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Saint Josemaria
Quotations from Saint Josemaria

Converting work into prayer

Your ordinary contact with God takes place where your fellow men, your yearnings, your work and your affections are. There you have your daily encounter with Christ. Tags: Contemplation, Prayer, Work, Supernatural outlook


Student: form yourself in a solid and active piety, be outstanding in study, have a strong desire for the ‘professional’ apostolate. Tags: Study, Youth, Responsibility


You are so young! To me you are like a ship setting out on its voyage. If that slight deviation of today is left uncorrected, you will never reach port in the end. The Way, 248 Tags: Joy, Study, Generosity, Youth, Responsibility

The joy of serving others

Forget about yourself. May your ambition be to live for your brothers alone, for souls, for the Church; in one word, for God Tags: Joy, Charity, Service

Detachment from material goods

Earthly goods are not bad, but they are debased when man sets them up as idols, when he adores them. They are ennobled when they are converted into instruments for good, for just and charitable Christian undertakings. Tags: Poverty, Interior life

Care for little things

Do everything for Love. Thus there will be no little things: everything will be big. Perseverance in little things for Love is heroism Tags: Love of God, Little things, Rectitude of intention, Supernatural outlook

The miracle of faith

God’s ordinary providence is a continual miracle; but He will use extraordinary means when they are required. Tags: Doctrine, Faith, Divine sonship, Virtues

Overcoming the difficulties

For a son of God each day should be an opportunity for renewal, knowing for sure that with the help of grace he will reach the end of the road, which is Love. Tags: Abandonment to God, defects, Divine sonship, Ascetical struggle, Optimism, Supernatural outlook, difficulties

Christian Hope

Let us grow in hope, thereby strengthening our faith which is truly that which gives substance to our hopes, which convinces us of things we cannot see (Heb 11:1). Let us grow in this virtue Tags: Joy, Faith, Divine sonship, Optimism


Humility is another good way to arrive at interior peace. He has said so: ‘Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart: and you will find rest for your souls.’ Tags: defects, Humility, Sincerity, Virtues

The Priesthood

I have been thinking of all the priests throughout the world. Help me to pray for the fruitfulness of their apostolates Tags: Church, Pope, Priesthood

Raising children

“From very early on, children are pitiless witnesses of their parents’ lives. You don’t realize it, but they judge everything, and sometimes judge you badly. So everything that goes on in your home has a good or bad effect on your children". Tags: Charity, Education, Patience

Love for Freedom

God wants us to cooperate with him in this task which he is carrying out in the world. He takes a risk with our freedom. Our Lord has gratuitously given us a wonderful human gift, personal freedom. Tags: Freedom, Maturity, Responsibility

Loving the Church

If you have not the highest reverence for the priesthood and for the religious state, it is not true that you love God’s Church. Tags: Faithfulness, Church, Pope

Speaking with God

"To pray is to talk with God. But about what?" About what? About Him, about yourself—joys, sorrows, successes and failures, noble ambitions, daily worries, weaknesses!" Tags: Contemplation, Prayer, Interior life