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Quotations from Saint Josemaria


The world awaits us. Yes! We love the world passionately because God has taught us to: Sic Deus dilexit mundum... — God so loved the world. And we love it because it is there that we fight our battles in a most beautiful war of charity, so that everyone may find the peace that Christ has come to establish. Tags: Citizenship, Responsibility, Society

What are “the Last Things”?

How short indeed is the time of our passing through this world! For the true Christian these words ring deep down in his heart as a reproach to his lack of generosity, and as a constant invitation to be loyal. Tags: Abandonment to God, Heaven, Death

Guardian Angels

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father. Tags: Angels

A priest and nothing but a priest

As he was giving out Holy Communion that priest felt like shouting out: “This is Happiness I am giving to you!” Tags: Church, Pope, Priesthood

Hidden God

I like to call the Tabernacle a prison — a prison of Love. For twenty centuries He has been waiting there, willingly locked up, for me and for everyone. Tags: Love of God, Eucharist, Humility

Stay with us

On the feast of Corpus Christi, we come together to consider the depths of our Lord’s love for us, which has led him to stay with us, hidden under the appearances of the Blessed Sacrament. Tags: Love of God, Eucharist, Jesus Christ

On the feast of Pentecost

Invoke the Holy Spirit in your examination of conscience so that you may get to know God better, and yourself also. In this way you will be converted each day. Tags: Apostolate, Holy Spirit, Grace

Early Christians

You say it helps you a lot to wonder how many businessmen have become saints since the time of the early Christians. And you want to show that it is also possible today... —The Lord will not abandon you in that effort. Tags: Charity, Church, Early Christians, Unity, Vocation

Loyalty to the Church

"What is the Church? Where is the Church? Bewildered and disoriented, many Christians do not find sure answers to these questions". Saint Josemaria posed these questions in 1972 in his homily Loyalty to the Church. They are still relevant, and this homily offers some answers: "The Church, which is divine, is also human, for it is made up of men, and men have their defects". Download the complete homily in pdf format here. Tags: Church, loyalty, In Love with the Church

What is Holy Week?

The tragedy of the passion brings to fulfilment our own life and the whole of human history. We can't let Holy Week be just a kind of commemoration. It means contemplating the mystery of Jesus Christ as something which continues to work in our souls. Tags: Love of God, Contemplation, Cross, Jesus Christ, Holy Week

Here I am!

As Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen And he said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:18 "Proclaim the Good News. .. I shall be with you...". It is Jesus who has said this... and he has said it to you. (The Way, 904) Tags: The Way, Faithfulness, books, calling

The Holy Rosary

One of the most deeply rooted of Christian devotions. The Church encourages us to contemplate its mysteries. She wants to engrave upon our heart and our imagination, together with Mary's joy and sorrow and glory. Tags: Prayer, Piety, Holy Rosary, Our Lady

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Pray to God that in the Holy Church, our Mother, the hearts of all may be one heart, as they were in the earliest times of Christianity; so that the words of Scripture may be truly fulfilled until the end of the ages: the company of the faithful were of one heart and one soul. Tags: Ecumenical dialogue, Church, Prayer, Unity

New Year: beginning again each day

We need, most probably, to change again, to be more loyal and humble, so that we become less selfish and let Christ grow in us, for “He must become more and more, I must become less and less.” Tags: Ascetical struggle

Facing up to the fear of death

"Death, my children, is not an unwelcome step. For us, death is the opening of the door to Love, Love with a capital letter, the door to happiness, rest, and joy." Tags: Love of God, Heaven, Death