His whole day was a Mass

Msgr. Jose Maria Garcia Lahiguera

Memories of the Servant of God Msgr. Garcia Lahiguera, Bishop of Valencia. He was a close friend of Saint Josemaría from 1932 onwards, and for some years was his confessor. Tags: Eucharist, Faith, Piety

Close to the Pope

Bishop Javier Echevarría

When Saint Josemaría Escrivá was very young he used to dream of getting close to the Pope even for only a few moments, to have the chance of showing him his love and readiness to serve him. Msgr Javier Echevarría says: “His joy when he was actually in the Pope’s presence was immense. I could see that whenever I went with him to an audience with the Pope.” Tags: Church, Javier Echevarria, Pope, Unity

Takes affectionate care of your tabernacles!

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo

The loving care which Saint Josemaria took of the liturgy and everything connected with worship is expressed in n. 527 of The Way: “That woman in the house of Simon the leper in Bethany, who anoints the Master’s head with precious ointment, reminds us of our duty to be generous in the worship of God. All beauty, richness and majesty seem little to me". Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Love of God, Eucharist, Poverty

Those Masses made me love the liturgy

Jose María Casciaro

José María Casciaro met Saint Josemaría in 1939. The next year he moved to Madrid to study, and lived in Jenner hall of residence, where Saint Josemaría was also living. He spent more than five years close to the Founder of Opus Dei. Tags: Eucharist, Piety, Plan of life, Priesthood

The brass chalice

Salvador Bernal

I celebrate Mass each day, and have done for many years, with a chalice which cost me three hundred pesetas. It is a bit like me; people see it and say: “It’s made of gold…” But it’s all show. When you dismantle it, you find written on the inside in big letters the simple statement: “Brass”. Tags: Love of God, Eucharist, Poverty, Catechetical trips

Working summers

Pilar Urbano

Whenever Cardinal Pizzardo met Monsignor Escriva, regardless of who was looking, he would take Escriva’s head between his hands and give him a big loud kiss on the nape of the neck, exclaiming, “Thank you for teaching me how to relax.!” And if he saw that people were surprised he would go on, “I used to be one of those people who think that in this life, when you’re not working you’re wasting time. But he gave me a new, wonderful idea: resting does not mean doing nothing, it’s not laziness or idleness, but changing one’s occupation, turning to a different, useful, relaxing activity for a while.” Tags: rest

"Holy Rosary": To help people say the Rosary

Andres Vázquez de Prada

One morning, after saying Mass, at the end of his thanksgiving, he wrote the little book Holy Rosary. He wrote it all in one go, in the sacristy of St Elizabeth’s Church. It is not certain which day it was, but what is known is that on December 7, the day before the feast of the Immaculate Conception, he was reading to two young men in St Elizabeth’s about how to say the rosary, because that was his intention on writing it: to help other people to say it. Tags: Spiritual childhood, books, Holy Rosary, Our Lady

St Josemaría’s stay in Venezuela, August 1974

Ana Sastre

The Father arrived at Maiquetia airport, Caracas, at 5 p.m. on August 15, 1974. Hurricane Alma had caused airports in Venezuela to be on a state of alert, but the worst of the wind had passed off to the west of the country, and all was now calm. Tags: Catechetical trips

He put all his love into saying Holy Mass

Msgr Javier Echevarría

Msgr Javier Echevarría saw from close at hand, from 1953 onwards, how St Josemaría prepared to celebrate Mass, how he said it, how he did his thanksgiving afterwards, and how he prolonged it throughout the day. The following is an extract from Msgr Echevarría’s book [...] Tags: Gratitude, Eucharist, Faith, Javier Echevarria, Prayer, Piety, Priesthood

August 31, 1937

Bishop Javier Echevarría recalled this date in St Josemaría’s life, in the context of his apostolic zeal even in times of religious persecution and great hardship. Tags: Spanish Civil War