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Finding Christ in the Middle of the World

Finding Christ in the Middle of the World is an Australian video exploring the impact of St Josemaría’s message in Australia. The video is divided into seven short clips between 2-5 minutes in length featuring Australians from all backgrounds. These seven brief videos provide an insight [...]
Tags: Friendship, Love of God, Contemplation, Hope, Family and work, Faith, Divine sonship, Children, Freedom, Opus Dei, Service, Interior life, Ordinary life, Love, happiness, Forgiveness, Australia

50 Years of living the message of St. Josemaría in Australia

St Josemaría Conference is a half-day event marking 50 years that the message of St Josemaría has been lived in Australia. St Josemaría Conference will provide an opportunity for Australians to find out more about the Prelature of Opus Dei and the message of its founder, [...]
Tags: Church, Opus Dei, Australia

Prayers answered for employment & accommodation

I am writing to thank St Josemaría for his intercession before God for favours granted. As a returning resident to my country I began to search for employment, as is the norm. But the days passed by with countless applications to various employers but no [...]
Tags: Prayer, Work, prayer-card, Job, Australia, favours of the founder of Opus Dei

Like a bridge over troubled water in Sydney: Warrane College

Abstract: This article refers to events occurred in Sydney, from 1966 to 1974, to provide some general background to the foundation of Warrane College, a university hall of residence entrusted to the spiritual care of Opus Dei and affiliated with the University of New South [...]
Tags: Youth, Opus Dei, Australia, Opus Dei members

Giving some time, gaining a treasure

St. Josemaría told us that Opus Dei began among the poor and the sick, among generous souls in hospital wards whose condition brought them close to the heart of God. The girls at Eremeran Hills Club in Sydney want to go back to these roots making [...]
Tags: Youth, Solidarity, Australia

Dubbo Service Project

In a bid to change the world, I participated in a service project to Dubbo, an inland Australian city with a large Indigenous Australian community. Our project was based in one of Dubbo’s less affluent areas at a community centre where we would run a holiday [...]
Tags: Youth, Solidarity, Australia

New research on the history of Opus Dei

The fourth number of Studia et Documenta (2010), a journal written mainly in Spanish and Italian about the history of Opus Dei and its founder St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, has just come out. The theme of one section of this issue is educational initiatives [...]
Tags: Study, History, Madrid, Opus Dei, Devotion, Australia, US, Italy

Masses of St Josemaria around the world 2010

The feast of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, Founder of Opus Dei, is celebrated in the Catholic Church on June 26. The following are details of Masses of Saint Josemaria which will be said on or around that date in different countries. Confessions will be heard before [...]
Tags: June 26, The Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, Kenya, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Cameroun, Canada, China, US, Malta, Singapore, UK, South Africa, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda