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Pope's Urbi et Orbi blessing, "close to the victims of terrorism all over the world"

Video (Rome Reports). Thousands of people have come to St. Peter's to hear Pope Francis's Easter speech. As is customary every year, the Pope directed a speech addressing the realities of today's world issues. POPE FRANCIS "The Lord Jesus, our peace, by his resurrection triumphed over [...]
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Pope's Urbi et Orbi blessing. He prays for peace in Ukraine, Venezuela and Syria

Video. Rome Reports. Before giving his Urbi et Orbi blessing, the Pope prayed for peace in the world. "Help us to overcome the scourge of hunger, aggravated by conflicts and by the immense wastefulness for which we are often responsible,” he said. "We ask you, Lord [...]
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Returning to our first love

VIS. The full text of Pope Francis’ Easter Vigil homily The Gospel of the resurrection of Jesus Christ begins with the journey of the women to the tomb at dawn on the day after the Sabbath. They go to the tomb to honour the body of [...]
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Christ's presence in Christians

Download "Christ's presence in Christians", the homily given by St Josemaria Escriva for Easter Sunday, 1967, from the book Christ is Passing By in pdf format. "Christ is alive." This is the great truth which fills our faith with meaning. Jesus, who died on the [...]
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Easter Urbi et Orbi Blessing: What does it mean that Jesus is risen?

March 31, 2013. (Romereports.com) The Pope's Easter blessing is one of the most important of the year. Especially now, since with a new Pope, it gives some insight into what social issues are at the top of his list. The Pope called for peace in [...]
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Who was Caiaphas?

Caiaphas (Yosef bar-Kayafa) was High Priest in the time of Jesus. There are several references to him in the New Testament (Mt 26:3; 26:57; Lk 3:2; 11:49; 18:13-14; Jn 18:24, 28; Acts 4:6). The historian Flavius Josephus says that Caiaphas acceded to the high priesthood [...]
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The pope encourages people to spread the joy of Easter

The pope Benedict XVI explained how the Church celebrates the mystery of the Resurrection: “The resurrection is the greatest of God’s mighty acts in history; mysterious beyond all imagining, it is also a real event attested by trustworthy witnesses who in turn became messengers of [...]
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Pope's Urbi et Orbi blessing on Easter Sunday

Thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square to listen to Pope Benedict XVI deliver his Urbi et Orbi blessing from his window on Easter Sunday. Urbi et Orbi, is Latin for "to the city and the world".
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The Resurrection of Our Lord

When evening fell on the Sabbath, Mary Magdalen and Mary, the mother of James, and Salome bought spices that, going, they might anoint the dead body of Jesus. Very early on the following day, when the sun has already risen, they come to the sepulcher [...]
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