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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

He helped me start my career

B., Canada

June 9, 2014

After I graduated from university as a civil engineer I began my job search. I prayed Novena to St. Josemaria for work and soon afterwards I had received two job offers that helped me start my career. About a year later I was looking for work again because I wanted to do something more fulfilling than what I was doing at my previous job so I prayed the novena once again. And again without fail I found a job and one that I am currently very happy with where I am doing exactly what I want to do.

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It was my dream job

N., Rwanda

June 9, 2014

I found out Opus Dei two years ago when I met a friend who invited me for a meditation. Ever since I have been attending meditations and it changed my life. Last year after finishing my studies I returned home in Rwanda, where I struggled to get a job. Then my friend sent me the Novena for Work of St Josemaria. I did it twice and afterwards I got a very good job which was beyond my expectations (it was temporary), and right after I was finishing my temporary job I got my current permanent job which is very good in a new international company that had just opened in Rwanda. It was my dream job and I am very happy now. And I know very well that I obtained this job through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady and St Josemaria Escriva, because on my own abilities and experiences it could have never have happened.

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Selling an apartment


June 3, 2014

DI would like to thank Saint Josemaria for granting me the favor of selling an apartment belonging to my brother and me, for which we had been completely unable to find a buyer. I prayed to Saint Josemaria for a long time but as he didn’t grant me this favor I stopped. Some months later I thought I could try again, and without much hope I started praying the prayer-card. When I could already see it was going to be difficult to obtain the favor, someone called wanting to view the apartment. To everyone’s surprise, he bought it. I write this to bear witness to Saint Josemaria’s miraculous power and intercession. It was hard work selling the apartment but he obtained the favor for us. I want to thank him and ask his forgiveness for having had so little confidence in him. Warm regards.

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Surprise pregnancy

M. J. M., Spain

June 3, 2014

In January 2013 I had my seventh miscarriage. In May 2013 I did a spiritual retreat and while I was there I read a booklet about favors received by many different people through St. Josemaria’s intercession. I decided to ask him for help: I did a novena to him asking for a successful pregnancy. In June we got the surprising news that I was pregnant and now, after a problem-free pregnancy, we are rejoicing in our new gift from God.

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Internet search

M. G. M., Spain

May 28, 2014

After two and a half years working for the same company, facing up to extreme situations that drained me of strength and weakened my Faith, my company made me redundant in December 2013. My whole world came crashing down. I had to go back to my home town because I couldn’t afford to live elsewhere, leaving behind the life I’d built up with all the special people who were part of it. Two weeks ago I saw that things just weren’t working out. I was having difficulty even getting my driving license, and everything was a mess.

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My five-year-old daughter

Costa Rica

May 28, 2014

I am writing to tell everyone about a favor received today from St Josemaria. I was with my family at an International Arts Fair attended by hundreds of thousands of people. My younger daughter, five years old, got lost one night. I was with my elder daughter and in a matter of seconds we lost sight of her. We notified the police and I started praying to Saint Josemaria, our Guardian Angels, and Jesus, to bring her back to me. Our mobiles were not working and she still didn’t appear. Every second seemed like an eternity, and my husband, who was with another of our children, was not answering his phone either. There was no sign of her. About 10 minutes went by, and then I got a call from a young woman called Kimberley: my daughter was with her! There were several people standing round her and when we arrived they all started clapping.

Finding a better-paid job

J. Q., Mexico

May 27, 2014

I first heard of St Josemaria a year ago. In March 2013 I began to read The Way, and was amazed at this book and its message. I began watching videos of St Josemaria, and felt his closeness more and more. I prayed to him regularly, and could feel his help every day: I prayed to him for my family and a project I undertook, which did not turn out well. However, I never became discouraged, because I knew that something would come along later. I trusted fully in God and, as St Josemaria said, “Omnia in Bonum!” Everything will turn out for the best! Not having any means of support I found a temporary job which helped a lot, but I continued looking for something better.

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Money problems

T. G., Honduras

May 19, 2014

At home we were having a lot of money problems because my sister got a scholarship to do her master’s in Japan and my nephew had to move outside our town to practice. This led my mother to apply for her pension, but the payments were held up. We waited for a year with no news of the pension and thought all was lost, but Saint Josemaria interceded for us, and my mother received the payment just when we least expected it.

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An excellent job

V., Costa Rica

May 19, 2014

I would like to tell people that through the intercession of Our Blessed Lady and St Josemaria Escriva, I got an excellent job when I had just finished praying the novena. It’s unbelievable, because I’m 54 and have been jobless for some time. I had to keep working to support my children through their studies. I have known about St Josemaria ever since I was young, so I appealed to him and he helped me. I’m so grateful to God for enabling me to know Opus Dei.

St. Josemaria’s picture

M. C. P., Spain

May 19, 2014

I finally made up my mind to write this down. To summarize the story of me and St. Josemaria: we have lived in Alcorcon for the last 14 years. 9 years ago I met a friend who is a Supernumerary. I didn’t know the Work before. There’s no church near where we live, and by God’s grace a new church dedicated to St. Josemaria is now about to be built. Having given that summary, I want to say that my 6-year-old daughter prayed before a picture of St Josemaria for me to get a job. This was on December 26, 2013. On January 5 this year, I got a call to join a working group. I am happy and so is my whole family. I started work on January 9, St. Josemaria’s birthday. I am very grateful. Thank you, St. Josemaria!

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Thank you for giving me hope

M., Canada

May 7, 2014

Thank you so much St Josemaría for giving me my dream job. Thank you for helping me to get the news of my new job at the right time. I know it was possible because of you and my mother Mary. St Josemaría, I really wish to be a permanent employee in this company after 3 months probation. Please help me to get through it successfully.

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Two novenas for work

M. E. B., Argentina

April 28, 2014

My daughter couldn’t get her finances straightened out. She had been like that for nearly 27 months. After doing two Novenas for Work she found a really good job. Thank you, St Josemaria, for helping my daughter at such a difficult time.

St Josemaria has been with me

J. R., USA

April 28, 2014

In November 2013 I was fired from my job of 9 years with no explanation given. It was a very painful experience for me as it involved people whom I trusted and loved very much. For weeks I was in complete shock. Then for months I was just so sad and scared not just because I lost my livelihood (I am single) but all my friends who were like family in an instant.

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Eight months

J. F. L., Mexico

April 22, 2014

I would like to give thanks for favors granted through St. Josemaria’s intercession. I was looking for a job for eight months, then I did the Novena for Work and kept praying it, because I had spent several years doing very badly-paid jobs. After constant, trusting prayer I got a good job, and bless God for it every day, because thanks to that I am able to support my family. Thank you!

A healthy grandson

S. H. A., Mexico

April 22, 2014

I give endless thanks to Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer for hearing my prayers once again and sending me a wonderful healthy grandson. I had been praying for this for a long time. Fill him with God’s blessings, Saint Josemaria, look after him and protect him. A thousand thanks!


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