It's God who "invents" religion

Brazil, June 1, 1974. A student says there are people who "make up" their own religion and asks how to help them discover the truth.


St Josemaria talks about the mission of priests

A university lecturer asks St Josemaria about the role of priests in today's world. This was in the setting of a gathering in Brazil, June 1, 1974, when St Josemaria was in the fiftieth year of his own priesthood.


God is here

Audio in English of the Christmas homily: "Christ Triumphs Through Humility", given by St Josemaria on December 24, 1963. Published in Christ Is Passing By.

Photo gallery

Andorra remembers St Josemaria Photo gallery

Photo gallery of the 75th anniversary celebrations of St Josemaria's journey through Andorra in 1937.


The Sacraments. Reconciliation and the Blessed Eucharist

In a gathering in Peru, July 13, 1974, St Josemaria speaks about receiving the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation and the Eucharist, to strengthen our relationship with God.


St Josemaria in Moncloa students' residence, Madrid

A former student from Moncloa students' residence in Madrid, Spain, re-lives his memories from a get-together there in 1972, with St Josemaria and the other students.


Saint Josemaria in Madrid

It is now 40 years since Saint Josemaria's visit to Madrid during his catechetical trip in Spain and Portugal, in 1972.


The Eucharist: "I believe that You are here."

Barcelona, 1972. St Josemaria reminds us that Jesus is present in the Eucharist. Praying before the tabernacle with that attitude means making an act of faith.


Year of Faith: Opus Dei Prelate recommends speaking of God with joy

As the Year of Faith is celebrated, the main question is: how can we make the most of it? The Prelate of the Opus Dei has written a pastoral letter with a few recommendations.


The mysteries of our faith

Living a life of faith does not mean we understand everything, because human reason is limited and God's wisdom is infinite. St Josemaria talked about this in Santiago, Chile, July 7, 1974.


The Christian's vaulting-pole

What St Josemaria learnt from Olympic athletes about Christian living


How can we help the Church?

St Josemaria explains that when one of the baptized tries to be better, through the Communion of Saints he or she is doing good to the whole Church.


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