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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

Since 2005

RM., France

December 23, 2014

I have been praying through St Josemaria’s intercession since 2005 and from this summer, when I lost my job, I intensified my prayers. I have had several interviews – something that had not happened for a long time, although I was constantly looking for a job. For the past month I’ve been working at a temporary job in my sector, but the person I’m replacing is due back in a few weeks. I have the verbal promise of another job after that, and although it is not in my speciality and will not be a fixed contract, it is just next to where I live, so it will be the first time I’ve not had to travel over 100 kilometers from home! I am sure that St Josemaria will help me to find something in my own sector after that. I trust him completely. I would also like to say that I was baptized on Sunday November 23. St Josemaria and Don Alvaro have always helped me. A million thanks to these two saints.

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A healthy little girl

M. P. P. V., Spain

December 22, 2014

Thanks to St. Josemaria we have had a healthy little girl. They told us we would have problems because the oxygen was not getting to the placenta. I prayed through St. Josemaria’s intercession and promised to go to Torreciudad and our little girl is quite healthy.

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Jobs for three people

L. G. C, Spain

December 1, 2014

Two years ago my husband was dismissed by the firm he had worked in for 27 years. We have been fighting for his rights but so far with no success. Some months later, my son also lost his job. The situation was very difficult because, as well as this, my son-in-law had been unemployed for 5 years. Two weeks ago my son got a job in a company and a week later the same company had another job vacancy. My son spoke to his boss about the possibility of taking on his father and they gave him the preliminary medical check before hiring him. The only problem was that he needed a certain form from his old firm, who refused to give it to him. We tried by other channels, but still with no result. Without that form, my husband couldn’t get the job! I was on the point of collapse, because he is 58 and this could well be the only chance he would get. Then I turned to the prayer-card of Saint Josemaria Escriva, praying with total faith that we could please obtain that form. The deadline was approaching and I could see we weren’t going to make it… I prayed the prayer-card intensely, and within ten minutes my son called to say they’d got the form. Straight after that, my son-in-law also found a job. So I will never stop thanking God and Saint Josemaria for his help at that time.

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A better work opportunity

P. A. A., Brazil

November 25, 2014

I prayed through St Josemaria’s intercession for an improvement in my job and by a lottery process I obtained the perfect timetable. I give thanks to God and to the Founder of Opus Dei.

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It came into my hands by chance

M., Spain

November 25, 2014

During the days of Don Alvaro del Portillo’s beatification, there came into my hands, quite by chance, a prayer-card of Saint Josemaria. It had been given to a friend in the hotel where we both worked. At that point I wanted, with all my heart, to change my job and I had been looking for a job for a long time. When I got the prayer-card I started reading it and found myself totally absorbed in it. I prayed that I would be accepted for a job I had been interviewed for shortly before. A week later I got a call offering me the job contract. I am sure it is a miracle by St Josemaria, and as a result I am saying his prayer every day.

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A stroke

N.C.L., Argentina

November 20, 2014

I am grateful for St Josemaria Escriva’s intercession in helping my Mom to recover from a stroke and subsequent convulsions. Thank you!

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Novena to St Josemaria

E., Nigeria

November 18, 2014

I wrote a job test that I was really interested in with my cousin. Seven months passed and we weren't called. I did a nine day novena to St. Josemaria which ended on a Saturday. The following Monday my cousin was called up. I promised I will tell my story when my prayers were answered and I believe this is not yet the end of my story.

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I passed with a high score


November 17, 2014

Thank you to St Josemaria Escrivá. I passed my practical driving test. The first test I failed and I was depressed. I prayed to St Josemaria Escrivá and I passed with a high score! Thank you, St Josemaria.

House for sale

A. F., Portugal

November 10, 2014

Our house had been on the market for two years. At the Mass in honour of St Josemaria this year, I asked him to intercede for the house to be sold, if it was God’s will. One week later an English buyer appeared and we sold the house.

In the third month of pregnancy


November 10, 2014

My daughter Maria Jose is now eight months old. I found I was pregnant on June 26, 2013, the feast of St Josemaria, and prayed for my baby through his intercession from that moment on. In the third month of the pregnancy I started haemorrhaging. My health was delicate and I prayed the prayer to St Josemaria for the baby to be born healthy. I thank God every day for my daughter’s life, and St Josemaria Escriva for his intercession.

Three days later


November 4, 2014

In our family we have always had a lot of love for Opus Dei and St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer. We invoke his and Don Alvaro’s intercession for all sorts of needs. My little sister, Nina, studies law in Sao Paulo and works in an office. She was feeling rather discouraged with the atmosphere at work.

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I had a job

K., Mexico

November 4, 2014

Not having worked for many years I began looking for a job and did the Novena for Work to St Josemaria. Just days after finishing it, I had a job. Very many thanks to St Josemaria for favors received.

After leaving school

J., France

November 4, 2014

I want to thank St Josemaria for granting me the favour I was praying for. After finishing school my son spent a month looking for a job, and now he has found one. I am so grateful to St Josemaria Escriva for this favour. He heard me prayers and interceded for me before God, who granted me this grace. My son is now working at a job he likes, just exactly as he desired. Thank you, thank you!

A call from the CEO

D. L., United States

November 4, 2014

Several months after finishing a grad school program I was still struggling to find meaningful work: work that feeds my soul, my family and the world. I "Googled" the phrase "novena for work" and a link to St. Josemaria's novena appeared. On the eight day of the novena (out of nine) I received a call from a CEO who was launching a new company; he asked me for a meeting and soon after I began working in the role of Social Content Director. Thank you good Saint for your intercession.

A favor so quickly granted

N. M. C., Canada

October 29, 2014

I started a novena for an after-school job for my daughter. That was four days ago. On day one my daughter submitted a job application which was immediately acknowledged and an interview arranged for 11:00 am today. My daughter was hired to start next week. Thanks a lot St. Josemaria Escriva for a favour so quickly granted.

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