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Find the Love of God in the Walls of your Home

The Prelate of Opus Dei this month continues his reflections on the family. "The earthly journey of Saint Josemaría is filled with his loving teaching that we need to spread constantly the holy atmosphere of the home at Nazareth." Download pdf format My dear children: may Jesus [...]
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Incontro Romano Celebrates
25th Anniversary at Eataly

This past Tuesday (31 March 2015), the Incontro Romano celebrated it's 25th international Congress at Rome's Eataly on the theme of "The Power of Service: Empathy and Teamwork". Some 300 girls from all over the globe participated in the conference, some by submitting papers or [...]
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Letter from the Prelate of Opus Dei

In his monthly letter the Prelate speaks about the 85th anniversary of the moment when our Lord made St. Josemaría understand that Opus Dei was also for women, as well as for men. Read the full text: My dear children: may Jesus watch over my daughters and [...]
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Centenary of Dora del Hoyo

January 11, 2014 is the centennial of the birth of the Servant of God Dora del Hoyo. For this centennial, a documentary has been produced about who Dora was and what she can teach us for our lives today. The documentary is available in six languages: English, [...]
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Dora del Hoyo loved her job, by Paula Assen

Dora del Hoyo (1914-2014) devoted her whole life, with real passion and legitimate pride, to the work of the home, to domestic work. Her work was to create the warmth of a home for those around her, whom she considered her family. Paula Assen tells her [...]
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Rosalia Lopez Interview

While you are working, say loving things to him Rosalia Lopez has lived in Rome since 1946, having moved there at St Josemaria’s invitation. Only a few months previously, she had decided to join Opus Dei, while she was working in the catering department or “administration” [...]
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Opening of the process of beatification of Dora del Hoyo

Opening of the process of beatification of Dora del Hoyo “Lord, you called Dora to work at the same tasks as the Blessed Virgin Mary carried out in the home at Nazareth. Help me to find you in everyday situations, and to spread all around me [...]
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Dora del Hoyo and St Josemaria

What was the connection between Dora and St Josemaria? The following article describes Dora’s first contact with Opus Dei in 1944. St Josemaria and Dora del Hoyo By the end of January the construction and repair jobs were finished, and Moncloa was free of workmen. It was [...]
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Powering expansion

August 17, 2011. Madrid, Spain. Over a million young people homed in on Madrid to celebrate the 27th World Youth Day with Pope Benedict XVI. Around 12,000 of them came to Vistalegre to meet Bishop Echevarria, prelate of Opus Dei and second successor of its [...]
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What does "Administration" mean in Opus Dei?

Sveta, from Russia, has asked to be admitted to Opus Dei as an Assistant Numerary. Bishop Echevarria reminds her to trust St Josemaria in all her apostolate.
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