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1934: Revolution in Spain

- Revolution in Spain - DIY at DYA - Opus Dei and the DYA Academy: criticisms and relations with the Spanish hierarchy - New Members Revolution in Spain The immediate political roots of the October 1934 uprising in Spain are found in the elections held in the fall of 1933. [...]
Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Spanish Civil War, Madrid, Politics, Spain, The DYA academy, Isidoro Zorzano, Juan Jimenez Vargas, Opus Dei members, Pedro Casciaro, Anti-clericalism, Spanish history, Republic

1931-1932: The Second Spanish Republic and Spanish anticlericalism

- The coming of the Second Republic, 1931 - Spanish anti-clericalism - The The burning of convents - Anti-clerical legislation of the Provisional Government - The Constituent Assembly and the Constitution - Father Josemaria’s reaction to growing anti-clericalism - Stoning with Hail Marys - From the Foundation for the sick to [...]
Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Suffering, Sickness, Spanish Civil War, History, Madrid, Poverty, Politics, Women, Juan Jimenez Vargas, Opus Dei members, Anti-clericalism, Spanish history