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A book I’ll never forget

In Life and Living, a magazine for the elderly, readers wrote describing “the book I’ll never forget”. Esther, 86, wrote about The Way by Josemaria Escriva (Scepter). I was 24 years old and bedridden with pleural tuberculosis. I’d recently given birth to my son John after [...]
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An ordinary man with an extraordinary challenge

Nicole Joseph Dookie was born in Trinidad, in a Christian family. Moved by the example of her husband, Jerome Dookie, she was received into the Catholic Church in March 2002, and joined Opus Dei as a Supernumerary in October that same year. At about that [...]
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The things that really matter

My daughter Sofia was born on December 24, 1983, and her mother died a few days later. From then on, helped by her mother’s parents and a large and very supportive family network, I took up my changed life. Six months later I learnt that [...]
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