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Serving the Church as she wishes to be served

Angela Solferino: I started to get more involved with Opus Dei in 1988 when I enrolled in the Faculty of Canonical Law in the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. I realized while attending the classes there that everything in reference to the doctrine and [...]
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Cardinal Franz König, Archbishop Emeritus of Vienna

I met Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer in Rome during the Second Vatican Council. I had been told that he fostered the role of laity in everyday life, in the world of work. He wanted the Church to be active in the world through the laity, [...]
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Escriva showed me that there is freedom in the Catholic Church

Escriva showed me something that I would have never believed, that there is freedom in the Catholic Church. What I thought before about the Catholic Church was the usual clichés: coercion, narrow-mindedness, “you must…” Through Escriva’s writings and video films of get-togethers I perceived what [...]
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His exemplary commitment to the Church

I had the grace to know Msgr. Escriva de Balaguer and to talk to him on different occasions, feeling the warmth of his sincere friendship and his exemplary commitment to the Church until the moment when God called him to His presence
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St Josemaría arrived in Rome for the first time on June 23, 1946

On June 23, 1946 the founder of Opus Dei arrived in Rome to expedite pontifical approval of Opus Dei. This approval would enable Opus Dei, which was universal from the very start, to spread its apostolate to different countries. Pilar Urbano wrote an account of [...]
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Escrivá was a "modern master in the spirituality of work"

We can humanize work when we bring God into it, because that gives our life its meaning. Cardinal Schonborn’s article proposes a “human ecology of work”, for which there have always been teachers in the life of the Church. St Josemaria was one of them. Work [...]
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Welcoming address to the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. October 7, 2002

I have the joy of welcoming the Orthodox Patriarch of Romania, His Beatitude Teoctist, and the distinguished members of his delegation who have accompanied him to Rome for a visit that starts today. His Beatitude the Patriarch has just arrived and I wanted his visit [...]
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Bishop Javier Echevarría, Prelate of Opus Dei. Rome, June 26, 2006

Dear brothers and sisters, Ut in gratiarum semper actione maneamus! May we always live in constant thanksgiving! Deo omnis gloria! All the glory to God! These were two of the aspirations that inspired St Josemaría, whose feast we are celebrating today and whose exemplary daily life [...]
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Facts and Figures on the canonization

The Concelebrants The Holy Father concelebrated with 42 other persons: cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests. Among them were Card. Jose Saraiva Martins (Prefect of the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints), Card. Antonio María Rouco Varela, Archbishop of Madrid (the diocese in which the new [...]
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The founder of Opus Dei in Pompeii, Almudena, Sonsoles and Fatima, 1968-1970

“My dearest daughters and sons: you will have wondered why in these last few years I’ve been going from one shrine of our Lady to another, in a continual pilgrimage over many countries, which also enables me to thank our Lord for the chance to [...]
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