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Pope at General Audience explains Jesus' compassion through multiplication of loaves and fish

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis spoke about the miracle of multiplication of the five loaves of bread and two fish for the multitudes in the Gospel of Matthew. He commented that this parable was an example of not only His [...]
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Pope at Mass of Corpus Christi: How many parents will do anything for their children!

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Mass of Corpus Christi, Pope Francis explained the meaning behind the Christian expression of "breaking bread.”: "Jesus was broken; he is broken for us. And he asks us to give ourselves, to break ourselves, as it were, for others. This "breaking [...]
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Pope Francis: The Eucharist is not a symbol, it is Jesus giving himself entirely

Video (Rome Reports). Even as rain fell from the sky, thousands of pilgrims joined Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square to pray the Angelus. He spoke about the importance of attending Mass. "Sometimes, about Mass, we hear this objection: ' What is the purpose of [...]
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Pope: Jesus Satisfies Our Spiritual Hunger

Video (Rome Reports). St. Peter's Square was filled with pilgrims who braved the Roman summer heat and came to hear Pope Francis pray the Angelus. The Pope spoke about how Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed the crowd. He explained that Christ is the bread [...]
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What is the Eucharist?

1. What is the Eucharist? When Jesus celebrated the Passover with his apostles before his Passion and Death, he said to them, “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer; for I tell you I shall not eat it again until [...]
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Pope in Angelus: I Visited Sarajevo as a Messenger of Peace

Video (Rome Reports). In his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis reflected on his one day visit to Sarajevo. The 13 hour visit to the so called 'Jerusalem of the West' was intense and so was his message of peace, hope and inter-religious dialogue. "In recent history, [...]
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Questions about Holy Week

Video. (Rome Reports). Holy Week is an important time for Christians throughout the world. But not everyone knows every detail about why it's celebrated or what exactly it's composed of. So here are the answers to questions about Holy Week you were afraid to ask. What [...]
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A great discovery!

Video. "My name is Kyamummi Irene. I am a Ugandan.I'm a medical doctor by profession, I come for a family of 8 children, and my family is Protestant. I got to know about the Catholic Church when I was in the university, through a friend of [...]
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Pope in Corpus Christi Mass: Do I feed myself the bread of the Lord or of slavery?

Video. (Rome Reports) Pope Francis invited worshipers at the Mass of Corpus Christi to "remember,” to never forget that Christians are completely dependent on the Lord. Only He has the nourishment that fills people with truth. "Some feed on money, others with success and vanity. [...]
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What does apostolate mean? Who are apostles today?

Every Christian is a missionary to the extent that he or she has encountered the love of God in Christ Jesus: we no longer say that we are “disciples” and “missionaries”, but rather that we are always “missionary disciples”. If we are not convinced, let [...]
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