The Way: Critical-Historical Edition

A critical-historical edition of The Way edited by Pedro Rodriguez is now available in an English translation. This edition also includes chapters on the origins, editing, and publishing history of The Way. Tags: The Way, History, books, translations

New YouTube channel on St Josemaria

“Heaven and earth,” said St Josemaria, “seem to meet on the horizon. But where they really meet, my daughters and sons, is in your hearts, when you sanctify your ordinary lives.” Part of the ordinary lives of millions of people is spent in front of a computer, on the internet. Tags: Video-clip

A desire of St Josemaria

A center for university studies in Rome to serve the Church thorough work of research and formation in the ecclesiastical sciences, cooperating with the mission of evangelization of the Church. Tags: University, Rome

Online journal: India Service Project

A group of young Australians and New Zealanders are taking part in the India Service Project in New Delhi, from January – February 2010. In their blog they recount their daily adventures with beautiful pictures and a good dose of humour. Below is a sample… Tags: Youth, Solidarity, University

Spanish Priests

Bishop Javier Echevarria, the prelate of Opus Dei, will speak at a conference on twentieth-century priests connected with the diocese of Valencia, Spain, on February 5, 2010. His paper will be about Opus Dei founder St Josemaria Escriva. Tags: Javier Echevarria, Opus Dei prelate, Priesthood, Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

There is life beyond retirement

“Some people retire and go off to Marbella. When we retired, we got the chance to move to Congo,” say Ines and Ramon, both doctors, and parents of 10. Monkole Hospital’s current project is to ask retired doctors to move there to contribute their professional experience. Tags: Solidarity, family

Filmed get-togethers with priests

In this Year for Priests convoked by Pope Benedict XVI, you can watch a number of filmed get-togethers with priests in which St Josemaria thanks them for their faithfulness and encourages them to be “one hundred per cent priests”. Tags: Priesthood, Get-together, Catechetical trips

Christmas letter

Bishop Javier Echevarria, in his Christmas letter, comments on the liturgical texts for Advent in the light of some of the writings of Pope Benedict XVI and St Josemaria, to explain the true meaning of Christmas. Read the letter Tags: Javier Echevarria, Christmas

To launch out into great undertakings

Interview with Fr Cesar Ortiz-Echagüe. St Josemaria taught me to treat Jesus as a friend, using the happenings of everyday life. I was still an architecture student, and he asked me one day, “Cesar, tell me something you do often in the course of the day.” At that time I had to draw a lot and we didn’t have propelling-pencils. I said, “Father, I spend many hours a day sharpening pencils.” And he suggested, “Then make use of it! Every time you turn the pencil-sharpener, say a quick prayer to our Lord, offer him your work. He’ll be very happy!” Tags: Prayer, Torreciudad

God Does Not Repeat Himself

Twenty-seven years ago Pope John Paul II established Opus Dei as a personal prelature. The Holy Spirit does not cease surprising us. At the end of the second millennium there was a flowering of new features in the Church. Each of them, says Cardinal Herranz, contributes to the radiance of Christ’s truth with its own charisma; and every single piece of the jigsaw-puzzle that makes up the Church is unique, with its own specific design. God does not repeat himself. Tags: Opus Dei prelature

Fiesta for the Finding of the Rose

The traditional Fiesta of the Finding of the Rose was held in Pallerols de Rialp, in the Pyrenees mountains, Spain. The fiesta is organized every year in memory of the time when St Josemaria Escriva found a gilded wooden rose in the ruined church in Pallerols. Tags: Spanish Civil War, History, Our Lady

Shining new light on Opus Dei’s mission

At Medfield’s Montrose School, in BC grad’s book, women cite positive role served by Catholic group Tags: Education, Youth, school, Women

Church of St Josemaria in Chile

The Church of St Josemaria will be formally inaugurated next month, December, in El Castillo, a poor district on the outskirts of the capital. Tags: Church of St Josemaria

Homily A priest Forever

On the the Year for the Priest announced by Pope Benedict XVI, we offer the homily A Priest Forever, on which ponders the nature of the Catholic priesthood , its necessity, dignity, relation to the Mass, as well as the relation between priests and laity in the Church. Tags: Priesthood

Interview with Dr Florence Oloo

Africa as we all know, because we read in the press and some of us experience it, has a good number of challenges. Some of these challenges include bad governance, hunger, poverty, disease and corruption – to mention just a few. Tags: Pope Benedict XVI