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My Life Opened to the Beauty of Life Itself

Gina Garcia from Muntinlupa, Philippines danced ballet professionally for years and is now a home-maker, a part-time ballet teacher, and also teaches Parenting Education courses as a volunteer. On raising kids, Gina says, "The greatest challenge is in reminding ourselves that these are the children [...]
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St Josemaria gave me the certainty that God is a Father

The following is an interview with Maddalena Vintini from Verona, Italy. A lawyer, she and her husband Gianluca have three children. She has belonged to the Opus Dei Prelature for nearly 30 years. In 2011 she gave up her law work to become head-teacher at [...]
Tags: February 14 , Passionately Loving the World, Family and work, Formation, Upbringing, Women, Opus Dei members

Friends of God

All of my life I had never pursued financial success; whether it was during my years teaching young girls dance and baton twirling, spending time painting or freelance writing. Making money was never my main motivation during my creative pursuits; I was simply answering the [...]
Tags: Apostolate, Family and work, Women, writings of the founder of Opus Dei

My music... and Saint Josemaria

John, learned from St Josemaria that making a place for God in his life meant he could find the right place for his family and friends too, without abandoning his music. "My name is John and I play the cello. I have been playing the cello [...]
Tags: Family and work, Order, Responsibility, Supernatural outlook

A fulltime mum

I am Roman Catholic, aged 29, married and a fulltime mum. We keep pigs, sheep, chickens and a dog in a small village near Leatherhead. I had known about Opus Dei for quite a long time before I was directly introduced by a friend and I [...]
Tags: Cooperators of Opus Dei, Family and work, Marriage, UK

The best thing that ever happened to me

How did you hear of St Josemaria? When I was little, we used to say family prayers together every evening. Each child would tell our Lord about something that had happened that day, and then we’d sing or say some Hail Marys. Finally, one of [...]
Tags: Family and work, Footprints in the Snow, Our Lady of Peace, France

A Professional Outlook On the Work Of The Home

HomeAdvantage Plus, LLC is a corporation launched in late 1997 to provide educational resources and practical Information for creating a home that enhances the quality of life for individuals and families. HomeAdvantage Plus was conceived in my heart in April of 1973 when I joined Opus [...]
Tags: Family and work, Children, Service, Work

A movie of a get-together

It’s 6.35 p.m., I am walking home pondering what I should write. I reach the gate and as I am about to rummage in my bag for the key, it suddenly hits me – the laundry is still on the line. Anyway I get into the [...]
Tags: Little things, Family and work, Upbringing

If you’re going to do something, do it big!

When people ask me how many children I have, I often tell them twelve, plus two non-profits: working with a non-profit is like having another child. It was largely through the inspiration of Josemaria Escriva and the support of Opus Dei that I came to [...]
Tags: Family and work, Children, Poverty, Presence of God

A prayer-card and its message

I am a doctor in a private hospital in Nairobi. I am married and have four children, aged twenty-four, twenty-three, twenty, and eleven and a half. I was born and brought up in a rural setting in Machakos District in Kenya. My father had a low-grade [...]
Tags: Family and work, Divine sonship, Supernatural outlook, prayer-card