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Pope: Put Down Your Cell Phones and Talk to One Another

Video (Rome Reports). To start off his weekly general audience, Pope Francis made his way through St. Peter's Square, in the popemobile, blessing crowds along the way. In his catechesis, Pope Francis talked about the family, focusing on the need to restore the basics, starting [...]
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Harambee launches video contest to show what's right with Africa

Overcoming stereotypes. Showing a dynamic and rarely publicized side of Africa. This is the goal of the Harambee video contest for professionals and students which was launched the past February, 19th at the Pontificial University of the Holy Cross. "Africa is more than wars, Boko Haram, [...]
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The Pope speaks about communion in the Church Sacraments, charisms and acts of love

The Holy Father asked the faithful to join him in “an act of love for Noemi”, this morning at the General Audience, 6 November, in St Peter's Square. Recalling the dramatic story of a little girl who has been diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative disorder, [...]
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"What matters is that God believes in you."

The journalist German Yanke is an excellent raconteur with many years' radio experience. In connection with the publication in Spanish of the historico-critical edition of "Conversaciones con Monseñor Escrivá", he talks about something he heard directly from his fellow-journalist Alberto Miguez, who once went to [...]
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Is “God” an unknown word?

This conference presentation on “Communicating Christian identity today” was delivered by theologian Jutta Burggraf at the conference “Church and communication, identity and dialogue”, held at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome on April 27, 2010, seven months before her death. I would like [...]
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Papers that help people be better

If there is one phrase that has marked the path of our marriage in these twenty years of happy union, it is St Josemaria’s words, “Dream, and your dreams will fall short.” Going back thirty years, I remember, on the first day of my journalism [...]
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St Josemaria Escriva, teacher

Abstract: The academic journal Studia et Documenta has published an article on the classes of ethics and professional morality given by St Josemaria as part of the official journalism course in Madrid, 1940-1941. The article covers the history of this course and St Josemaria’s appointment [...]
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Ten keys for communicating faith

Passing on the faith is a very long-standing issue, one that has been present throughout the two-thousand-year history of the Christian community. The Church has always seen herself as a messenger, entrusted with news that has been revealed to her and is worth passing on. [...]
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Faith is to be lived out every day

Nic, media and communications consultant, producer. While working with Opus Dei as media and communications consultant in 2006, Nic Sulsky was struck by Saint Josemaria’s call to live by faith in a dynamic way that fills each day with meaning.
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A wide vision for the future of professions in the media

St Josemaria himself asked for a journalism degree to be set up at the University of Navarre
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