10 questions for Bishop Javier Echevarria about St Josemaria

Bishop Javier Echevarria

Did St Josemaria ever get tired of serving God? How did he react to his failures? And to difficulties? What was his secret for staying faithful and in love with God? These and other questions are answered by Bishop Javier Echevarria, prelate of Opus Dei, who lived and worked with St Josemaria for over 20 years. Tags: Ascetical struggle, Opus Dei prelate, Holiness

Dora del Hoyo and St Josemaria

In January 1944, Moncloa students’ residence, Madrid, Spain, was in difficulties. With 100 students to cater for, the cooking, housekeeping and laundry services were not working. Those in charge were inexperienced and the staff were untrained. Everything was going wrong. “I’m leaving tomorrow,” said Dora when she arrived and saw the situation. What was the connection between Dora and St Josemaria? The following article describes Dora’s first contact with Opus Dei in 1944. Tags: calling, Administration, assistant numerary, Dora del Hoyo

Consecrating Opus Dei to the Holy Spirit

Andrés Vázquez de Prada

In 1971, St Josemaria decided to consecrate Opus Dei to the Holy Spirit, thinking of how much the Church needed all her members to be holy. He himself composed the prayer of consecration, which is renewed in all Opus Dei centers every year. Tags: Holy Spirit, Church, Prayer, locution, Consecrations of Opus Dei

Christian customs: Novena to the Holy Spirit

The Novena to the Holy Spirit is a long-standing custom through which the Church encourages the faithful to prepare for the descent of the Holy Spirit in the best possible way. Some prayers to the Holy Spirit, in preparation for Pentecost, are downloadable here in pdf and epub format. Tags: Holy Spirit, Prayer, God

Metro Achievement Center: A Legacy of St. Josemaría

M. Sharon Hefferan

Guided by St. Josemaría Escrivá’s passion for social development and the education of youth, the Metro Achievement Center opened its doors twenty-five years ago in the heart of Chicago’s inner city. Metro is one example among many social initiatives inspired by Opus Dei throughout the world. Tags: Education, Youth, Solidarity, Society, US, Metro

Sonsoles, May 1935: Why the pilgrimage?

The shrine of Sonsoles in Avila, Spain, was the setting for an event in the history of St Josemaria and Opus Dei, the “May pilgrimage”. How did this custom first take root in Opus Dei? A study published in Studia et Documenta Tags: Our Lady

100th anniversary of St Josemaria’s First Holy Communion

Bishop Javier Echevarría

April 23, 2012, will be 100 years since St Josemaria made his First Holy Communion. In a letter dated April 1 the Prelate of Opus Dei recommends that we enter more deeply into some aspect of St Josemaria's Eucharistic devotion, and so "improve in how we approach Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament." Tags: Eucharist, Holy Communion

Translating The Man of Villa Tevere

Translating The Man of Villa Tevere, a biography of St Josemaria Escriva, presented challenges and brought its own rewards. An interview with Helena Scott, the translator. Tags: books, UK

Wife, Mother of Four and Business Owner

Maribeth Burger, 42-year-old, physical therapist, wife and mother of four. Tags: Family and work, US

He had Cuba in his soul

"I'd just like to say that you, being Cuban, with your friends, are the fruit of St Josemaria's prayer." Bishop Javier Echevarria's response to a girl from La Habana, who asked him a question during the WYD in Madrid. Tags: Art, Cuba


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