St Josemaria taught me how to pray

For Angie Reckart, her relationship with God, and learning to talk to him as her best friend, is key to a fulfilling life in the world of the media.


Pope invites young people to share universal Catholic mentality of St. Josemaria

Greetings to the universities from different countries that are participating in the International congress promoted by the Prelature of Opus Dei.


The adventure of freedom

St Josemaria’s teachings on freedom, says Moira Walsh, show how freedom combines with responsibility, real love, and respect for others, in bringing up children, in politics, and in daily living.


Make your whole day into a Mass

You go to Mass in the morning, having prepared for it from the time of the Angelus the day before.


How can we be deeply human

A priest asks St Josemaria: “Father, how can we priests be deeply human, while we desire to be divine?”


St Josemaria's Life

Life of Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, told by Fr. Bob Gahl, priest of Opus Dei.


Harambee award: the real story in Africa

The 'Communicating Africa' award offers professional audiovisual journalists a challenge: recognizing Africa through a news report


St Josemaria and sincerity

Rosemary Kite, then a college student, met St Josemaria in 1972 and asked him how to avoid becoming complicated. He said the remedy was sincerity.


The love of God

“Father, how should we put the ‘omnibus’ into practice?” St Josemaria answers this question put to him by a priest on October 26, 1972.


Father, I am Jewish...

"Father, I'm Jewish." This was how Roberto Ackerman began a question to St Josemaria at a gathering. St Josemaria instantly responded that the great loves of his own life were Jewish too


That all may be saved

St Josemaria's homily "That all may be saved" published in Friends of God, is now available in mp3 format. "Our task as children of God is to get all men to enter, freely, into the divine net; to get them to love each other."


Loving priests deeply

Filmed encounter of St Josemaria with other priests, Pamplona, Spain, 1972


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