The Mass in the Christian life

Gavin Dixon, a parishoner of Our Lady of Peace in Dublin, talks about why the Holy Mass is important to him.


Fr. Dick Rieman 2, behind the scenes clips from Passionately Loving the World

Video. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Fr. Dick Rieman, the first member of Opus Dei in the United States, explains how all Christians are called by God to holiness.


Christian Joy

Video. The founder of Opus Dei, in Valencia, Spain, explains that deep joy is the result of fighting against ourselves.



Video. Every year, on the feast-day of Mrs Dolores Escrivá, Saint Josemaría's mother, the whole family waited in joyous anticipation for the dessert they always had that day: ... crespillos! The recipe for crespillos is one you can make for your family. It's easy and not expensive. N.B. the frying must be done by an adult.


Prayer and Spirituality

Video. Finding Christ in the middle of the world, following St Josemaria’s message: Do everything for Love. Thus there will be no little things: everything will be big. Perseverance in little things for Love is heroism. (The Way, 813.)


Fr. Dick Rieman

Fr. Dick Rieman is the first member of Opus Dei in the United States. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Fr. Dick shares his story about meeting St. Josemaria Escriva in Rome for the first time.


To be a good Christian, be a good teacher

Video. Finding Christ in the middle of the world. A chef, a mother, a farmer, a doctor and a lecturer tell how St. Josemaria´s teachings help them to find God in their professional work.


An Introduction to Opus Dei

Video. Finding Christ in the middle of the world. Australian people tell how St Josemaria´s teachings help them to discover God in their ordinary life.


St. Josemaria is our family's intercessor

Video. An Overseas Filipino Worker narrates how devotion to St. Josemaria has helped him during his 10 years in Saudi Arabia and how St. Josemaria continues to provide for his family's needs.


February 14: Help me to give thanks

St Josemaria was surprised and delighted when, a few months after October 2, 1928, God made him realize that Opus Dei was also for women.


Love and sacrifice

Following St Josemaria’s message. "We should love the Mass and make it the centre of our day. If we attend Mass well, surely we are likely to think about our Lord during the rest of the day, wanting to be always in his presence, ready to work as he worked and love as he loved." Christ is passing by,154.


Who can belong to Opus Dei?

Venezuela, February 1975. "Father, for those who already know but haven’t heard you saying it directly, and for the many people here: who can belong to Opus Dei?"


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