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Anniversary of Saint Josemaria's birthday

Where and when was St Josemaria born? What were his other names? When was he baptized? Who where his parents? What did Saint Josemaria say about them? What kind of childood did Josemaria have? Was his family well off or short of money? Questions and [...]
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January 9, 1902 - Josemaría Escriva's arrival into the world

Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer was born in the Spanish city of Barbastro on January 9,1902, and died in Rome on June 26,1975. A few weeks before his death, trying to bring his life into sharp focus, he expressed a deep awareness of Divine Providence: "Our Lord [...]
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If Opus Dei had no members till the 1930s, why did Josemaria Escriva say it was founded in 1928?

Father Josemaria always said that “Opus Dei was founded on October 2, 1928,” because that was the day that God made him “see” Opus Dei, and what he had to do, deep in his soul. From that moment on, Opus Dei (which didn’t yet even [...]
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Why did Josemaria’s father’s business fail?

Between 1912 and 1915 the effects of successive bad harvests impacted on textile sales. At the same time, a former partner in the family business opened up a competing business in the same town, which he had previously committed himself not to do under the [...]
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What sort of childhood did Josemaria Escriva have?

Josemaria’s home town was Barbastro, a small but prosperous city with its own cathedral, in the north-east of Spain. Although at that time, in the first decade of the twentieth century, much of Spain was suffering the effects of the loss of its overseas colonies, [...]
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Where was Josemaria Escriva born?

Josemaria Escriva was born in Barbastro, Spain, in 1902. His parents, Jose and Dolores, were a young married couple, whose families were from Barbastro and nearby towns.
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Josemaria’s Christening

Josemaria’s Christening On January 13, 1902, everyone in St Josemaria’s house got up early and put on their best clothes. The little family was going to gather at the baptismal font in Barbastro Cathedral that morning. His godparents arrived very early to take the baby, who was [...]
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The Life of Saint Josemaria

Barbastro is a city in the province of Huesca in Spain. Josemaria Escriva was born there at 10 o’clock at night on January 9, 1902 in a house on the corner of the main street and the market-place. Four days later, little Josemaria was baptized [...]
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A Christian Family

St Josemaria recalled gratefully how his parents introduced him step by step to the Christian way of life. Little Josemaría was only two years old when he got sick, so seriously sick that the doctor expected him to die. Around him, the Escrivá household fell [...]
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Christian Parents

Saint Josemaría was born in Barbastro at about ten o’clock at night on January 9, 1902. His parents were José Escriva and Dolores Albas. The Escrivas came originally from Narbonne in France, but had been settled for centuries in the Catalonian district of Balaguer. José’s parents [...]
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