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Opus Dei is part of today's world

Enrique is a Chilean interior designer. He met St Josemaria, the founder of Opus Dei, in 1974 and here he talks about what struck him most: the love for freedom which is part of the message of Opus Dei, and "respect for others, especially their [...]
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The miracle of Bishop Alvaro: the recovery of Jose Ignacio

The Holy See has attributed to the intercession of Bishop Alvaro the recovery of the new born Jose Ignacio Ureta Wilson after a cardiac arrest lasting longer than half an hour which took place on August 2, 2003.
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St Josemaria is like a superhero in my house

Patricio and Carmen talk about how St Josemaria helped them during their son's sickness among other things.
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Since I discovered the gift of Faith, there's no other way I'd want to live

I am married and the mother of three children. I lost my own mother when I was still very small. However, I had a happy, peaceful childhood thanks to the special support given me by one of my aunts. The onset of adolescence and other [...]
Tags: October 2, 1928, Conversion, Chile

The mysteries of our faith

Living a life of faith does not mean we understand everything, because human reason is limited and God's wisdom is infinite. St Josemaria talked about this in Santiago, Chile, July 7, 1974. - Father, you've made us realize that we need to get to know and [...]
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Meeting Saint Josemaria, July 5 Chile

A gathering in Santiago de Chile where many people were able to ask Saint Josemaria about different topics such as educating their children, The Holy Mass, apostolate and Christian life.
Tags: Holiness, Get-together, Josemaria Escriva, Chile

St Josemaria and my work as a painter

Ana Maria Balmaceda is a Chilean painter. She met St Josemaria in Santiago de Chile in 1974. She learned from him to fill her work with faith, to "blaze a trail to God through colors." "Keeping on painting when I don't feel like it.... that's [...]
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