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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

Whatever work comes

L.T., Italy

November 19, 2015

Hello! I received a favour from Saint Josemaria. Out of gratitude, I think it deserves to be shared and told.

My sister and my brother-in-law moved to Australia to look for work and to settle down. Almost three weeks had passed and they had still not found work. Little by little their savings were running out. We decided to pray intensely to Saint Josemaria through his Novena for Work to grant them what they badly needed. The whole family (my parents from the Philippines, my younger sister who is in Singapore and I, who happened to have the great luck to be able to pray before his mortal remains in the Prelatic Church in Rome) simultaneously, with a lot of faith, prayed to Saint Josemaria to help us through his intercession to help them find work.

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Change of Career

F.P., UK

November 19, 2015

Recently I was unsatisfied with my work and looking for a career change that would better fit my professional aspirations. People I trust told me that it would be very difficult because it would require very specific circumstances. I did the Novena for Work and within a few weeks I was offered the perfect position in a respectable company that would allow me to train and develop the required skills. I feel that St Josemaria interceded for me on that occasion and has since been helping me to grow in my spiritual life.

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How Wonderfully the Lord will Surprise You!

C. O., United Kingdom

November 9, 2015

Once again many thanks for the intercession of St Josemaria Escriva. After being strengthened by the testimonies on this site I decided to pray this novena in faith. I got calls to interviews towards the end of the novena and a super job offer within 2 months. Praise the Lord. Amen! Please if you are struggling to find work, pray this novena in faith and you will see how wonderfully the Lord will surprise you.

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We continue to pray

J. K., Singapore

November 6, 2015

I am so thankful for the answered prayer of a safe and smooth delivery. I would like to thank God and Saint Josemaria for his intercession for the gift of baby Clara. It was an amazing experience and we continue to pray that the baby will experience God's love daily.

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The Tumor was Benign

T. W., USA

November 3, 2015

I wanted to tell you of an event last week that I consider Miraculous. My Nephew had been diagnosed last Monday with a malignant tumor in his leg. Before the Oncologist began treatment he wanted to have the pathology report further substantiated so he could determine what combination of medications and radiation to use. This test was to take a week to come back so we all began earnestly praying for Chris's healing. I consecrated Chris's healing to St. Josemaria Escriva's intercessory power. Chris got a call last Friday about the test that was to take a week to get the results back on and his tissue showed NO was completely benign!! We give thanks to God the Father Jesus our Savior and the Power of the Holy Spirit and St. Josemaria Escriva's Intercession. Thank you so much for introducing me to this very powerful Intercessor!

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Science or Logic Cannot Explain it

B. M.

November 3, 2015

When I started University my father had been fired. It was a job that was physically taxing and my mother and I knew the risk did not equal the benefits. My father was a kind man and promised that he would support my education any way; although I knew my dreams of medicine could end up sapping his retirement funds. My friend told me about the Novena for Work. Skeptical at first I prayed it. The next time I saw my dad he had been offered a job. I joke that my friend should pray this for my medical school application. However I am not so sure that science or logic could explain the exact timing. There seems to be more to Josemaria than I have yet to realize!

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My Brother

L. T., Chile

October 27, 2015

Thank you, Saint Josemaria, for interceding for my brother Jorge’s life. After a long sickness, the doctors said there was nothing more to be done and he would die. Yet through the intercession of this Saint, he began to get better, and now he is back home. Thank you very much, O Lord, for this huge blessing.

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An Appointment Soon

A., Germany

October 27, 2015

“Father, if you get me an appointment soon, I will write the favor down.” This was my petition to St. Josemaria at the beginning of last week, though without much conviction. The therapist who always helps me so effectively gave me an appointment for a month’s time... If some patient canceled before then, they would ring me. I hoped that the severe pain I was suffering from would get a bit better, as sometimes happens, but after another sleepless night I made up my mind: either I got an appointment soon, or I would look for another therapist, as I couldn’t go on like that. Before telephoning, I appealed again to St. Josemaria, this time with great fervor. It was eight in the morning, and the therapist answered the call in person. I began to ask if he could fit me in as an emergency, and he interrupted me. “Come at 9 o’clock.” “What? Could you repeat that?” I learned later that another patient had just canceled their appointment and the therapist had been thinking how best to fill the slot when I called. His treatment was timely and effective and afforded me considerable improvement. Now I am fulfilling my promise, with deep gratitude and renewed confidence in St. Josemaria’s intercession.

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University Admission

H. K., Mexico

October 22, 2015

My daughter was applying to a university in Barcelona to study for a Master’s. She downloaded the novena to Saint Josemaria Escriva from the internet, prayed the prayer, and as she was finishing it, the fax arrived saying she had been accepted. Thank you, Father!

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A Job for My Husband

D. P., Costa Rica

October 20, 2015

Thanks to Saint Josemaria’s intercession, my husband has found a job. We began praying the Novena for Work together and soon possible jobs began to appear and firm into an employment contract. Personally, I asked St Josemaria to look after my affairs, promising that meanwhile I would dedicate myself generously to his. Suddenly one week, I began to be asked to help in a project in many different ways, and I said yes to all of them. While I was working on that, my husband got his job.

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A house for my son

S. E., Germany

October 14, 2015

For a long time, my son Michael had been looking for a house that wasn’t too expensive. When he found an old house on offer to the highest bidder, I did a novena to Jesus, the Mother of God, and St Josemaria Escriva, ceaselessly repeating that little prayer. My son was chosen out of 120 applicants to be able to buy the house. I am so grateful for this palpable help from St Josemaria.

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Sports day

V. V., Italy

October 14, 2015

One day, wanting to do some sports in Castelgandolfo (Italy), we decided to hire two canoes for an hour on Lake Albano. In order to hire it, we had to provide an identity document, which would be returned when we made payment. I decided to give them my “permesso di soggiorno” (a document certifying that I may live in Italy while studying).

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A Friend Gave me the Prayercard


October 8, 2015

Because of the situation in my country, my husband and I decided to move to Panama for a while. It was not very hard to find jobs there. But when we then moved to Chile, it was much more difficult to get into the jobs market. I began to work for a family firm. Meanwhile I kept looking for a job that matched my qualifications better, but found nothing, and things began to look somewhat frustrating and discouraging.

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I Discovered the Novena


October 8, 2015

Five years ago I promised St Josemaria that I would thank him for having found me a job. In 2009 I lost my job and spent the next year trying to get a new job but without success. Then St Josemaria came to my help. By “chance” – God’s providence - I discovered the Novena to St Josemaria and began praying it straight away, and I got a job. I recommended the Novena to a friend who also needed to find a job and she found one after doing the Novena. Last year I decided to change my job and after many unsuccessful attempts I again had recourse to the Novena. After praying to St Josemaria and the Mother of God, a new job fell into my lap – a real “godsend”.

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A company that people are happy to work in

T. L., Canada

September 29, 2015

We have 8 children. Since November last year I started to pray novenas for work. Every time I finished the 9 days I just repeat the novena prayer cycle for a few months. The company that my husband was working in was really doing badly financially, so we thought my husband should start looking for a new job. I prayed for a more stable job for him. In February he started having interviews. In March he got hired and he is very happy with the company - very close to home, and a company that people are happy to work in.

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