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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

A better job

E. M., El Salvador

November 15, 2013

I want to thank God because through St Josemaria’s intercession he has granted me the favor of changing to a better job just one month after doing the Novena for Work. Every day I pray to the founder of Opus Dei for the education of all the children God has given us including the fourth, our little daughter who has just arrived in our family.

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Third time lucky

V. I., Chile

November 14, 2013

Last week a friend of mine gave me a lift home in her car. During the drive we were talking about a trip she was about to make to Rome, but things were getting complicated because there was a strike on at the Civil Registry and the customs.

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I was awarded the job

A., Uruguay

November 13, 2013

I wanted to thank St. Josemaria for help received and for interceding before God to help me win a competitive job application. It was very difficult, because of all the trials you had to get through and the large numbers of people competing. I was awarded the job and I am just about to start work.

Her daughter was the mediator

M. R. y M., España

November 12, 2013

We went to Torreciudad with our eldest daughter, her husband, and our little grand-daughter. Our daughter now has a job after spending three years looking for work and doing courses in social work. She received the Novena for Work to Saint Josemaria and began to pray it. They live in a small house in a small town in a compound, and our granddaughter goes to the local school. It was our granddaughter, aged six, who heard at school that they needed a dinner-lady, and told her mother, who went and gave them her Resumé. 24 hours later the job was hers.

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A much better job

M. J., Guatemala

November 11, 2013

I want to acknowledge and publish this miracle which St. Josemaria obtained for me from God in 2001. I’m sorry I did not write about it before, but now I have this opportunity to publish it, I will take it and thank you. I lost my job and was unemployed for several months. I started saying the prayer-card of St. Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei, and after nine days I was given a job. I was so grateful I prayed the prayer-card for another nine days in thanksgiving. Then I got the offer of another job with double the pay. It’s turned my life round! Thanks!

I have discovered the Novena for Work

R. G., El Salvador

November 8, 2013

Eight and a half years ago I set up a medical practice. I did not have many patients at the start. I met Opus Dei two years back. I was looking at the Saint Josemaria website and found the Novena for Work, and I prayed it for a year without fail, being mindful of what it says in Scripture “Everything you ask for in prayer, believe that it is yours and you will receive it” (Matthew 21:22). Now the number of patients has increased steadily, and I have even taken on an assistant, which I never thought would happen because there weren’t enough patients to justify one. As well as all that, praying to Saint Josemaria to intercede for me has helped me to have presence of God, to know that He is with me at every moment and that every little thing I do should contain love. It has helped me to aim for holiness in my work and to do apostolate when people turn to me for help.

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The cough disappeared

V. I., Chile

November 8, 2013

A few months ago my husband went away on a weekend spiritual retreat. I was left looking after our four daughters aged between 1 and 8. I live on a hill in a fairly isolated spot. I had no car because we’d had a slight accident and it was being repaired.

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He passed all four subjects

J. A. A., Spain.

November 6, 2013

My son failed four subjects in his final year at secondary school. I prayed to Saint Josemaria to intercede for him, and in the September re-sits he passed the subjects he had failed and was able to move on to the next stage of his education. Thank you very much, Saint Josemaria.

It wasn’t cancer

M. R. M. M., Mexico

November 5, 2013

Last June my cousin fell seriously sick. The doctors thought she may have pancreatic cancer or maybe something wrong with her liver. She was in pain and couldn’t eat. We were all sad and worried about her.

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The highest mark

X. J., Ecuador

November 4, 2013

I found out about St Josemaria just by chance. One day I came across a video-clip of a saint – St Josemaria – talking about living holiness in ordinary things. It made a deep impression on me because it was something I had been seeking, and I’d never heard anyone saying anything like that.

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Earring in the snow

United Kingdom

October 30, 2013

A few years ago I went to my friend’s house during Christmas and we had a snow fight at night in her backyard. After the snow fight I found that one of my earrings was lost. We looked and looked for it but couldn’t find it anywhere.

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My two children are a miracle

C. G., Mexico

October 28, 2013

My two children are a miracle worked by St Josemaria. I was unable to become pregnant. The doctors said the only way I would be able to have children was by IVF. But I had an operation and fell pregnant a few months later. I never stopped praying through St Josemaria’s intercession and nine months later my son Nicolas was born, he’s now 2 years old.

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I pray the prayer-card every day

G. D., Ecuador

October 25, 2013

I am grateful to St Josemaria all over again. I prayed through his intercession that some medical tests my mom was having for cancer would prove negative and that was what happened. Now I am praying to him to help me find a new job. I pray the prayer to St Josemaria every day and am doing the Novena for Work. Thank you, St Josemaria.

Not by chance

L., Ecuador

October 23, 2013

I wanted to ship a container abroad but when I applied for customs clearance, submitting all the documentation, they did a revaluation of our container. We did not have enough money to pay for clearance with the new valuation. This left me saddened and upset. Then my son told me to cheer up and pray to St Josemaria, because he always hears my prayer. So I prayed through his intercession to make a sale that same day which would provide us with enough money to pay the customs. Just then some clients came in and made a purchase. With that money and some family loans we managed to make the payment and get the container through. I think this was not by chance; it was undeniably a favor from St Josemaria, who interceded for us and enabled us to end the whole sorry affair.

I found the ring

C., Spain

October 23, 2013

I lost my mother’s wedding ring when I went to hospital for an MRI scan. I searched again and again but it wasn’t there. I started praying to St Josemaria for help to find it. Two hours later I got a call saying it had been found. It is of great sentimental value to me. Thank you St Josemaria for this favor which means so much to me.


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