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"Holy Father, we bring you letters from the elderly and orphans"

After the general audience on April 16, a group of university students from UNIV presented Pope Francis with hundreds of letters written by elderly people and orphans from all over the world. Tags: Service, University, Love, sick, Pope Francis

Ordinary people

To borrow from Scott Hahn, it was the moment I "got" Opus Dei: it was while watching a video of its founder St. Josemaria Escriva in the middle of a question-and-answer session before a large audience. A professional-looking man got up and asked St. Escriva, "can you tell me if there is any sign that would show me I am living the teachings of Opus Dei faithfully and well?" Anybody who saw that video or was actually there would never forget how St. Escriva, without missing a beat, without a second’s pause, give this answer: "if your wife is happy." Tags: Family and work, Opus Dei

Cardinal Gracias: in midst of economic and social crisis, we remember St. Josemaria Escriva

On the memorial of the founder of Opus Dei, the Archbishop of Mumbai reaffirms the importance of the universal call to holiness, preached by the Spanish priest. The Church and Christians in India must witness this holiness in their life and work. By Nirmala Carvalho Tags: Work, India

There Be Dragons in Australia

There Be Dragons, a fiction film based on real events in the life of St Josemaria, is going on show in Australia from December 15. Tags: Opus Dei, There be Dragons

Chris Tiu & There Be Dragons

Thanks to the persistence of my mom, I found myself watching an advanced screening of THERE BE DRAGONS last October at the Mall of Asia sponsored by Educhild. Honestly, I thought the movie would be quite dragging as lives of saints are usually portrayed as very pious, where it is easy to guess what comes next. Apparently, there were a lot of twists and turns in the story. The cinematography was excellent as well and I enjoyed the war scenes too! Tags: Philippines, There be Dragons

How to slay your dragon

Close to the film oppening of There Be Dragons in the Philippines, on November 9, Jing Gomez writes in this article how the film can help discover and overcome dragons in our lives. "While fire-breathing, tailed and winged creatures are more fiction than fact, in a way we can say that dragons do exist in our midst. Worse, we find them inside us. Who can deny the dragon of resentment that wells up inside leading to anger and snowballing to hatred?" Tags: Philippines, There be Dragons

Saint Josemaria inspired agnostic to film ‘There be Dragons'

A film that will leave the viewer to seek answers, not just on faith and the divine, but on relationships and how forgiveness that’s given and received is as liberating as the truth. Joffe initially didn’t agree to meg the movie but eventually he agreed upon being touched by a documentary about St Josemaria. Tags: Philippines, There be Dragons

The Redeeming Value of Forgiveness

The newest film of Joffe is "There Be Dragons," an epic tale of revolutionaries and saints in a time of a most bloody civil war in which half a million people, perhaps more, were killed in a fraticidal war lasting almost four years. It is also a story of love and heroism amidst jealousy, hatred, and violence, and a very powerful drama of the power of forgiveness to break the enslaving chains of past sins. Tags: Film, Philippines, There be Dragons


One of the significant and moving scenes in the story is when St. Josemaria uttered the words “all I know is you are loved by God” at the deathbed of a Jew who was assailed by anguish at the thought that he will not enter heaven because of his beliefs. This is the most poignant scene according to Joffe in “his attempt to capture on the screen the power of love”. Tags: There be Dragons

Encountering Dragons

"There Be Dragons” were words written on ancient maps on territories unknown to the cartographers. They were warning of possible dangers. A very apt title for a Hollywood film that will soon be shown in several theaters in Manila and in other cities in the Philippines. Download here a MOVIE GUIDE to know more about the film Tags: Film, Philippines, There be Dragons