St John Lateran

Places in Rome (12)

By Baptism, all Christians are called to holiness and apostolate. The inscription on the Lateran Baptistery shows a keen awareness of this fact in the early Christians. This is why St Josemaría explained the spirit of Opus Dei by comparing it to the life of the early Christians. Tags: Apostolate, Baptism, Places in Rome, Opus Dei, Early Christians

Saint Josemaria’s Devotion to Our Lady

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo

“We have to love the Blessed Virgin Mary more. We will never love her enough. Love her a lot!” is St Josemaría’s advice at "The Forge". Msgr. Alvaro del Portillo recounts some of his memories of Saint Josemaría’s devotion to our Lady in the following extract from "Immersed in God". Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Prayer, Our Lady

The Archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Benedict XVI

We are celebrating the Feast of the three Archangels who are mentioned by name in Scripture: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. But what is an Angel? Tags: Angels, Pope Benedict XVI

St Josemaria and Our Lady of Mercy, Barcelona

Marc Argemí

St Josemaria Escriva was a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary his whole life long. Each of her titles found a place in his heart and some took on special resonance at particular eras in his life. One of these was Our Lady of Mercy, patron of Barcelona, Spain. Tags: Gratitude, Barcelona, History, Our Lady

London, August 1958: You can’t, but I can!

Andrés Vazquez de Prada

The founder of Opus Dei first visited London in 1958. He stayed from the beginning of August to the middle of September. He returned in each of the following years until 1962. In 1958, he arrived on August 4 and the following day wrote on the back of a holy picture, Sancta Maria, Sedes Sapientiae, filios tuos adiuva (Holy Mary, Seat of Wisdom, help your children); Oxford, Cambridge, 5-VIII-58. Tags: Apostolate, rest, Faith

Carmen Escrivá

Msgr. Alvaro del Portillo

On July 16, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Josemaría Escrivá's sister, Carmen, used to celebrate her saint day. Throughout her life, Carmen helped to bring the warmth that characterized the Escrivá family home to the supernatural family St Josemaria had started. Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, The Escriva family, Opus Dei, Administration, Carmen Escrivá

Saint Josemaría’s love for the Eucharist

Bishop Javier Echevarría

Saint Josemaría often talked about the need for Christian life to be essentially Eucharistic. He summed it up in a classic phrase: having a “Eucharistic soul”. Tags: Love of God, Eucharist, Javier Echevarria, Piety, Priesthood

Saint Josemaria, a Pilgrim at Fatima

Saint Josemaría visited Portugal frequently, and never omitted a stop at Fatima. On one of those occasions, April 14, 1970, as he arrived on Portuguese soil, he gave the reason for his trip. “I am praying all day long, trying to speak continuously with God, taking our Lady as my intercessor, since she is all-powerful in her supplication. I have made these journeys in the simple, joyous spirit of a pilgrim of old.” Tags: Our Lady

The First Pilgrimage: “What beautiful eyes: they are suns!”

John Coverdale

On May 2, 1935, St. Josemaria went to visit a shrine in Spain, the shrine of Our Lady of Sonsoles. "It wasn’t a pilgrimage in the normal sense: nothing noisy or elaborate, just three of us." Tags: Opus Dei, Holy Rosary, Our Lady

St Josemaria is Cured of Diabetes

Andres Vazquez de Prada

On April 27th, 1954, feast of our Lady of Montserrat, after having something like a severe allergic reaction, St Josemaria was cured inexplicably (according to medical opinion) of the diabetes which he had suffered from for several years. Tags: Sickness, Death, Our Lady