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My Home is My New Catwalk

Neysha, from Puerto Rico, is a professional model. She says, “My home is my new catwalk, and I try to look more elegant than ever, for love of my husband and children.” My name is Neysha, and I’m married, with three sons, aged six, four [...]
Tags: Marriage, Consistency, Dignity, family, Puerto Rico

Parents are an Open Book for their Children

In his July letter, the Prelate of Opus Dei reminds us that the first responsibility for educating children in the faith always lies with parents and asks for our redoubled prayer for the upcoming Synod on the Family. Download as pdf and in other formats. My [...]
Tags: Church, Javier Echevarria, Unity of life, Consistency, family, happiness

From Sociological Christianity to an encounter with God

A few years ago I started my degree course at the University of Navarre, Spain. I lived in Belagua University Hall of Residence. Both the University itself and Belagua are corporate works of Opus Dei. Up until that point I had practised a “sociological Christianity”. [...]
Tags: Eucharist, Faith, Consistency, Year of Faith

Singing with God

What should I do to be a "soul of prayer" as St Josemaria said? Ana from Cuba came to Madrid for the 2011 World Youth Day. She went to a meeting of young people with Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei, in Vistaalegre Palace, and [...]
Tags: Unity of life, Consistency

Faith is to be lived out every day

Nic, media and communications consultant, producer. While working with Opus Dei as media and communications consultant in 2006, Nic Sulsky was struck by Saint Josemaria’s call to live by faith in a dynamic way that fills each day with meaning.
Tags: Faith, Ordinary life, Consistency, Communication, Cameroun

Newman and Escriva

The following article, first published in Spanish on Church Forum 2.0 beta, draws parallels between Newman and St Josemaria in the importance they both gave to the role that the laity are called to play in the Church. Tracing a link between St Josemaria Escriva and [...]
Tags: Pope Benedict XVI, Consistency, lay, Beatification, UK

The Work of a Film Historian

I am a Professor of English Literature who also became a Film Historian and Critic while teaching at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville NY. Last year my wife and I retired to Santa Cruz, California, where I continue to study, to write, and to spend [...]
Tags: Apostolate, Conversion, culture, Consistency

His words give me hope and encouragement

I first got to know about Josemaria Escriva while I was an undergraduate law student at a Nigerian university. I was quite conversant with the teachings of the Church and the Bible and was active in Church activities and student social life on campus. Although [...]
Tags: Hope, Jesus Christ, Consistency

The Church’s social teaching will get across when people practice it

Fr. Enrique Colom lectures in moral theology (justice and the social teaching of the Church) at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome. He first met St Josemaria in October 1960, a few months after joining Opus Dei. Over the following ten years he [...]
Tags: Citizenship, Justice, Solidarity, Work, Consistency

A good co-librettist

“Everything goes”. That was the idea I had when I was fourteen and began working in the media. I’d seen the media as my vocation ever since I was very young. I’d found it quite hard to get into the media world, and so I [...]
Tags: Joy, Apostolate, Holy Purity, Unity of life, Consistency