Viewers and reviewers on There Be Dragons

Comments and reactions by people who have watched the Roland Joffé movie There Be Dragons, supplied by Mount Santa Fe Productions. Tags: Film, US, There be Dragons

Jesus of Nazareth

This great work of Joseph Ratzinger’s pontificate shows the importance of reading the Old and New Testaments as parts of a whole. Tags: Pope, Pope Benedict XVI

El Mundo Interview with Charlie Cox

Cox plays the part of St. Josemaría in "There Be Dragons." The interview appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo at the time of the movie’s release in Spain. Cox talks about the challenges and sense of responsibility he felt in playing the part of a well-known saint. Tags: Film, US, There be Dragons

The St. Josemaria Institute and There Be Dragons

The St. Josemaria Institute is featuring the Roland Joffé film on its website, with stills, a synopsis, a mobilizer guide and more. Tags: Opus Dei, Film, There be Dragons

Role in film about Opus Dei founder helped actor overcome addiction

Playing a character with no apparent redeeming qualities was a blessing that helped Wes Bentley regain sobriety after years of addiction and isolation. The actor made the comments to journalists in Madrid for the premiere of director Roland Joffe's film, "There Be Dragons," about the early life of St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei. Tags: Film, There be Dragons

St Josemaria in Russia

For Eastern Christians, icons are themselves contemplation, prayer. An icon speaks to the soul, brings it to God. When an artist writes an icon, he first contemplates and then gives form to what he sees. Icons are not painted, they are “written”. Tags: Devotion, Iconography, Russia

Director previews ‘There Be Dragons’ in Rome

ROME (CNS) — In an interview with Catholic News Service before the screening, Joffe said writing and directing the film made “an enormous difference” in the way he thinks about religion. “It made me respect and honor people who do believe … and it taught me, in all honesty, that my views about religion had been subjective and cliched,” he said. Tags: Opus Dei, Rome, Film, There be Dragons

"There Be Dragons" presented at the Vatican

The director Roland Joffé traveled to Rome to present his film on St. Josemaria Escriva at the Vatican. The film takes place during the Spanish Civil War. A story of jealousy, forgiveness and a war that has a defining role for St. Josemaría Escrivá. Tags: Rome, Film, There be Dragons

Interview with Opus Dei spokesperson on "There Be Dragons"

ZENIT interviewed Marta Manzi, who is in charge of media relations for Opus Dei's communications office. "The director and producers of this movie came to Rome several times, to ask about the historical background, talk to people who knew St. Josemaria. We’ve tried to answer all their questions". Tags: Film, There be Dragons, media

Music For Lent

Pieces of sacred and classical music in Mp3 performed by teachers and students of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music of Rome: Tibi dixit, Miserere nostri, Qui verbum, De profundis, Domine convertere, Quis dabit, Exsurge quare obdormis, Domine, and others. Tags: Lent, mp3

Hymns for the Celebrations of Lent

Pieces of sacred and classical music in Mp3 prepared by the Office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations : M'invocherà e Io l'esaudirò, Signore, Mostrami il tuo volto, Se tu conoscessi il dono di Dio, Rallegrati, O Sion, In voi porrò il mio Spirito, and other Tags: Lent, mp3

St Josemaria websites in Croatian and Dutch

Websites in two new languages have been added to the eight currently available. Now the St Josemaria website is also online in Croatian and Dutch. Tags: Founding of Opus Dei, Opus Dei

History lessons from Hollywood

For Hollywood, it seems, history is the new rock’n’roll. Anne Applebaum, writing in the Washington Post recently on the spate of films centered on historical events or historical characters puts it down to the phenomenon of reality TV. Tags: There be Dragons

Film Portrays Josemaría Escrivá as New Kind of Hero

In his rendering of St. Josemaría Escrivá, Joffé paints a new kind of hero, not a muscle-bound stoic who has been hardened by life into a perpetual scowl, but a joyous leader whose serenity draws others to his path. As played by George Cox, Escrivá almost always has a smile on his lips. Tags: Holiness, Film, There be Dragons

A close-up portrait

What was St Josemaria Escriva like? A new book, Dios y Audacia (“God and Daring”) by Cardinal Julian Herranz, offers a fresh, close look at the man that many people call the “patron saint of ordinary life”, or the “patron saint of work”. Tags: Youth, books, Daring, God