A goal offered to God

Ignacio Gonzalez, footballer and student

January 1, 2002

I’ve been playing football ever since I could walk. My Dad urged me on, because he’s a great sportsman and fanatical about football. I played junior football for the Little Place Club and also in inter-school tournaments, wearing the Monte VI strip, which was the school I went to. I always loved it, and in 1992 I and some friends applied to Danubio FC. I was accepted, and I started off in the Club’s junior division in 1993.

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The Meaning of Love

Parehuia Tutua-Nathan, home-maker, mather of five children, author of “Woman as the Ridgepole of the Family”, New Zealand

May 2, 2000

I do not speak as an authority on love and marriage. However, I have come to feel that sense of authority, or perhaps conviction, that one feels when dealing with a topic so very close to the heart. If I had to tell you something about love and the richness of married life fifteen years ago, I would have told you something quite different from what I am about to share with you today.

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I realized that he was a man of God, a holy priest

Msgr. Enrique Pelach, Bishop Emeritus of Abancay, Peru

First news of Opus Dei
I first heard about Opus Dei in 1941, on the occasion of one of the many episodes of persecution that St Josemaria Escriva and his Work had to endure. This one was in Barcelona.

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There are no dogmas in politics

Christopher Wolfe, Professor of Political Science, Marquette University. United States

There are no dogmas in politics, there’s not just one right way of defending life in the public sphere. Saint Josemaria Escriva would tell us that, as Christians, we have to understand society, study its problems, and then make decisions, but without thinking that they are the only possible ones. The same happens in Opus Dei: there are different opinions on every political topic. What is essential is to make our Christian faith and morals the basis for solving those problems, and so contribute to the good of society.

A book restorer who found his Way

Carlos Bordolli, Uruguay

What can I say about Msgr. Escriva and Opus Dei? I can’t begin to put it into words without first giving a bit of my history. I was born in the year of Maracaná, on the day of Maracaná. (Ed. Note: Uruguay beat Brazil in the 1950 World Cup finals at Maracaná, a 200,000 seat stadium built in Brazil for the tournament.) They baptized me in front of the Uruguayan Soccer Association, in the Parish of Cordón, at the moment of the final party. It was all orchestrated by my Italian grandmother, Dofia Annunziata Molinari of Fattoruso. But in my parent’s house, they had closed the door on God.

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Christians in the media

Fr. José María La Porte holds a doctorate in theology, another in Communication, and is lecturer in Institutional Communication at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy.

The subject of the following interview was Fr La Porte’s doctoral thesis entitled “Christians in the media according to St Josemaría. Historical context and spiritual and pastoral development”. In the interview, Fr. La Porte answers questions about the background to his thesis.

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From Toxicity to Transcendence: St. Josemaria and Contemplation in the Workplace

Jenny Driver, MD, Fellow in Geriatric Oncology, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, USA

I am a physician, not an expert in theology or philosophy, and I never knew St. Josemaria personally. I do, however, consider myself an expert in one thing: stress. Like many of my colleagues, I am a connoisseur of stress. We have an ice-cream shop in the United States called Baskin-Robbins. It has thirty-one flavors, and if stress came in thirty-one flavors, I would have tasted each and every one of them. A recent poll listed medical internship as one of the top five most stressful jobs in the US.

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Reaching each person’s heart

Lucia Vinco

I have worked for several years in different catering and hospitality schools and at the same time in the service sector. I am currently studying for a degree in dietetics, because I see thorough scientific training as essential if I am to do my work to a professionally high standard.

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