The Ascension of our Lord

A homily by St Josemaria given on The Ascension, May 19, 1966 and published in Christ is passing by. Available in mp3 format.


The Strength of Love

A downloadable audio version of St Josemaria’s homily “The Strength of Love”, published in the book Friends of God. He explains how the Lord does not say that the proof of his disciples, faithfulness will be the working of wondrous miracles and prodigies, although he gave them the power to perform them, in the Holy Spirit. What does he tell them? "You shall be known as my disciples if you love one another".


So that other people won't worry

Video. Fr Ernesto Garcia lived in Rome for several years with St Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei. He tells how St Josemaria was concerned when he saw him looking tired, and recommended him not only to rest, but to look cheerful, "so that other people won't worry".


How can people marry if they don't know one another?

Video. St Josemaria told a gathering with young people that a Christian engagement is something God wants, because "How can people marry if they don't know one another?"


Loving our Lady

Video. St. Josemaria explains how we should love Mary, the Mother of God- with the simplicity, tenderness, and confidence of children..


I'm called to be a saint

Video. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Chris Blunt talks about the profound effect that St. Josemaria's teachings have had on his faith. "I am called to be a saint. And the way that I do that is through my ordinary work. Nobody had ever told me that before."


Finding Christ in the Middle of the World

In this series of seven short videos, Australians from all backgrounds speak about the message of Saint Josemaria and its impact on their daily lives.


The Mass in the Christian life

Gavin Dixon, a parishoner of Our Lady of Peace in Dublin, talks about why the Holy Mass is important to him.


Get inside the skin of those people in the Gospel

Video. Lidia, from Barbastro, asks to Bishop Javier Echeverria, Prelate of Opus Dei, how to pray with the Gospel. He suggests her to get inside the skin of those people in the Gospel, and Mary specifically, and talk to them.


Christian Joy

Video. The founder of Opus Dei, in Valencia, Spain, explains that deep joy is the result of fighting against ourselves.



Video. Every year, on the feast-day of Mrs Dolores Escrivá, Saint Josemaría's mother, the whole family waited in joyous anticipation for the dessert they always had that day: ... crespillos! The recipe for crespillos is one you can make for your family. It's easy and not expensive. N.B. the frying must be done by an adult.


Fr. Dick Rieman 2, behind the scenes clips from Passionately Loving the World

Video. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Fr. Dick Rieman, the first member of Opus Dei in the United States, explains how all Christians are called by God to holiness.


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