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When love is strengthened

Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei

St Josemaria recalled his parents' love: "They really loved each other, and they had to suffer a lot (...); and I always saw them smiling." In this article, Bishop Javier Echevarria talks about the love of married people in the teachings of St Josemaria. Tags: Javier Echevarria, Marriage, Love, family

God's instrument for the Work

Card. José Saraiva Martins

The life of the founder of Opus Dei was the most eloquent application of his message. The lesson of every saint becomes explicit in the coherence between his life, his preaching and his writings. Saint Josemaría spoke of "the mute eloquence" of works. Tags: The Way, Citizenship, Contemplation, Faith, Jesus Christ, Prayer, Sacraments, Supernatural outlook, Vocation

The Early Days of Opus Dei in Cambridge (U.S.)

John Arthur Gueguen, JR. published in Studia et Documenta

This documentary account is a sequel to "The Early Days of Opus Dei in Boston" (Studia et Documenta). Recollections of people who took part in this history (1956-1961) are supplemented by material in the General Archive of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. Tags: Opus Dei, US

A shared life

Fr. Roy Cimagala

Our life is by definition a shared life. Fr Roy Cimagala, Chaplain of CITE in Cebu City, writes in News Today Online about St Josemaria's teachings on finding God in our ordinary lives, and the way that impacts on our relations with other people. Tags: Passionately Loving the World, Generosity

Friend of young people and good son of the Church

Cardinal Paul Shan S.J.

In an article, Cardinal Paul Shan, S.J., bishop of Kaohsiung and Taiwan's first cardinal, described Josemaria Escriva as a friend of young people and a man who loved the Church. Tags: Apostolate, Youth, Holiness, Vocation

Holy humorist

Andrew Soane

Much has been written, and is being written, about Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. But there is a side to him that is rarely commented on, but was noticed by his contemporaries. It was his good humor. Tags: Abandonment to God, Joy, cheerfulness

With my brother Josemaria in Madrid (1927-37)

Santiago Escriva

Santiago Escriva (1919-1994) was the younger brother of saint Josemaria. After the death of Opus Dei's founder, he wrote down some of his memories of his brother, excerpts of which are presented here. Carmen was their older sister. Tags: The Escriva family

Interview with Franz Cardinal König

Ricardo Estarriol

Franz Cardinal König says that the Founder of Opus Dei "now belongs to the Church's treasury; he's welcomed to the multitude of saints." Tags: Canonization, Faith, Church

Divine Filiation

Fr Roy Cimagala

I first met this expression, sounding Greek to me at that time, when I read a book of homilies by Opus Dei founder saint Josemaria Escriva. That was many years ago, when I was still in college. Tags: Abandonment to God, Faith, Divine sonship