Genesareth, where some of the twelve Apostles or their relatives had houses. The multitudes that the Gospel speaks of came to that small fishing village to find Jesus, but also went after him in other places in the surrounding district. One of the most notable of these was Tabgha. Tags: History, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Is “God” an unknown word?

Passing on the faith in today’s society is one of the challenges to Christians during this Year of Faith. Here we give the text of the conference presentation “Communicating Christian identity today,” by Jutta Burggraf. “I want to talk about passing on the faith. To children, to other family members, to friends, neighbours and coworkers. We want to dialogue with everyone.” Tags: Faith, God, Communication

Lake Genesaret and Tabgha: the Church of the Primacy of St Peter

J. Gil

About three kilometers west of Capernaum, according to Christian traditions, was the place where Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fishes to feed a vast multitude; it was here that he gave the Sermon on the Mount; and appeared to his Apostles after the Resurrection, bringing about the second miraculous catch of fish and confirming St Peter as Head of the Church. Tags: Faith, History, Pope, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

A village named Emmaus

J. Gil

Christ’s resurrection in the early hours of Sunday morning is a fact that the Gospels state clearly and firmly. The first testimonies to the fact of the empty tomb were offered by the holy women and the Apostles Peter and John. One that held a special meaning for St Josemaria was Christ’s appearance to the disciples at Emmaus, described in moving detail by St Luke. Tags: Faith, History, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Opus Dei makes the Gospel come alive

“Through Opus Dei, the gospel and Christ himself have become alive to me on a daily basis,” says Fr. Roy Cimagala from the Philippines. “I don’t feel like I’m play-acting in trying to live my religion.” Tags: Opus Dei, Philippines

What drives development is a Christian heart

Bishop Javier Echevarria

The Christian heart and social development. Reflections on St Josemaria’s teachings.
A paper given by Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei, for the Study Day in commemoration of Harambee’s tenth anniversary, October 5, 2012. Tags: Canonization, Charity, Javier Echevarria, Opus Dei prelate, Harambee, October 6

The Temple at Jerusalem

J. Gil

For Christians Jerusalem, the Holy City, holds the most precious memories of our Savior’s life on earth, because it was here that Jesus died and rose again from the dead. It was also the scene of his preaching and miracles, and of the institution of the Blessed Eucharist. Tags: Faith, History, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

A truck and a song

Miguel Aranguren, Harambee cultural committee, Writer

"I first met Africa in Kenya. What’s more, for me Africa is Kenya, because every time I went to that marvelous country I had the sensation of traveling along the roads of an entire continent. In the minds of Africans, Africa is perceived as a whole, above and beyond the geopolitical boundaries." Presentation for Harambee-Africa’s tenth anniversary celebration in Rome, given by Miguel Aranguren, writer, member of Harambee’s cultural committee. Tags: Harambee