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St. Josemaria Talks About Torreciudad

Video. 2015 marks the 40th anniversay of the inauguation of the Shrine at Torreciudad, which opened in July 1975. In 1972, St. Josemaria spoke about the construction of this Marian shrine, during a large get-together in Barcelona.
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Saint Josemaria and the Role of Saint Joseph in Christian Life

An article that will appear in the forthcoming issue of the journal Romana, no. 59, written by Fr. Lucas Mateo-Seco shortly before his death in February 2014. The feast of Saint Joseph is celebrated in the Church on March 19. Download pdf 1. Introduction Devotion to Saint Joseph [...]
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Novena for the Sick

Ever since St Josemaria died on June 26, 1975, hundreds of people have written about favors they have received through his intercession: material help, conversions, firm decisions to return to the practice of the Faith, and also the healing of people who were sick. The [...]
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Prayer card in Turkish

The new prayer card of Saint Josemaria in Turkish has just come out. In the download section of the website, we offer the prayer card of the Founder of Opus Dei in more than 75 languages, such as in Tamil (India), Kazakh, Armenian, etc. [...]
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St Josemaria and Romania

June 26 2013, a statue of St Josemaria will be blessed at a special ceremony in the church of St Therese of Lisieux, Bucharest, Romania, by Archbishop Ioan Robu of Bucharest. The statue is the work of the Japanese sculptor Etsuro Sotoo, who is currently [...]
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Saint Josemaria Escriva in Mexico

Unpublished videoclip images from the novena that St Josemaria did in Guadalupe, Mexico, May 16 - 24, 1970
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St. Josemaria in Korea

A friend gave me a copy of The Way when I was in college. That was the very first book I read by St. Josemaria. It touched me deeply, and I wanted to read more. I learned many things from St. Josemaria’s writings: how to [...]
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St Josemaria stamps in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Post Office issued a set of commemorative St Josemaria stamps to mark the tenth anniversary of his canonization on October 6, 2012. The set is headed by a stamp showing St Peter’s Square on the day St Josemaria was canonized. Below it is [...]
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What can I do to love our Lady?

Please, Father, what can I do to love our Lady? -I think you’re already doing what you can. You have some devotions at the year-end, a novena to the Immaculate Conception, right? Do you? -Yes, fine. -Well, I also advise you to follow the Seven Sundays of St [...]
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We got married

I prayed to Saint Josemaria with great devotion that I would be able to marry my fiancé. Saint Josemaria interceded for me, and now we are married. I continue praying to him to be able to have children normally, since we are having problems with [...]
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